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					?Caps and hats are versatile promotional items offering a wide range of options to
keep your promotions covered. Choose from chic beanies, trimmed caps, solid caps,
visors, bucket hats, cowboy hats, driver caps, infantry caps, fisherman caps, hard hats,
and reflective hats. There will surely be a cap or hat to suit your objective. The
possibilities are just endless!

If the unlimited choices of headgear don't leave you overwhelmed, the different
decorative or logo-adding techniques most probably will. Your logo can be
embroidered,      pad-printed,    offset-printed,   silk-screened,   transfer-printed,
laser-engraved, etched, embossed, or added as a decal, depending on the material of
the cap or hat you choose or the complexity of your logo or artwork.

Embroidery offers a high-quality rendition of your logo, bringing you value for money.
Embroidered designs also last long, ensuring your brand more exposure.
Silk-screening is a cost-effective way of branding large quantities of caps and hats and
promotional items in general. Best used for porcelain, glass, and ceramic, decals work
effectively on hard hats. Patterns come out clearer and crisper as decals are able to
handle more colors. Metal logos can be sewn onto the headgear as well as molded
rubber logos, a new innovation that renders your brand in a stylish and subtle manner.

Promotional items such as caps and hats are great vehicles for brand promotion.
They're worn frequently and warmly appreciated by recipients. People are more likely
to wear them than bring umbrellas, which are cumbersome to carry. Caps and hats are
also good fashion accessories, completing an ensemble. With such fancy headwear
sporting your logo, people are more likely to take a second look.

Whether your logo-imprinted caps and hats and other promotional items are used as a
reward for a purchase, as a giveaway on a product launch, a small gift for a special
occasion, customized headwear is a good way to let people know about your brand
and your service. Furthermore, why not wear your own logo'd cap everywhere you go?
The best endorsement a brand could ever get is from the people who built it and
believed in it.


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