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 Career Fairs 2010
Dear Employer

Please find herewith all the necessary information regarding the Career Fairs at the North-West University for

The NWU Career Fairs will take the form of an exhibition on each campus. All companies are invited to participate
and promote their company and / or organisation to the students of NWU.

Career Fairs are an ideal way to meet and talk with students about the recruitment of graduates for your company /
organisation and at the same time raising the profile of your company at North-West University.

1. Benefits For The Employer

    1)    Opportunity to provide detailed information about your company to students;
    2)    Generate interest in forthcoming recruitment activities;
    3)    Students who attend are highly motivated;
    4)    Increase company’s profile on campus.

2. Career Fair Dates

      Fair – Target Markets                    Campus                      Dates             Bookings close
General                                 Potchefstroom             13 April                15 March
Accounting                              Potchefstroom             14 April                15 March
Science & Engineering                   Potchefstroom             15 April                15 March
Law                                     Potchefstroom             16 April                15 March
General                                 Vaal Triangle             20 & 21 April           15 March
General                                 Mafikeng                  16 & 17 August          23 July

3. Cost

The cost for attending the 2010 Career Fairs are as follow:

    Per Campus:                   R 1 500.00 per day

If a company do attend more than one day at a campus or visit two or more campuses of the North-West
University, the company will receive a 10% discount on the total cost.

The Career Fair fee includes the following:

    1) Exhibition Stand with 2 x chairs, 1 x table and 1 x power supply;
    2) Entry and registration on our Events Calendar;
    3) Marketing of your company’s presence to all students of the NWU through different communication
       mediums on each campus (mass mail, website, posters, etc);
    4) 1 x 30-day once-off job advert.

4. How To Register For The NWU Career Fair

Please fax your completed Registration Form: North-West University Career Fair (from page 4 of this document)

Attention:        Bernice Smit
                  Career Centre

Fax number:       +27 18 299 2019

on/or before the closing date for bookings (as per table above). Payment / Proof of Payment of the initial fee of
R 1 500.00 (excluding VAT) per day per single display area, plus any additional costs, must follow promptly upon
NWU Career Fair 2010                                                                                             2
receipt of the invoice from NWU. Bookings for the Career Fairs will only be confirmed on receipt of your completed
registration form and your payment as per our invoice. All necessary information (map to campus(es), etc) will be
e-mailed to you at least one week before the Career Fair.

You may register for more than one day and you may book more than one display area, depending on availability.
Tables, chairs and one power point will be provided for each display area. Regrettably, we cannot provide
tablecloths. Each company will, therefore, be responsible for constructing and decorating its own booth. This may
only be done on the morning/day booked for the exhibition and not on the day before.

Please note that your booth must be ready by 08:15 each morning. Posters may only be placed on the exhibition
panels with prestik. No lights or company names will be fitted onto the panels.

Kindly supply the Career Centre, with 20 posters (per campus) on or before the closing date for bookings (as per
table above), to be displayed in strategic places on all three campuses, as and where applicable.

Poster sizes may not exceed A3. Owing to the limited space on campuses, as well as to the huge number of
companies participating, we can only accommodate 20 posters per company.

The Career Centre will not be responsible for the removal of posters by students from the various notice boards, or
for posters delivered to the wrong address. In addition, the Career Centre will not be responsible for any printing or
other errors on posters. Companies must please check their posters to ensure that all information thereon is

Please note that a R 50.00 fine per item will be levied for any promotional material (such as posters) posted up by
anyone other than a staff member of the NWU Career Centre before or during the Careers Fair promotion. In
addition, please note that no posters may be posted up on walls, floors, pillars, doors or windows.

5. Cancellation Policy

No cancellations will be accepted after 31 March 2010 for the Potchefstroom & Vaal Triangle Campus and 30
July 2010 for the Mafikeng Campus. Companies will forfeit the fee if already paid and wishes to cancel.
Companies will still be liable for payment if payment has not been completed by the time of cancellation.

Registration for the Career Fair will be affected on receipt of the duly completed and signed Registration Form,
regardless of whether companies have received an invoice or made any payments.

