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There are many ways that you can set your diamond ring The diamond and the seat that is the
ring can be set in different ways. You can have a simple and unadorned mounting for your diamond
or you can have a mounting that is complete with smaller stones that shines with elegance and
exuberant flare. The style that you want to go for should depend on what you loved one or the person
who you are gifting the diamond ring to would like to wear. With a good setting the diamond on the
ring will show well. Diamonds are like the versus of a song where as the setting and the metal are like
the music of the song, only when both the song and the music compliments each other it stays in our
mind for long.

There certain varieties of diamonds that can be set into a larger number of rings than others. Some
diamonds will require a simple ring that will highlight the diamond. Others will work well with other
gemstones that are also embedded in the ring. Therefore even if you are buying a diamond off the
shelf, or even buying the whole ring together, you can look through the catalogue of the rings to choose
and select an appropriate ring for the diamond that you are buying. Again you should consider
whether the ring that you are choosing suites the diamond well. If you are unsure of your taste then
you can take the advice of your jeweler. Since you jeweler would have been in the business for a
number of years, he would be able to offer his opinion on the type of ring that you should go for. Also
keep your budget in mind as going for an extravagant ring with lot of other gem stones can
seriously increase the price of your ring.
If you are looking to go for several gemstones or other diamonds in one ring then you can go for the
channel setting. It is a setting that has several gemstones covered in one channel. If you like more
than one stone in your ring then this setting is the ideal one for you. Also with this setting you can
get the gemstones to sit alongside one another. This setting will allow for the easy matching of a
wedding ring

For most solitaire rings a prong setting is used. This setting can set off a single stone perfectly. This
setting will also let you choose whether you want the diamond to sit close to the hand or set it higher
in an elevated plane. The prong setting would create a basket upon which the diamond would rest.

 This diamond setting is for the diamonds that need more exposure. Also it is for the simple yet classy
type who would rather have one brilliant diamond than a total dazzle set of diamonds that demands
attention. You should also be aware that this type of setting leaves the diamond a little more
vulnerable than rest of the settings and hence more prone to damage.

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