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CH                                                                                                          Term 3

                                                                                                           Week 6
EE++++++`-` ++`
                                  Panania Public School Lawler Street, Panania NSW 2213                   25/8/2010
                     Phone: 9773 9017       Fax: 9792 3907      Email:

From the Principal’s Desk…                                        hold a Stage based Reading Relay, which the
                                                                  students really enjoy and to be involved in the
                                                                  Mathletics task that has been specifically set for
On Wednesday, 18 August we hosted the 2011
                                                                  Literacy and Numeracy Week. Later in Chatterbox
Kindergarten Parent Information Night. There
                                                                  there is some practical information entitled “Five
were many known, and quite a few new, faces in the
                                                                  ways to build your child’s literacy skills K-4” for
audience. The night, which was organised superbly
                                                                  you to read as you support the development of
by the Early Stage 1 Team, was very successful. My
                                                                  literacy skills in your child/ren, a website to help with
thanks go to Mrs Horinek, Mrs Huxley, Mrs
                                                                  understanding       “length”    which    supports     the
Jaunberzins, Mrs Brignell, Mrs Waskiw, the Office
                                                                  development of numeracy skills. Have fun!! When
Staff and the Kindergarten 2010 parents for your
                                                                  the home and school work together anything is
support. A very professional, warm, open and caring
image of our school was projected to all who
attended. As always, there were many comments
                                                                  Take care.
about the warmth and support of the Office Staff
who we officially recognised last week with a morning
tea. They certainly do “keep our school afloat!”                  Sandra Palmer.
By all accounts the District Athletics Carnival, held
on Tuesday at the Crest, was a great success also.                               Rule of the Fortnight
Mr Dodd and Mr Beattie both reported on the                                      The rule we are focusing on for
excellent behaviour, sportsmanship and participation                               Term 3, Weeks 6 & 7 is:
of all the athletics squad in attendance. Also, the                                    Be Safe…Be Fair
support of parents at the event was very
encouraging. Well done!

National Literacy and Numeracy Week is being
held next week from 29 August to 4 September,
2010. This year‟s theme is: Learning for Living. At                  You can support us at home by having
Panania PS we recognise the importance of                            discussions with your child/children about what
developing strong literacy and numeracy skills for all               “Being Safe and Being Fair” means and what this
students with the following Targets set for 2010:                    rule means in different settings.
     To improve both student engagement and
        outcomes in literacy with a focus on reading,
        grammar and punctuation leading to                        Writing Awards...
        “writing”; and                                            Congratulations to…
     To improve both student engagement and
                                                                  Michael El Kabbout KB; and
        outcomes in numeracy with a focus on the                  Eloise Kieler 3M.
        language of mathematics leading to
        “problem solving.”                                        All writing samples can be viewed on the Writer’s
                                                                  Wall of Fame near the office.
We are aiming for 98% of all students in Years 3 and
5 achieving National Benchmarks in literacy and
numeracy and an increased number of students
achieving in the higher bands in 2010 NAPLAN. The
results, due in September, are eagerly awaited! For               The following students had solo spots at the East
all stages of schooling we are aiming for 70% of                  Hills Choral Festival:
students achieving appropriate outcomes as they
complete that stage of learning. We have been                     Danae Moore and Jonty Moore for Irish dancing;
focused, have been involved in a lot of professional              and Dakota Smith and Luke Waters for singing. A
learning, in literacy particularly, and have been                 very challenging opportunity handled with much
collecting data along the way.                                    aplomb:

To celebrate this special week we have held a                     Luke Waters and Cameron Walsh have qualified to
Spelling Bee, with Jack Ryan, Jackson Bell, Isaac                 compete in the 2010 Men‟s Gymnastics State
Schipp and Sara Allouche proceeding to the                        Championships. Well done, boys and good luck on
Regional Final at Georges Hall. Next week we plan to              28 August.
The following students have recently competed at         Students of the Week…
Sydney South West level:
                                                         Term 3 Week 5
                                                         Congratulations to…
Tahlia Burke, Elle Bogar and Tiahn Harris in
                                                         KB:    Madeline Barbey
                                                         KH:    Pierre Abouhaidar
                                                         KJW: Nicholas Wang
Chelsea Cook in Golf;
                                                         1AB: Emily Parmaxidis
                                                         1B:    Hannah Bunyon
Joshua Sullivan, Aidan Murphy and Hayden
                                                         1E:    Tannaya Coombes
Probert in Cricket;
                                                         2G:    William Webber
                                                         2M:    Samantha Koltai
Connor Wilkinson and Joshua Barbagallo in Boy‟s
                                                         2/3R: Erin Bryant
Touch Football; and
                                                         3G:    Taryn Fulton
                                                         4T:    Alexander Perez
Tahlia Burke and Emilie Lhotka in Girl‟s Touch
                                                         4/5P: Danae Moore
Football. Well done to all these talented students!
                                                         5A:    Sarah Oakman
                                                         5D:    Emily King
The following students have been spending their
                                                         6A:    Keira Quain
lunch times trying out for the Bankstown District
                                                         6P:    Elly Georgiou
Public Speaking Competition.

