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Student Trainee Exchange Programme

   Student Application Form
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   General Information

   Name                                     Surname

   Country                                  Local Group

   Home Address                             Study Address

   Phone                                    Phone

   Fax                                      Fax


   Date of Birth                                  female                     male



   Traineeship(s) you want to apply for

   Person to contact in case of emergency

   Name                                     Surname

   Address                                  Phone

Student Application Form
Student Trainee Exchange Programme

   Educational Background
   General Information


   Graduated          yes         no   , if no current semester of studies

   Average duration of law studies in my country (semester)

   Language Skills

   Please name all the languages you are in command of.





   Legal Skills

   Please name all your legal skills, ranked as follows: N = None, G = General, A = Advanced

   N        G     A                                                          N   G   A
                      Legal Theory                                                             Social Security Law

                      Legal History                                                            Tax Law

                                                                                               Administrative Law
                      Civil Law
                                                                                               Constitutional Law
                      Consumer Protection Law
                                                                                               Environment Law
                      Contract Law

                                                                                               Criminal Law

Student Application Form
Student Trainee Exchange Programme

N      G     A                                            N       G   A
                 Family and Inheritance Law                               Public International Law

                 Industrial & Intellectual Property Law                   Human Rights

                 Information Technology Law                               International Arbitration

                 Insolvency Law                                           International Taxation

                 Private International Law                                Maritime and Transport Law

                 Property Law                                             Mergers and Acquisitions

                 Tort Law
                                                                          Comparative Law
                 Civil Procedure

                                                                          European Constitutional Law
                 Banking Law
                                                                          European Competition Law
                 Commercial Law
                                                                          European Economic Law
                 Corporate Law
                 Competition Law

                 Insurance Law

                 Labour Law

                 Securities (share, stocks, bonds)

Student Application Form
Student Trainee Exchange Programme

   Curriculum Vitae
   Please specify your qualifications in s short curriculum vitae!

Student Application Form
Student Trainee Exchange Programme


   This application form is a binding offer of ELSA to provide you with a suitable traineeship if applicable. ELSA does
   not guarantee that you as applicant will be selected. ELSA only guarantees to provide you with the same chances of
   being selected each other applicant has.

   Filling in the form me as applicant accept the following conditions:

   1. I guarantee to have filled in the form correctly.
           In case that the applicant has, intentionally or with gross negligence given false or inaccurate information on
           his/her personal background, currently running applications of this applicant will be immediately cancelled
           and any further access to STEP will be denied.

   2. I will provide ELSA with all necessary documentation to check the validity of the information provided.

   3. I will attend the traineeship I applied for.

   4. I will take my traineeship seriously and I am aware of my status as represantative of ELSA.

   5. I guarantee to have all valid documents and legal papers for attending the traineeship at latest at the beginning of
      such. (working permit, visa, insurances etc.)

   6. I can cancel my application without any reason until the application deadline has passed.

   7. I can withdraw my application with valid reason after the deadline has passed. As valid reason is considered
                   a. any meanwhile necessary medical treatment
                   b. serious family issues
                   c. serious changes of the traineeship conditions to those being stated in the Traineeship Form
                   d. or similar

   8. Once the traineeship has started, I may cancel the traineeship only if it differs significantly from
       what was stated in the Traineeship Form or if the employer, even when notified, does not provide me with
      adequate working conditions in accordance with the respective national labour law.

   9. I will cover any damages which come up due to my failures (wrongly filled in forms, no attendance to the
      traineeship or any other misuse of the traineeship)

   10. I will fill in the Taineeship Evaluation Form within six months after the traineeship. Otherwise ELSA will not
       provide me with the STEP-Certificate.

   ELSA will inform you about your selection or lack thereof within four weeks after the application deadline. In case of
   being selected you as applicant then will have to sign the Traineeship Confirmation Form. You have to submit the
   signed form within two weeks after notification otherwise you will lose your rights on the certain traineeship you have
   been selected for.

   ELSA will not pay any costs related to the traineeship, neither compensation nor transportation fees.

   Date, Signature

Student Application Form