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					?Millions of women the world over complain of cellulite development and seek ways
to address this. Cellulite appearance is normally confined to the buttocks and thighs.
Men rarely develop cellulite; this is probably because epidermis and dermis tissues in
the thigh and buttocks regions are thicker in the case of men. Also, men in general
have a thinner subcutaneous fat layer, which is structured differently. When fat cells
just under the dermis protrude upwards, the skin develops an uneven ‘bumpy'
appearance. This is what women struggle to reduce and conceal.

It is helpful to be aware at the outset that whilst certain methods can reduce the
appearance of cellulite, they are not guaranteed to eradicate the problem. Also, it helps
to understand why cellulite forms in some and not in others. The most common
factors that influence cellulite formation are gender, body fat and heredity.

Poor lymph circulation causes fibers to thicken and bind with the collagen fibers in fat
cells. The resulting thick fibrous strands exert pressure on the fat causing it to bulge
upwards against the dermis creating a dimpling or ‘orange peel' effect.

Compression is a commonly used cellulite reduction technique. A specific degree of
compression is known to facilitate lymphatic drainage and improve blood circulation.
This in turn results in reduced cellulite appearance and a more even skin tone.
Strengthening of connective tissues in the legs, buttocks and hips and better blood
circulation help to reduce cellulite.

Marena Group, a leading US based manufacturer of post surgical compression
garments, makes shape wear that is capable of reducing cellulite appearance to a
certain extent. All Marena Everyday garments are manufactured from ComfortWeave,
an F5 certified patent-pending compression fabric, which incorporates all five key
characteristics required to produce the most effective and comfortable compression
material available today.

15 years of scientific development, laboratory testing and clinical analysis have gone
into making ComfortWeave such a high performance durable compression fabric.
Marena Group has developed the fabric's cellulite reduction properties on the basis of
Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Marco Gasparotti's study on how compression garments can
reduce cellulite. Dr. Gasparotti conducted his study in Italy between 1982 and 1991.
Marena uses the suggested degree of compression to enhance blood circulation and
lymphatic drainage. The required compression thus helps to flush toxins out of the
circulatory system. This improves circulation and legs don't tire as easily. Medical
professionals in over 50 countries across the globe recommend Marena Everyday to
individuals. You can buy these garments at select plastic surgery centers, medi - spas
and on the company's website. All Everyday products are manufactured at state of the
art facilities in the US.

Marena has expanded its Everyday range since its launch last year. The Everyday
brand now extends to Shape Wear and Sleep Wear for women only, Active Wear for
women and men as well as Men's Gear. All these products are manufactured from
ComfortWeave and come with cellulite reduction properties.

Wearing Marena Everyday regularly for hours together is possible because these
garments are very comfortable and have effective moisture management and anti
microbial protection. So you need not worry about discomfort over the recommended

ComfortWeave's distinct characteristics make it ideally suited for extended wear, if
needed. The fabric's three dimensional stretch properties enable it to stretch and
support the wearer in all directions whilst providing high compression. So a Marena
Everyday garment will not squeeze your body like some girdles do. Numerous
wearers have found that wearing Marena Everyday for long hours does not leave them
feeling sore at all. ComfortWeave is also comfortable because it is very soft and
caresses your skin as it works. A special blend of INVISTA's Lycrasoft spandex and
Tactel nylon make it the softest compression fabric on the market today. Engineered
to withstand intense pressure, this fabric is the most durable stretch material available
currently. Laboratory tests have shown that it retains its shape beyond 30 rigorous
washes and 60, 000 flexes. Of all stretch fabrics on the market today, ComfortWeave
alone is permanently fortified with anti microbial protection, which combats the
development of mold, bacteria, mildew and the like, thus keeping the garment free
from unpleasant smell. Another significant comfort enhancing feature of
ComfortWeave is inbuilt Coolmax? moisture absorption technology, which enables
the fabric to absorb perspiration and let it pass through the garment's outer surface
into the surrounding air. These two features enable the wearer to stay cool, dry, clean
and fresh no matter how long she wears her Everyday garment. Everyday presents a
comfortable and supportive solution to cellulite problems.

Depending on your condition, you can choose from among leggings, capris, sleep
leggings, sleep shorts, exercise shorts and exercise pants. The body hugging leggings
and capris are hot favorites and have become wardrobe must- haves. These are so
sleek and versatile that you can wear them alone or team them with other outfits and
look shapely and stylish. These can be worn almost anywhere. You will soon notice
your legs feel less tired. The sleep leggings and sleep shorts offer high supportive
compression without making you uncomfortable. You will find them so soft and cool
that wearing them through the night is no problem at all. The exercise shorts and pants
are ideal for working out at the gym, jogging and long bike rides. The fabric works to
reduce cellulite whilst you are on the move.

Marena Everyday garments are designed to deliver instant slimming effects as well as
long term physiological benefits to regular wearers. If you are looking to reduce
cellulite appearance, you might want to try other reduction techniques as well in
addition to wearing Marena Everyday shape wear. Drinking plenty of water is
recommended by some because it flushes toxins out. In addition, regular aerobic
exercises and eating light and balanced meals facilitate the reduction of cellulite.
Aerobic exercises and appropriate weight training build muscle whereas a regular
healthy diet can prevent fat from accumulating. So even if you can't get rid of cellulite
altogether, Marena Everyday makes it possible to reduce cellulite and have smoother