Year 2: Samantha Battams, Eloise Lowe, Sara
Buller, Joelle Forest-Jones and Alexandra Gollan;                    Value of the Fortnight
Year 3: Isabella Rennie-Surra, Tom McKinnon,
Mitchell Parsons, Lauren Hallowes, Brad Cooper,
Erin Bryant and Alyssa Lusted; and

Year 5: Victoria Spanos, Ben Meller, Jack Ryan,
Luke Waters and Annalise Summers.

These students have shown great dedication and              Please support us at home by having discussions
demonstrated their talent in both prepared and              with your child/children about what „Respect‟
impromptu speeches. Well done!                              means at home, at school and in the community.

Special congratulations to these six students who will
be representing us in the heats at Padstow Park
                                                         GC Program...
Public School on Wednesday, 15 September:
Samantha Battams, Eloise Lowe, Isabella Rennie-          We have recently launched a new “games based”
Surra, Lauren Hallowes, Annalise Summers and             program which is held each Tuesday and
Luke Waters.                                             Wednesday in the Library. It is called “Games
                                                         Central” or simply, “GC”. A Year 6 student, Katelyn
Mrs Sherring and Mrs Stanic,                             Marshall is managing this program with an “assistant”
Public Speaking Co-ordinators.                           appointed each session to support. Katelyn visited all
                                                         classrooms to find out what board games students
Congratulations also to the following students           liked to play, developed a list, presented it to me and
who have received Gold Awards at Assembly:               I then purchased the games.
Karina Van from 2G; and
Adam Cambridge from 3M.                                  Six students are selected from K-6 (the grades are
                                                         selected each day on a rotating basis) to visit the
Students of the Week…                                    Library and participate. So far there have been three
                                                         sessions and it is going really well.
Term 3 Week 4
Congratulations to….
                                                         A big thank you to Katelyn for showing such initiative!
KB:    Jaidon Locke
KH:    Jaspa Calicetto
                                                         Sandra Palmer
KJW: Aymen Alameddine
1AB: Cassandra Armanno
1E:    Ella Milgate
1B:    Ashley Petersen                                     A small brown toy clown with green hat and
2G:    Connor Perez                                      smoking a cigar was lost on Friday, 13 August on
2/3R: Zakery Calicetto                                      Lambeth Street, Panania near the school.
3G:    Jonah Bunyon
3M:    Vatsal Vaswani                                    This toy has been in our family for 3 generations!
4/5P: Joe Pile
4T:    Jade Weston                                                         Reward if found!
5A:    Reece Stewart
6A:    Jessica Steele                                    Please call 9771 3280 or 0424 381 254 if you find
6P:    Lachlan Ryder                                     him.
Uniform Shop...                                            Renowned child and adolescent psychologist Dr
                                                           Michael Carr-Gregg says that after 20 years of
WE NEED YOU!!!                                             working in his field, he is absolutely convinced of the
We are looking for a reliable person to help fortnightly   benefits of club sport for children.
in the Uniform Shop and also on Kinder Orientation
days where possible. The volunteer needs to be able        “Apart from the obvious physical benefits,
to laugh, count and pack. A good sense of patience         participation in sports clubs enables young people to
is also helpful.                                           take healthy risks, spend structured time with age
                                                           appropriate peers, and win, lose or draw, they
This is a great opportunity for someone who would          discover more about themselves,” he said.
like to support the school in some way but can only
spare a small amount of time. Pre-schoolers are also       Johanna Griggs has supported the initiative by
welcome.                                                   becoming the campaign‟s ambassador.
Please contact Toula on 0400 015 000 or simply drop        “I‟m proud to be an ambassador for „Play for life...join
in at your convenience and see us on Tuesday               a sporting club‟. It reflects my own journey with sport
mornings between 8.30am – 9.30am.                          – a journey that has helped me get to where I am
Clothing Pool Committee.
                                                           “But more importantly, it reflects the positive role that
                                                           sport plays in my boys‟ lives...for life.”

Stewart House                                              For more information or to find sporting clubs near
Stewart House Clothing Appeal bags have been sent          you, visit
home again this week. This is a good opportunity to
clean out our wardrobes and cupboards and gather           Book Club...
together all the old clothes which we no longer have       Brochures for Book Club Issue No. 6 have been
need for and donate them to Stewart House.                 distributed to classes this week. Please return all
                                                           orders for this issue by Wednesday, 1 September
Stewart House exists to provide short term respite         with correct payment to your child‟s class teacher.
care for students in both Primary and Secondary
schools. It provides health care and help in improving     Ms C Archibald,
self-esteem, making friends and developing skills          Book Club Co-ordinator.
needed in everyday life.

