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					There are two DC25 models. The DC25 All-Floors and the DC25 Animal. It seems the only
difference between the two (besides the color) is that the DC25 Animal comes with an extra tool
called the mini turbine tool. Does this make the DC25 Animal worth the extra money?

The mini turbine tool is an add-on that attaches to any Dyson vacuum cleaner and is designed to
get into hard-to-reach areas and for better removal of dirt and pet hair. How much does this tool
cost? Well, it varies but it is somewhere in the 70USD to 80USD range. What is the difference
between the cost of the DC25 All-floors and the DC25 Animal? Well that is typically
around 50 bucks. So, it seems if you need the turbine tool then getting the DC25 Animal is the
better buy, right? Well, not necessarily. The issue here is that the mini turbine tool typically
gets very average reviews.

The attachment is shown here (to your left) on Amazon. Out of 38 customer reviews the tool
has a score of 2.7 out of 5 stars. Not great. Reviews on several other sites also indicate
consumers are not overly thrilled with this attachment. There seems to be a number of
consumers indicating that the tool brush stops spinning if too much pressure is applied against a
surface – rendering the tool rather ineffective. As with many a product, however, it would only
be fair to point out here that there are also a number of consumers that do like the tool and
indicate that it works just fine. But with ratings we find it is important to pay attention to the
statistics, and low ratings – given a decent sample size – are worth paying attention to or are at
least a sign that one should do a little more due diligence before making a purchase.
The Dyson DC25 Animal Ball vacuum is the SOLUTION for pet owners who need to clean and
remove deeply not only dust but hair pet. The DC25 Animal is most efficient vacuum cleaner
from Dyson that have a strong sucking power to do that. It has constant suction power of 220 air

The Dyson DC25 Animal Ball vacuum is the most efficient vacuum cleaner from Dyson
especially focused on pet owners who need to clean and remove deeply not only dust but hair
pet. This Dyson's vacuum has a lot of hype recently so chances are that this model is not new for
you and you may have heard about this product before

The Dyson animal ball review will go over the main selling points, which are the sucking power,
the ball, customer results and additional features or benefits that Dyson is mentioning.

Powerful Sucking

One of the main selling point of the Dyson DC25 animal ball vacuum cleaner is that it is
especially focused on people who have pets in home for which it is important to have a strong
sucking power to remove dust, and pet hair. It has constant suction power of 220 air watts

The Dysons' Ball

Dyson's animal ball vacuum easily twists and turns around furniture and obstacles for thorough
cleaning throughout the house which means-no more missed angles or tiresome back-and-forth
vacuuming. This is because of the ball. If you go to YouTube, you will see many videos where
Dyson explains why the use of the ball helps to maneuver better the vacuum. There is an
interesting video about an egg and how the shape of the egg helps the cleaning process.

Customer Results

One of the main selling points of Dyson DC 25 is what customers say - no better advertisement
than word of mouth- and if you go on internet you can find more than 130 customer testimonials
where you can see that the rating they have gotten is 4.5 out of 5. This means that more than 100
people that voted on this product consider the Dyson DC 25 animal ball is a good product for
their needs.

Additional Benefits

There is one big benefit and is the fact that the DC25 animal is certified asthma friendly by the
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America

In Summary the Dyson DC25 Animal Ball is a good fit for people who:

      Have pets and need to remove not only dust but hair pet, especially form hairy animals
       like puppies and cats
   Need to clean not only in regular spaces but in places that sometimes are not so easy to
   Have allergies or asthma (the air expelled from a Dyson has up to 150 times less bacteria
    and mold than the air you breathe)
No More Dust or Pet Hair in Home...Best Sucking Power!
We all love our pets, but we also know that pet shading means more works for us to have the
house really clean especially when our cat and dogs believe that our beds, and carpets are their
own beds or places where they can roll around, play and leave as much hair they want.

Is this a real problem? What does dust and pet hair in our carpets and furniture means for us?

