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					Author’s Purpose

Second Grade Reading Skill
Tennessee Learning Expectation and
Accomplishment for Language Arts

2.1.08.a - Identify a
 purpose for reading.
Author’s Purpose
 An author has a reason for writing a story.
 The author may want to….
     entertain you.
     inform or explain something to you.
     describe something to you.
     convince or persuade you to think or act a
      certain way.
Writing to Entertain
   When a story is written to entertain you, the author writes
    about things he/she knows you like to read about. Is the
    story funny? Is the story sad? Is the story serious?
   Most boys like reading about hunting, fishing, sports, fast
    cars, motorcycles, space, animals, etc.
   Girls like reading about horses, cheerleading,
    sleepovers, friendships, shopping, etc.
   So the author uses these ideas to write books and
    stories that will get you to read them over and over.
Writing to Inform or Explain
 When an author informs you, he/she tells
  you about something you may or may not
  know about.
 Stories could be about museums, special
  people, a hobby, or other ideas not many
  people take interest in but the author
  thinks you should know about!
Writing to Describe
   An author may write a story to describe.
    He/she uses lots of descriptive words so
    you can get a picture in your head.
Writing to Convince or Persuade

   Have you ever watched an infomercial on
    tv? The authors are trying to convince or
    persuade you to purchase something, to
    do something, to read something, or to go
    see something. They make the product
    look very interesting and attractive. This is
Why Did the Author Write…?

The Three Little Pigs
Why Did the Author Write…?

 Recycling at Home
Why Did the Author Write…?

   The Gingerbread
Why Did the Author Write…?

The First Astronauts

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