Stewart House is a „Schools Charity‟ and its               Working Bee...
operation depends greatly on the generous donations        Our next working bee will be on Sunday, 12
schools provide. Over $30,000 is raised through the        September starting at 9.00am. On this day we would
clothing appeal.                                           like to work on the garden area close to the Canteen.

All Bags must be returned to school (outside Mr            If you are available even for just an hour we would
Dodd‟s classroom) by Wednesday, 15 September.              love to see you. Notes regarding your availability for
                                                           this Working Bee accompany this Chatterbox.
Mrs F Baker,
Charity Co-ordinator.                                      School Beautification Committee.

Play for Life...                                           Parent Tips...
Children are being encouraged to consider taking up
a club sport as part of a national campaign themed         Free download - weekly planners
„Play for life...join a sporting club‟.                    Take advantage of free weekly planners and never
                                                           miss an appointment again. Download here:
Nationwide, around 150 gala days or try-a-sport  
events will be held between July and September to          /d_weeklyplan/index.php
introduce children and parents to the range of club
sports available in their area.                            Help your child learn about length
                                                           Compare the height of family members and discuss
The campaign reflects the importance of physical           who is shorter and who is taller.
activity for the healthy growth and development of our     More ideas at:
children. Research shows that it helps children cope
with stress, reduces anxiety and depression,               y/mathematics/assets/pdf/helpchnwith/length/eng_len
strengthens self-esteem, and boosts mental                 gth.pdf

Playing a club sport adds another dimension – it
helps children develop valuable life skills such as co-
operation, discipline, respect and tolerance.
NSWAGTC    SCHOOL                      HOLIDAY                        2011 TERM DATES
WORKSHOPS...                                            Following are the term dates for 2011. These have
                                                        been provided to allow you to plan holiday breaks
           Tuesday, 28 September and                    ahead of time and to minimise disruption to learning.
      Tuesday, 5 October - 9.30am to 3.00pm.
                                                        Term 1 - Monday 31 January – Friday, 8 April
             Hilltop Road Public School
          81 Hilltop Road Merrylands 2160.              Term 2 - Wednesday, 27 April – Friday, 1 July
NSWAGTC is a non-profit, community based                Term 3 - Tuesday, 19 July – Friday, 23 September
organisation that provides enrichment activities for
children with bright enquiring minds. They also         Term 4 - Monday, 10 October – Friday, 16 December
provide information and support to parents, educators
and others concerned with gifted children.

Their “Explorama” School Holiday Workshops include
a variety of different hands-on enrichment activities
for children aged 3 to 14 years and provide an
opportunity for children with “like minds” to work
together in a fun and relaxed environment.

Workshops include: Light and Colour, Earth Science,                      DIARY DATES
Surrounded by Science, Mighty Machine Challenge,        Friday, 27 August
Space Science, Science Toys and Gizmos and Lego              PSSA Season 2 Finals
Robotics. Although these workshops are aimed at         Tuesday, 31 August
children who can be called “gifted”, there is no             Fundraising meeting at 9.30am
requirement of formal identification for children to    Wednesday, 1 September
                                                             Regional Drama Festival Evening Performance
As part of their “Explorama” School Holiday Program,
                                                        Thursday, 2 September
they are running a Parent and Teacher Seminar
“Raising and Educating Gifted Kids”.                         Father‟s Day Stall
                                                             Regional Drama Festival Matinee Performance
To book and for more information about our                      and Evening Performance (2)
“Explorama” School Holiday Workshops or any other       Friday, 3 September
NSWAGTC       check    out   their  website    at            Regional Drama Festival Evening Performance                                             (3)
                                                        Monday, 6 September
Mrs M Murphy,
                                                             Canteen Treat Soup Week
Assistant Principal.
                                                             P&C meeting at 7.00pm
                                                        Tuesday, 7 September
                                                             Year 2 George‟s River excursion
                                                        Friday, 10 September
                                                             PSSA Season 3 commences
   RYU BUJITSU KAI KARATE                               Wednesday, 15 September
                                                             Regional Athletics Carnival – The Crest
         Karate classes are held every                       Public Speaking at Padstow Park PS
        Monday and Thursday nights from                 Thursday, 16 September
               6.45pm – 8.15pm                               Year 6 Catholic student Confirmation day
           At Panania Public School
                                                                   TERM 4 2010
             All enquiries please call                  Monday, 11 October
             Michael on 0400 852 467                        Students and Staff return to school

                                                               ADVANCED NOTICE
                                                        Thursday, 9 December
                                                            “Celebrating 2010” at Revesby Workers Club
                                                        Monday, 13 December
                                                            Year 6 Farewell

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