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									                                  Pirate Clothing During Tudor System

People were recognized by their appearance during Tudor system. People of lower status were not
allowed to wear the cloths apart from the fabrics of Wool, Lenin and Sheepskins. Wearing the woolen
cap was mandatory for people of lower status and supposed to boost the country’s woolen trade. It was
all in Elizabethan period and was called Elizabethan Sumptuary Laws which was governed by color,
material and fabric used in the pirate clothing.

All the laws enforced by the land were disobeyed by pirates, they did not follow the rules, they were
‘free sea explorers’ who looted the ships of merchants, royals and makes owns life lavish. Usually pirates
used to wear whatever they get from their loot and often seen in multi colored dress but a successful
pirate or we can say the pirates of upper ranking like captain did have their own unique sense of style,
they were trendsetter although their dress was a result of condition where they were living like
changing seasons of sea yet they are very popular in current fashion scenario also.

Possession of velvet, silk, damask, sarcanet, camlet and taffeta and valuable metals was prohibited for
people of lower class but pirates were found in them. The look of Captain Jack Sparrow is still famous
and immortalized by films also. Pirates were found with pirate shirt, motley clothing, bandana, hat,
Doublet or coat, Breaches, Waistcoats, Stockings along with accessories bracelets, pirate belts, pirate
boots, chains, pendents, scarf’s, sash and wigs.

Pirate shirts were loose fitted up to thigh or below waist length, they could be wrapped around or
buttoned and had puffy and frilly sleeves. Fabrics used in making of pirate shirts were mostly cotton and
satin. Pirate pants were designed loose in different color and styles. Pirates wore range of boots from
ankle length boots to Thigh length pirate boots but knee high pirate boots were most common with
them. The pirate coats and Vests were thigh length, sleeveless and also dark in color through pirate
shirts peeping out .Vests can be loose or body fitted with range of buttons in front and tied by belt.
Fabrics used in these dresses are 100% Rayon or 100% Wool.

Pirates used swords to cut anything into pieces be it rope or enemy, swords were the most common and
important weapon of pirates. Basically the blade part of pirate sword was made of stainless steel and
the handles were beautifully decorated with different patterns on it. Pirate Captain Cutlass Sword, Dark
Captains Pirate Sword, Cup Hilt Pirate Scimitar are some pirate swords. Pirates wore tricorn leather hats
with brass skull and crossbones embedded on it to highlight their rustic and dominant look. Pirate scarf
could be worn around neck waist or over head. Pirate belts not only support the waist but arms also
and same with bandana and sash.

Pirates made stocks of valuable jewelry from their loot, so they were always seen with the jewelries of
precious metals like gold, silver and diamond in form of chain, bracelets and pendants. Pirates were
those rebellious people who set their own rules for their life and did not follow the rules laid by the

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