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  The Quality of Life of Relative Caregivers and Impact of the Relative Caregiver Program
                                                                                                        Jennifer Hiefnar
                                                                                                    Social Work Department
                                                                                                 University of TN at Chattanooga

                               ABSTRACT                                               RESEARCH QUESTIONS                                                                                                   BIBLIOGRAPHY/SOURCES CITED
                                                                                                                                                                                           Be’dard, M., Molloy, D.W., Squire, L., Dubois, S., Lever, J.A. &
        In the past, relative care giving has been a term used to            1. Is there a positive relationship between the                                                                  O’Donnell, M. (2001). The Zarit Burden interview: A new short
        describe adults caring for an ill parent or other family             Relative Caregiver program and the self-reported                                                                 version and screening version. The Gerontologist, 41(5), 652-
        member. However, this term is now being used to define a             quality of life of caregivers who participate in the                                                          Berrick, J.D. (1997). Assessing quality of care in kinship and
        new group of caregivers. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and             RCP?                                                                                                             foster family care. Family Relations, 46(3), 273-280.
        other family members are now being referred to as relative                                                                                                                         Bullock, K. (2005). Grandfathers and the impact of raising
                                                                                                                                                                                              grandchildren. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare,
        caregivers due to the growing number of parents who are              2. Is there a positive relationship between raising                                                              32(1), 43-59. Dolbin-MacNab, M. ((2006). Just like rasing your
        unable to take care of their children for reasons such as            children not biologically your own and self-reported                                                             own? Grandmothers’ perceptions of parenting a second time
        parental substance abuse, mental health, abandonment and             quality of life of Relative Caregiver program                                                                    around. Family Relations, (55), 564-575.
        death just to name a few (Dolbin-Macnab, 2006). There is a           participants?                                                                                                 Duncan, S., Edwards, R. Reynolds, T. & Alldred, P. (2004).
                                                                                                                                                                                              Mothers and children: Policies, values, and theories. Children
        lack of research on this form of care giving and no widely                                                                                                                            and Society, 18, 254-265.
        used instrument to measure the quality of life of these                                                                                                                            Edwards, O.W. & Daire, A.P. (2006). School-age children raised
        individuals or the limited programs they utilize. The only           DESCRIPTION OF SAMPLING FRAME                                                                                    by their grandparents: Problems and solution. Journal of
                                                                                                                                                                                              Instructional Psychology, 33(2), 113-119.
        measure for relative caregivers, the Zarit Burden Interview,                                                                                                                       Geen, R. (2004). The evolution of kinship care: Policy and
        used for care giving for older adults, is a useful tool and will     The population from which I will gather my data will          STUDY PROCEDURES FOR                               practice. The Future of Children, 14(1), 130-149.
        be utilized in this study. Relative Care giving has more than        consist of men and women, predominantly women              INSERT PICTRUE ILLUSTRATING STUDY TOPIC            Goodman, K.C. & Silverstein, M. (2006). Grandmothers raising
                                                                             ages thirty to seventy who are active participants in        IMPLEMENTATION AND DATA                             grandchildren: Ethnic and racial differences in well-being
        doubled in the past thirty years growing to 4.5 million
        children being raised by someone other then a parent                 the Relative Caregiver program. To be considered an                   ANALYSIS STEPS                             among custodial and coparenting families. Journal of Family
                                                                                                                                                                                              Issues, 27(11), 1605-1626.
        (Dolbin-MacNab 2006). Relative care giving is more than              active participant they must have legal guardianship                                                          Harrison, K.A., Richmond, G.S. & Vittimberga, G.L. (2000).
                                                                             over and be raising at least one child that is not         The procedures I will be using for data               Parental stress in grandparents versus parents raising children
        relatives raising relatives it is a contribution to society by the
        individual allowing the children to remain in the family as          biologically their own. The participants will have to      collection are as follows. I will give each           with behavioral problems. Journal of Family Issues, 20, 262-
                                                                             have contacted the family advocate in their county for                                                           270.
        opposed to being sent into the foster care system. The                                                                          caregiver an informed consent to sign at the       Kim-Cohen, J., Caspi, A., Rutter, M., To’mas, M.P. & Moffitt, T.
        purpose of this study is to evaluate caregivers of children in       at least one of the following reasons in the last six      beginning of the study that will allow me to          (2006). The care giving environments given to children by
        different types of families in order to measure their quality        months: 1. case management (i.e. Financial,                                                                      mothers with or without an antisocial history. American Journal
                                                                                                                                        audio record the interviews that take place at        of Psychiatry, 163, 1009-1018.
