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									Who wants to be a Millionaire
      Board Game!
Unit Plan Summary
   Compete against your class
      mates and see who can
    become the first Millionaire!

• The learners create a board game in
  Microsoft Publisher that has a bias towards
  becoming an entrepreneur.
  Focus Question:
• How I be successful as an entrepreneur?

    Content Questions:
• What characteristics do I need to become a
  good entrepreneur?
• What skills do I need to become a good
• What are the steps to becoming an
• What subjects would assist me if I wanted to
  become an entrepreneur?
Targeted Thinking

• Investigate different entrepreneurs and
  understand how they have become

• Allow the learners to demonstrate originality
  and inventiveness in creating their own
  board game.
     Vision for unit
By creating this unit, I am trying to:
• bring in existing technology in a way that has not
  been used by the school before,
• think of ways for the learners to see what others are
  doing in their community to uplift both themselves, as
  well as the community,
• allow the learners to investigate the different career
  options that are available to them,
• allow the learners to analyse information
  from various sources and determine if it is
• Challenge the learners to use more higher
  order thinking
• share ideas with other teachers
Project Approaches
As the learners create their board game,
  they will:

• connect with other learners and
• contribute to developing a website
  about how to become an entrepreneur
• become more independent learners
    Prior Knowledge
Purpose of the assessment
• To gather information about what the learners already
  know and what they would want to know about

•   K-W-H-L chart
•   brainstorm
•   Google survey
•   (Google Survey Doc)
      During Project
Purpose of the assessment
• To make sure that the learners are on the correct
  path and the teacher can guide them accordingly

•   Teacher observation
•   checklist
•   t-chart
•   Intel Visual Ranking tool.
•   Think – Pair – Share
•   Anecdotal notes
After Project is completed
   Purpose of the assessment
   • To gauge individual learning, as well as obtaining
     both formative and summative assessments for each

   •   checklist
   •   Final Rubric
   •   Peer Assessment
   •   Publisher test
   •   Publisher test Rubric
   •   Self – Direction Checklist
21 st   Century Learning
  Remember that characteristics of Well-Designed Project-
    Based Units include:
  •   Students are at the center of the learning process:
       – This allows the learners to engage to authentic open –ended
       – Learners take control of their own decisions about how to
          create their own project.
       – The teacher acts as a facilitator.
  •   Projects focus on learning objectives that are aligned to
       – The projects must have clear objectives that aligns with the
          curriculum standards
  •   Projects are driven by Curriculum-Framing Questions:
       – The questions in the project assist the learners to think about
          bigger issues that move across many disciplines.
  •   The project has real-world connections
       – Projects are based on real life experiences that are relevant
          to the learners.
21 st   Century Learning
  … continued

  •   Technology supports and enhances student learning
        – Learners have access and use different types of technology,
           which is used to create their final product.
        – The learners will also have the opportunity to use different
           media types to demonstrate their completed project.
  •   Instructional strategies are diverse and support multiple
      learning styles
  •   To promote higher order thinking the teacher can create a superior
      learning environment and promote higher order thinking.
21 st   Century Learning
  Students will develop higher-order and
    21st century skills in this unit as they:
  •   learn to select, create, and manage multiple forms of media. As
      they gain experience creating with media, they become more
      perceptive and critical in analyzing the media they see in the world
      around them.

  •   will be encouraged to use creative thinking, an increasingly
      important skill in today’s rapidly changing world. Learners in
      seeking innovative solutions to unexpected problems—not just
      learning how to create a board game, but being prepared to come
      up with new solutions as new challenges arise.

  •   Use project assessments to self evaluate their work
Assessment Rubrics
Category                       Exemplary                Accomplished                Developing                Beginning           Points
                                   4                         3                          2                         1
Content                   The content presented      The content presented     The content presented The content presented
                          is complete and            in complete and           has some of the        does not have enough
                          informative. It is         informative. It is        information necessary information .
                          presented in ways that     presented in a            or is presented in a
                          are interesting and an     standard way with         way that is confusing.
                          efficient use of space     some inefficiency.
                          is used.

Graphics/Pictures         Graphics go well with      Graphics go well with     Graphics go well with     Graphics do not go
                          the text and there is a    the text, but there are   the text, but there are   with the
                          good mix of text and       so many that they         too few and the           accompanying text or
                          graphics.                  distract from the text.   publication seems         appear to be randomly
                                                                               ―text-heavy".             chosen.

Spelling & Proofreading   No spelling errors         No more than 1            No more than 3         Several spelling errors
                          remain after one           spelling error remains    spelling errors remain are in the publication.
                          person other than the      after one person other    after one person other
                          learner reads and          than the learner reads    than the learner reads
                          corrects the spelling.     and corrects the          and corrects the
                                                     spelling.                 publication.

Attractiveness &          The publication has        The publication has       The publication has       The publication’s
Organization              exceptionally attractive   attractive formatting     well-organized            formatting and
                          formatting and well-       and well-organized        information.              organization of
                          organized information.     information.                                        material are confusing
                                                                                                         to the reader.

  Additional Ideas
Follow on activities:
• Create a movie advert about
  entrepreneurs or selling your board
• Create a brochure about your board
• Create a advert in Publisher for your
  board game.

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