In some cases, is not only that cleaning up is getting harder, but in some cases, if we don’t
take things seriously, it could turn into an allergy problem. People with pet allergies have
supersensitive immune systems that react to harmless proteins in the pet's dander (dead skin that
is shed), saliva or urine. These proteins are called allergens. However, contrary to what many
people believe, pet hair is not an allergen. It can collect dander, though. It also harbors other
allergens like dust and pollen, that’s why if you are very sensitive to dust and pollen, you can
feel that itchy sensation in your noise before sneezing.

What does it mean for you and for me?
We love our pets, but we all know that not having a proper cleaning in house could bring
problems, not only with dust but potential allergies and asthma that we all want to avoid, and if it
is not in our case, it could impact on friends and family that could be sensitive to dust and pet
hair. We need to find a way that help us eliminate this situation, and in many cases, not even
eliminated but also preventing to happen,

What is the solution? How can we prevent this to happen and have the house clean with
our beloved pets?

      First of all, whatever product you buy, you need to be sure that will clean your house
       deeply, which means remove pet hair and dust like no one else, and for that you need a
       very strong sucking power..
      You need something that helps and give fast relief ==> NO MORE DUST AND PET
      If the product is easy to use and has fast assembly is even better
      It is very important that the product you buy is Certified asthma friendly by the
       Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, what does this mean? If the product has
       this certification means that this product has proved to have high quality standards and
       results, that is big!
      Finally, it is good to know about other people's experience. The more good experience
       they had, the better.

Is there any product that has all the above requirements?

Yes, the one that we found is Dyson DC25 Animal Ball- Technology Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson DC25 Animal Ball Vacuum Cleaner Product
          Easily twists and turns around furniture and obstacles for thorough cleaning throughout
           the house--no more missed angles or tiresome back-and-forth vacuuming
          Designed for homes with pets, the unit's motorized brushbar features powerful bristles
           that remove dirt and pet hair from carpets
          Its mini turbine head thoroughly cleans confined spaces such as upholstery, stairs, and the
          The vacuum cleaner uses Root Cyclone technology to separate dirt from the air by
           centrifugal force, which ensures efficient cleaning with no clogging or loss of suction
          It comes with a washable lifetime HEPA filter that traps microscopic allergens such as
           pollen and bacteria.
          The air expelled from a Dyson has up to 150 times less bacteria and mold than the air you
          Constant suction power of 220 air watts
          24-3/5-foot cord, a maximum reach of 40-2/7 feet, and a lightweight design at only 16-
           1/8 pounds
          Five-year parts-and-labor warranty

What Does People Say About Dyson DC25 Animal Ball
Upright Technology Vacuum Cleaner?
This product has over 130 reviews and it is rated with 4.5 stars out of 5. This is an outstanding
rating. this means that out of the people that decided to vote, 110 of them rated at the very top
level, which is very, but very hard to get. Below are some of the comments that people
"The vacuum of my dreams!, By Vera Casdia

I've owned just about every top rated vacuum that has been made. I was never satisfied, mostly because they where too heavy to handle, or the
animal hair was blown about, rather than sucked up. I do have a canister vacuum that I have had for years, but I wanted a satisfactory upright that
was light and easy to handle. I have a cat and a dog, and there is lots of shedding hair, all the time. Our house is mostly hard floors, stairs, and one
large rug in the living room. When I saw the DC25 Animal, I decided to spend the money hoping that this vacuum would do the job. It has lived
up to my wildest dreams, it is wonderfully easy to handle, so easy to maneuver, the 16 lbs make such a difference compared to those very heavy
machines I had before, I had no problem carrying it upstairs. I love that with this vacuum I don't need to select different heights, it goes from floor
to carpet to floor. I was even able to clean the dogs bed without the wand attachment. Speaking of the wand/handle attachment you simply flip
open the top cap, pull up on the wand, and it disconnects from the vacuum and suction diverts to the wand. It took a little getting use to, the hose
is a little stiff and took a while before I was comfortable cleaning the stairs. Most important, THIS VACUUM SUCKS, but in a good way!!

Assembly was fairly easy, suppose to be 3 snaps with no tools. But I had a heck of a time getting it out of the box, and being not mechanically
inclined I would have liked better instructions.
I have never reviewed a product before, but this vacuum cleaner has me so excited that I had to share it with someone. I really love this machine!"

