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Career in Insurance Sector


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									?Life is getting too busy these days that we hardly get to spend times with our dear
ones. Its just work and work whole day, whether its at office or at home, with the
development of technologies like laptops, palmtops, internet, wi-fi's, mobile internet,
one is loaded with work pressure wherever he goes. Sometimes, it feels like these
facilities have increased the output expectations of the companies from the

Offices being located away from the residential areas, the distance between the homes
and work station usually take hours to cover, then nine to ten hours at Job, merely
leaves any time for the person to relax, forget about the enjoyment factor.

The increasing speed of life has left no time for thinking and planning about future,
saving for the future needs or for the marriage of our children, or livelihood facilities
after retirement. Keeping in mind all these factors, many companies have started
providing insurance policies in various sectors. The insurance sector started almost
two centuries back, with the origin of Oriental Life Insurance Company in 1818 in
Kolkata. From then the Indian Insurance sector has grown huge and has achieved
success, going through all the ups and downs.

Insurance is a step taken as a precaution to save oneself from the future losses, as it is
said; no body knows what next is waiting for us. These insurance facilities are
provided not only to individuals, bout to business organizations as well, to safeguard a
secure future for the company as well as the employees. The insurance is given to the
organizations or people on the basis their type and need. Different types of insurance

1.) Life insurance.
2.) Health Care insurance.
3.) Home Insurance.
4.) Automobile Insurance.
5.) Travel Insurance.
6.) Accident insurance.
7.) Fire insurance.

A job aspirant can get easy entry in this field as this is the most expanding sector, with
an increasing need of employees. The people working in the insurance sector are
generally called insurance agents, and students aiming to work in this field must
possess the following qualities:

1.) Good knowledge about selling techniques and procedures.

2.) Good communication skills, with great confidence and the ability to present
himself and his product well in the industry.
3.) Knowledge about computers, basic software, and command over the new technical

4.) Should have persuasiveness in his approach, by which he could convince the
customer about his products and services.

5.) Should be enthusiastic, extrovert and well disciplined.

6.) Should have a great dressing sense to add on his communication skills.

Insurance sector can be divided into two categories, life insurance and General
Insurance Some of the top insurance companies in India offering policies in both
types of insurances are:

Life Insurance Companies:

1.) Life Insurance Corporation of India.
2.) Birla Sun-Life Insurance Company Limited.
3.) Allianz Bajaj Life Insurance Company Limited.
4.) ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Limited.
5.) Max New York Life Insurance Co. Limited.
6.) HDFC Standard Life Insurance Co. Limited.
7.) TATA AIG Life Insurance Company Limited.
8.) MetLife Insurance Company Limited.

General Insurance Companies:

1.) National Insurance Company Limited.
2.) Oriental Insurance Company Limited.
3.) Reliance General Insurance Co. Limited.
4.) New India Assurance Company Limited.
5.) Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Limited.
6.) United India Insurance Company Limited.
7.) TATA AIG General Insurance Co. Limited.
8.) IFFCO-Tokio General Insurance Co. Ltd.
9.) Cholamandalam General Insurance Co. Ltd.

Students having graduation degree in any of the streams, preferably in commerce can
apply for field jobs in Insurance sector, whereas, for higher levels like marketing,
development strategies, one need to have MBA or post graduation degrees in business
and sales. Various job prospects which a student can apply for, in the field of
insurance are freelancers in either of the insurance sectors as advisors or marketing
agents or can get employed in these insurance companies in the administrative,
marketing, strategy building, accounts and investment departments.

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