Cancellations must be effected in writing, either via e-mail to bernice.smit@nwu.ac.za or via fax to +27 18 299
2019. In addition, the company will be responsible for ensuring that the cancellation instruction has been received
by the University. For confirmation, please contact Bernice Smit at +27 18 299 2058. Cancellations will only be
deemed valid once receipt has been confirmed in writing. Companies will, therefore, be responsible for following up
their cancellation instructions, should they fail to receive written confirmation thereof.

6. Accommodation

The Career Centre will supply all companies who have registered for the Career Fairs with a list of accommodation
in each area registered for.

7. NWU Career Centre Contact Information

Please direct any enquiries regarding the registration procedure to:

Bernice Smit
Manager: Career Centre

NWU Career Fair 2010                                                                                                 3
                         North-West University Career Fair
                                Registration Form
Attention:        Bernice Smit
                  Career Centre

Fax number:       +27 18 299 2019

Please complete the following:

                                    General Information On Your Company

Full registered company name:          ___________________________________________________________
Company VAT registration number:       ___________________________________________________________
Type of company:                       ___________________________________________________________
Industry:                              ___________________________________________________________
Postal address:                        ___________________________________________________________
Postal code :                          ___________________________
Street address:                        ___________________________________________________________
Code:                                  ___________________________
General telephone number:              ___________________________
General fax number:                    ___________________________
Contact Person 1

Name and surname:        ________________________________________________________________________
Tel:    ( _______ ) ___________________________      Cell:   ( _______ ) ______________________________
Fax:    ( _______ ) ___________________________      E-mail: _______________________________________
Contact Person 2

Name and surname:        ________________________________________________________________________
Tel:    ( _______ ) ___________________________      Cell:   ( _______ ) ______________________________
Fax:    ( _______ ) ___________________________      E-mail: _______________________________________
Employee Responsible For Payment

Name and surname:        ________________________________________________________________________
Job designation:         ________________________________________________________________________
Tel:    ( _______ ) ___________________________      Cell:   ( _______ ) ______________________________
Fax:    ( _______ ) ___________________________      E-mail: _______________________________________

Please note that you will receive an invoice in due course. Your registration will be confirmed once we’ve
received the proof of payment.

NWU Career Fair 2010                                                                                         4
                                  Mafikeng Campus: August 2010
For which day(s) would you like to register?

 Monday 16 August
 Tuesday 17 August

For how many display areas would you like to book?
(size of 1 x display area is 3m x 3m)


Number of staff members manning your booth?

     Day 1      Day 2

Number of vehicles visiting the Mafikeng Campus:

     Day 1      Day 2

Does the company provide posters to inform students of your visit?


Please indicate which study fields does the company target?

Faculty of Agriculture, Science & Technology
Faculty of Commerce & Administration
Graduate School of Business & Government Leadership
Faculty of Education Sciences
Faculty of Human & Social Sciences
Faculty of Law

Equipment required for the Career Fair:

    Equipment               Yes / No            How Many?
Tables                                              1
Chairs                                              2
Power Supply                                        1

NB:      No tablecloths will be provided.
         Only one power point will be provided for each display area.
         Each company will be responsible for constructing and decorating its own booth.

NWU Career Fair 2010                                                                       5
NWU Careers Fair Competition for students:

The Career Centre of the NWU is approaching all companies / organisations to sponsor something for the
competition we will run during the Career Fair at the Mafikeng campus of the NWU University. Please make a cross
in the appropriate block to indicate whether or not your company would be prepared to sponsor such prize(s), for
example, computers, i-pods, dictionaries, books or money prizes.

Please indicate the nature of your sponsorship:

         Prize                                              Amount / Item

Please be assured that your company will get the necessary exposure for the above sponsorship.

Please inform us of any special dietary requirements:




Should you have any other comments and/or suggestions, please feel free to share them with us:




 Company Name:           _______________________________________

 Date:                   _______________________________________

 ______________________                  ______________________                 ______________________
       Signature                         (Full Name in block letters)            Title / Portfolio / Position

NWU Career Fair 2010                                                                                            6

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