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					?Although some car safety seats are considered safer than others it's a good point to
note that all car safety seats must pass the same federal crash tests before being
approved for sale in the U.S.

There are many car safety seats on the market with manufacturers adding little extra
features in order to try and make their car safety seats better than their competitors but
the one main factor that consumers need to be aware of is that if a car safety seat is
not fitted correctly and in accordance with manufacturers instructions the car seat's
safety is impaired.

When looking for a car safety seat do not make your decision based on price and price
alone. Higher priced car safety seats may have added features but such features won't
necessarily make the car safety seat safer or easier to use.

If a car safety seat doesn't fit your car well don't use it and never resort to car safety
seat accessories to try and make a safety seat fit your car. Manufacturers provide
everything you need to correctly fit the car safety seat you are buying, if you need
accessories the likelihood is that you have either fitted the seat incorrectly or that the
car seat is not suitable for your car.

Ten Car Safety Seat Tips:

1. All car safety seats have weight limits which must be adhered to. Failure to
follow weight / size limits can put your baby / child at risk.

2. Always use a rear facing car safety seat for infants under 1 year of age.

3. Never place a rear-facing car safety seat in the front seat of a car that has a
passenger air bag.

4. With each new car safety seat read the manufacturers instructions carefully to
ensure that the safety seat is correctly fitted at all times.

5. Always make sure your infants car safety seat is fitted securely.

6. Always double check that your baby is strapped into their car safety seat

7. Never place blankets under your baby before fastening the car safety seat straps.
Blankets or similar items could become dislodged with the end result being that your
baby is no longer strapped in tightly.

8. Avoid second hand car safety seats unless you know the person you are buying it
from, are sure it hasn't been dropped or anything else has happened which might have
weakened the seat and it still comes with manufacturer's instructions.

9. Avoid fitting car safety seats next to side air bags. Always follow the car safety
seat fitting instructions as provided by your car's manufacturer.

10. If using the same car safety seat for your second or subsequent child check the
manufacturers guidelines. Some manufacturers don't recommend that you use their
car safety seats beyond 5-6 years from the date of manufacture.

One final warning, never leave your child unattended in their car safety seat either in
or out of the car. Leaving an infant in a car safety seat that is not secured can prove
dangerous and leaving your infant unattended in a car can result in accidents such
death from heat stroke, infants being jammed in electric windows and toddlers letting
handbrakes off.

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