        of life, how their lives has changed since they began caring         emotional or start up assistance) 2. Participated in
                                                                             the respite or enrichment activities 3. Attended a         the care givers residence, inform the              Kroll, B. (2006). A family affair? Kinship care and parental
        for the children and the Relative Caregiver program’s level                                                                                                                           substance misuse: Some dilemmas explored. Child and
                                                                             support group                                              participants of their right to withdraw from the      Family Social Work, 12(1), 84-93. Retrieved September, 18
        of effectiveness with these families. The data collected for
        analysis will consist of surveys obtaining information about                                                                    study and ensure confidentiality of the               2007 from
                                                                                                                                                                                           Leos-Urbel, J., Bess, R., & Geen, R. (2001). State policies for
        the efficiency of the Relative Caregiver program, interviews                                                                    caregiver’s personal information throughout           assessing and supporting kinship foster parents. The Urban
        about the quality of life of the caregivers and the Zarit            DESCRIPTION OF METHODS TO                                  the study. The caregiver satisfaction survey          Institute: Washington D.C.
        Burden Interview will be utilized to compare how relative                                                                                                                          Milan, S., Kershaw, T.S., Lewis, J., Westdahl, C., Rising, S.S.,
                                                                             SELECT STUDY SAMPLE                                        obtained from my agency, Signal Centers,
                                                                                                                                                                                              Patrickos, M. & Ickovics, J.R. (2007). Care giving history and
        caregivers of children respond to the same questions given           In this study I will be using three measures including     will be given out at a support group. Portions        prenatal depressive symptoms in low-income adolescent and
        to relative caregivers of adults. Data will be collected over a      the Caregiver Satisfaction Survey, a portion of the        of the Zarit Burden Interview, the 12-item            young adult women: moderating and mediating effects.
        three month period and then analyzed to evaluate the life                                                                                                                             Psychology of Women Quarterly, 31, 241-251.
                                                                             Zarit Burden Interview with my own questions in Likert     version, will also be handed out at the            Minkler, M. & Fuller-Thompson, E. (1999). The health of
        satisfaction of the caregivers and the program in which they         scale format attached to the bottom and the Family                                                               grandparents raising grandchildren: Results of a national
        participate.                                                                                                                    support group and then collected for data. I
                                                                             Needs Assessment. The Caregiver Satisfaction                                                                     study. American Public Health Association, 89(9), 1384-1390.
                                                                                                                                        will also attach a few of my own questions in         Retrieved September 9, 2007, from
                                                                             Survey is used to record the services that the
                                                                                                                                        Likert scale format to the end of this             Montgomery, R.J.V., Gonyea, J.G. & Hooyman, N.R. (1985).
                                                                             caregivers use and which activities they feel are the                                                            Care giving and the experience of objective and subjective
                     PURPOSE/RATIONALE                                       most beneficial to them. This survey has a Likert          instrument. I will be going through the files of      burden. Family Relations, 34(1), 19-26.
                                                                             scale which asks the clients to rate the effectiveness     the participants in order to collect information   Musil, C.M. (1998). Health, stress, coping and social support in
     Due to the overwhelming number of parents unable to care                                                                                                                                 grandmothers caregivers. Healthcare for Women International,
     for their children due to parental incarceration, substance             of the family advocate as well. The Zarit Burden           from the Family Needs Assessment. Since               19, 441-455.
                                                                             Interview, most commonly used to measure the stress        many of the caregivers are unable to attend        O’Rouke, N. & Tuokko, H.A. (2003). Psychometric properties of
     abuse, abandonment, etc. relative care giving is on the rise.
                                                                             of adults caring for older family members will be                                                                an abridged version of the Zarit Burden Interview within a
     That is, a relative of the biological parent assumes the                                                                           the monthly support groups I will be making           representative Canadian caregiver sample. The Gerontologist,
                                                                             utilized to determine the level of stress of relative                                                                                                      Windows XP Version
     responsibility of the primary caregiver. However, in many                                                                          visits to the homes of the caregivers who are         43(1), 121-127.
                                                                             caregivers. The information stored in the client’s files                                                      Robertson, S.M., Zarit, S.H., Duncan, L.G., Rovine, R.J. & Femia,
     situations many of these relative caregivers are asking for             from the Family Needs Assessment will also be used         willing to participate in my study. I will be         E.E. (2007). Family caregivers’ patterns of positive and
     and being granted custody. The purpose of this study is to              to determine the level of progress the caregivers have     audio recording the interviews that take place        negative affect. Family Relations, 56, 12-23.
                                                                                                                                                                                           Ross, M.E.T. & Aday, L.A. (2006). Stress and coping in African
     determine the positive and negative effects that raising                achieved since they entered the program.                   at each home visit with the permission given          American grandparents who are raising their grandchildren.
     someone else’s children may have on someone as well as                                                                             by the caregivers on the informed consent.            Journal of Family Issues, 27(7), 912-932.
     evaluate the effectiveness of the Relative Caregiver program.