"Astonishing performance on long pet hair - definitely worth owning, by PJ (Arlington, VA Unite States)

If you have long-haired animals as I do, buy this. It's as simple as that.

One thing, though - even if you're a fairly fanatical vacuumer, prepare to be disgusted with what you pull up the first time that you use the Dyson.
I am owned by one Golden Retriever- Sheltie mix who blows coat twice a year, plus two longhaired cats that leave fur trails daily (despite
frequent grooming of all three). I purchased my Dyson Animal last month after burning through the fourth belt in as many months on my old
vacuum (an Oreck, no slouch in itself). I did a lot of research and decided that a Dyson that was purpose-built for pet hair had to be worth a try.

Well. I had just vacuumed the day before the Dyson arrived, but thought I'd take my new appliance for a spin just the same. I ran the Dyson over
the carpet in my previously-vacuumed (and recently professionally-shampooed) living room, and the amount of hair, dust and other assorted
debris that the Dyson lifted was genuinely astonishing (AND totally disgusting, when I considered that it had all been lurking in the rug!). I had
to empty the waste container four times during that first use, and it is not a small container. I could have knit a whole new dog from the amount of
long red hair that the Dyson Animal found.

Subsequent uses are now keeping the carpets clean, and the rooms even smell fresher. Added and unexpected bonus: my allergies have
substantially declined.

I have since used the Dyson on both carpet and oriental rugs, and while it surely and quickly gets the dirt and hair, I have seen no unwanted
lifting of fibers from the rugs. One note - when you first fire it up, if it doesn't seem to be picking up as it ought, make sure you find and engage
the switch that turns on the rotating brush (you can turn that brush off for doing hard floors or very delicate rugs). Note that if you're used to
really lightweight vacuums, this one will seem heavy. The weight actually is very useful in helping it to grip the carpet, and the ball makes it
extremely maneuverable, so in general the weight isn't an issue. It would only be a drawback if you happen to have serious difficulty with lifting
and if you also frequently need to go up and down stairs with your vacuum, in which case you may want to consider a lighter model.

Setup was easy and took less than 10 minutes. The vacuum is well built and based on Dyson's reputation and bazillions of other reviews, I don't
anticipate any problems with its durability. I also appreciate Dyson's use of recyclable cardboard for all interior packing - no styrofoam to clog
the landfills.

All in all, it's a fantastic vacuum and well worth the money, especially if you have four-legged fuzzies in your home."

"Great Vacuum, by C (Montana)

I've been waiting to get this vacuum and finally broke down and ordered it. We have 3 large dogs-a German Shepherd, a Lab and a Leonberger.
Dog hair gets everywhere.

This vacuum picks up everything and makes the carpet look great. I did not think I needed the "ball" but ordered it anyway and I am so glad I did.
The ball makes it so easy to manuever. I am very impressed and glad I made the purchase.
I gave it four stars instead of five because of two things: the body is made of plastic that does not seem to be of a heavy duty variety and I am
wondering how it will hold up. And also the canister has a very low capacity and I have to dump it multiple times, but the smaller canister may
allow for the great suction.

I would highly recommend this to pet owners.

"Everything they say it is and more, by K.J McGarghan (Manassas, VA USA)

I have three cats, a poorly-insulated ground floor apartment with a heat pump, and a mostly-carpeted space. This vacuum is literally changing my
life. Yes, the smaller reservoir is annoying. Yes, if you or your pets have oily hair or fur, cleaning is a little more involved. But the results are

The carpets appear like new again (they also seem thicker, plusher). The air is sweeter. My air purifiers aren't working as hard. The pets are
frolicking on the rugs (really -- it's fun to watch). And, at the start of allergy season, I don't seem to be getting my usual sinus/ear problems. The
price is frightening, but so far it seems to be worth it. P.S.: for those of us with arthritis or other disabilities, the combination of the ball
technology, lower profile, and lighter weight make this a much friendlier vacuum to use.

I liked my Bissell Pet, but I love my Dyson 25 Animal."

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