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					?Car valeting, while extremely popular in America and traditionally associated with
its culture, has come into its own across the pond here in the UK. Despite being
synonymous with business-people whose important dinner meetings mean they have
no time to spare find a parking space, let alone give their vehicle a ‘once over' for
maximum sparkle; car valeting has crossed the boundaries between the hustle and
bustle of American life to us ‘oh-so reserved' Brits and nestled firmly into our society.

The prime habitat of car cleaning franchises are airports throughout Britain; indeed it
is difficult to miss one of these car cleaning businesses en route to departing for your
holiday. Whether jetting off to a far-flung land or merely going for an inter-city jaunt,
you'll be sure to encounter a valeting franchise.

It is also now extremely popular to see a car valeting franchise, whilst out shopping in
big name supermarkets - they even offer to clean your car as you shop! While this
seems an enterprising and enticing notion at first, the majority of customers still seem
to remain sceptical of supermarket car valets. Potential reasons for this mistrust could
stem from the "trolley full" of water that car cleaning franchises possess, with which
they clean your car. This brings with it the questions like "Just when was that water
changed?" and "When was that sponge last cleaned?", which nobody needs on their
mind while they shop.

The same can be said of many car cleaning franchises in the inner city or town centre
car parks. Despite the value for money and chirpy, friendly service; there is
nevertheless an element of doubt regarding the cleanliness and quality of the products
being used. This is especially so at closing time, when perhaps the water is
particularly grimy and the once-chirpy fellow offering to valet your car is fatigued to
say the least - this is perhaps the time to turn down a normal car valet.

A much wiser idea, if you are concerned about the cleanliness of your local car valet,
is to seek out a professional car valeting franchise, where standards are closely
monitored. After all, when leaving your precious automobile with another person, you
want to know it's going to be looked after! High-quality valets don't use the regular
soap and bucket either; when they don't use a specialised cleaning hose, the
hand-cleaning products are often disposable, yet biodegradable and recyclable;
meaning you don't get the old sponge at the end of the day.

What is for sure is that the use of car valets is booming, credit crunch or not. There's
no real denying that a few pounds to have your car cleaning is far better value than
spending your Sunday afternoon soaked to the bone. What it does bring, however, is
the added risk of fraud and theft - yet another reason to go with a franchise.
Professional car valet franchises keep track of all their members so, in the rare
occasion that something does go wrong or missing, you know exactly who did exactly
what to your car. Without a doubt these high quality car valets offer a refreshing
change to the less-than secure alternative found in backstreet car parks.