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									      LIBRARY EDUCATION & TRAINING 2003
             “WINTER WORKSHOP”
             Logging on to the Network
             Reason for Network Connectivity:
             Allows the user access to all the shared resources on the network;
             User Directories, Network Printers, Shared drives , etc.
             It also enables connection to networked applications such as;
             GroupWise, The Internet, INNOPAC, etc.

              Backing up of data
              Reason for Backup
              Prevention of data loss through hard disk drive failure or system
                   Netware Logon
Network Logon   
                    Type the correct username.
                    The username is not case sensitive.
                   Type in the password that is linked to
                    the above username. (Case sensitive)

                   NDS Configurations (Exercise)
                   The Tree:
                    UWL (University Wits Library)
                   Context:
                    LCS.wwl.uwl (LCS represents the
                    department that you work in)
                   Server:
                    LIBRIS (Represents the library Server that
                    you connect to)
                    The Buttons labeled Trees, Contexts
                    and Servers contain all the Novell
                    configurations for the University. Only
                    browse\edit these settings if you are
                    sure of the settings that applies to you.
                   You will not be able to successfully
                    logon to the Novell network if the
                    above settings are incorrect.
Password Administration
                       Passwords
                         Passwords expires every six months;
                         You will be prompted to change;
                         You will be allowed six grace logons with
                          the old password. Your account will be
                          locked out if you have not changed your
                          password within these six grace logons.
                          (The account will have to be reset by
                         “OLD PASSWORD”
                               Type in the old password (current password).
                         “NEW PASSWORD”
                               Type in the new password
                         “CONFIRM NEW PASSWORD”
                               Retype the new password

                         It is recommend that you write down the
                          new password and keep it in a safe place
                          till the password is stored in your memory
                What    causes Logon
Logon Errors       Failure
                  User Details
                           Incorrect Username
                           Incorrect Password (Caps Lock)

                  NDS Configurations
                           Incorrect Tree: UWL
                           Incorrect Context (Department/Library)
                           Incorrect Server: LIBRIS

                  Disconnected network cable
                  Locked out account after password expired
                   or after three failed logon attempts.

                  Other technical reasons are beyond the
                   scope of this document.
                            Logon’s
                              Logging onto the Microsoft network
Windows Logon                  allows you network access to the
                               CDSERVR which is on the
                               CDARRAY domain.
                              Different Types of Logon’s
   Microsoft Networking      General Users (Staff)
                              Username:
                               cdarray (The password is the same)
                              Domain:

                              Main Desk Users
                              Username:
                               main (The password is the same)
                              Domain:

                              Student Users
                              Username:
                               webuser (The password is the same)
                              Domain:
Windows Logon Errors

   Microsoft Networking    What       causes Logon Failure
                              User Details
                                       Incorrect Username
                                       Incorrect Password (Caps Lock)

                              Domain Configurations
                                       Incorrect Domain has been selected

                              Disconnected network cable

                              Other technical reasons are beyond the scope
                               of this document
Saving Data to Server

   User Directory         Saving To your User Directory
                           Directory Location
                            Each Novell user has been allocated 50 Mega-Bytes of disk
                            space on the LIBRIS server.

                           Reason for this Directory
                            The user directory is for the sole purpose of saving critical
                            official data to the networked user directory. This data is
                            then backed-up to s tape drive for recovery purposes.

                           Recommendations
                            It is good practice to save all official data to your local disk
                            “MY DOCUMENTS” and to your user directory. This
                            allows you to have access to the data at all times. You can
                            then update the data on the network whenever changes have
                            been made to the network

                           Show users how to copy and paste and to save data to
                            their user directories.

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