Career Design- Identifying and Defining Your Ideal Work by iupon13


									?Have you ever been involved with an activity and found that the time just flew by —
that you "lost time" because you became so engrossed in the task at hand? How about
an activity that made your energy level soar? Do you have a hobby or some other
activity that you do that you find deeply fulfilling because you feel like the work you
are doing really "matters" and makes a positive difference in some way?

If you have experienced any or all of the above, you know what it would be like to
find work aligned with your life purpose — work that you might define as your
"calling" or the profession for which you are uniquely and ideally suited. While some
people just "know" their ideal profession and calling, most people struggle to define it,
often under the pressure to just make a living. Certainly your career goals need to be
filtered through the business and economic realities of your life, but with some
introspection and analysis, it is very possible to not only make a comfortable living,
but to do so in work that is aligned with your true professional calling and life

The career coaching process to assist people in career design is usually a multi-stage
process that involves looking at your values, motivators, interests, knowledge, skills,
abilities, experience, and more. While there are validated assessments to help you
understand many of these factors, the vast majority of the career design process
involves deep thought and introspection. The following questions will get you started:

1. What activities, subjects, causes, and/or hobbies am I passionate about?

2. What activities, subjects, and hobbies did I enjoy doing as a child?

3. When I was a child, what did I imagine I might want to do as a job someday?

4. What activities am I doing when time just seems to fly by for me?

5. What subjects do I enjoy reading about in my spare time?

6. What types of things do I love doing in my spare time?

7. Is there some activity or subject at which I am a "natural"?

8. If I knew there was no way I would fail at it, what activity would I try (or do more

9. What activities, subjects, causes, and/or hobbies do I daydream about?

10. What types of people do I want to be around?

11. In what type of environment do I feel most comfortable?
12. Is there a vision or a cause that you would devote your life to?

Did any themes emerge in your answers to these questions? Even if you haven't
precisely defined your ideal career from this exercise, many people find important
clues that help lead them on a path that eventually leads to an ideal profession. Don't
give up in your pursuit. The feeling of fulfillment and contentment that comes from
working in and making a living from a job that is your "calling" is well worth the time
and effort.

If you need further support, consider working with a career coach through the
interactive process of career design. The best career coaches can help you to connect
to your passion and purpose and empower you to manage your own career in a job
you love, while still making a comfortable income and living a balanced life.


Nationally certified resume writer and career coach, Michelle Dumas is the director of
Distinctive Career Services LLC. Through Distinctive Documents and her Executive
VIP Services Michelle has empowered thousands of professionals all across the U.S.
and worldwide. Michelle is also the author of Secrets of a Successful Job Search

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