Canada And How The Doctors Are Decreasing by iupon13


									?During the fall physicians in Ontario are normally required to cope with the shortage
they experience hence many job fairs come up.

In this season communities that suffer from shortage of doctors will go to job fairs
and hopefully attract people into working for them. The usual places that hold job
fairs in November are Queen's University, the University of Toronto, the University of
Western Ontario and the University of Ottawa. Medical schools should keep in mind
that they need to prepare their students to find jobs the director of postgraduate
education in the University of Ontario's Department of Family Medicine.
Communities in the Ottawa fair worry about the future even if they already have all
the recruits they needs.

Many were worried when A recent survey at the University of Toronto, which
indicated that 40% of new family physicians who graduated from that school intend to
head south. One community that suffered from this was Deep River, a small town in
the upper Ottawa Valley. Though the small 18 bed hospital is not functioning yet
many are getting concerned. For the students in the University of Toronto they are
moving to the US which does not leave much for the local community says the past
president of the Ontario Medical Association.

According to him as well, less than 5% of Ottawa graduates move to the US.
Furthermore, he thinks that geographical billing restrictions are a huge pressure.
Under the new restrictions, novice doctors who set up in any of 4 major centers can be
penalized up to 30% of the normal billing fee. For him what he does is encourage his
students to keep in mind all the options they have.

Students get the chance to consider their options when it comes to jobs in the fair and
even gain more training in areas such as obstetrics, mental health, geriatrics,
emergency medicine and anesthesia. Residents and students attending the Ottawa fair
said they like the rural areas more in terms of practice they say it is more broad.
Typically for a physician outside the city they are able to set broader care for people.
Each time something new comes up it is always referred to someone else in the city.

Getting a doctor to work for a community will warrant some special incentive. Some
hospitals offer free secretarial help and office space for a year. There were even some
recruited who said they would knit sweaters for new doctors. Though they are unable
to compare to the US they do have many things to offer doctors. Since the
government is shouldering their educations they should not be able to leave that easy.

In Marathon, a community of 5500 on the north shore of Lake Superior they offer a
balanced life style incentive. Doctors in small towns work all the time so having the
good lifestyle is good. Marathon still needs about 2 or 3 more doctors so that existing
staff can take sabbatical leaves and work fewer hours.
Physicians are also needed in Renfrew, a town of 9000 located 100 km west of Ottawa
where they offer a practice and office space. It has been observed that even those that
head south will normally come back. It is their concern for the health care
environment that keeps them away.

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