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Most campers prefer to travel in pairs or more and it is always advisable to do so.
Families can share a lovely time camping together and it is also a great learning
experience for all involved. There are many designated camping areas around your
city, so you should exploit this opportunity to the hilt. Children especially love the
idea of sleeping under the stars in an open field, so why not enjoy with them?

So what can kinds of camps are there?


This is the most popular form of camping. Backpacking is when all the material
required for your camping trip is carried in a backpack and generally the distances are
covered on foot. Walking is time consuming and tiring, but it definitely has an edge
over other ways of camping, as you don't miss any sights and sounds when moving.
You have to travel light, as your essentials, like tents, cooking material, food, water
and safety measures, will take up a large amount of backpack space. The trick is to
plan a short distance trip so you don't tire out and have plenty of energy to enjoy.

Canoe Camping

Canoe camping is similar to backpacking. The only difference is instead of walking,
you use canoes as a mode of transportation. You don't have to be an experienced
canoeist, but it is advisable you attend a workshop if you are a first timer. There are
many tour companies who send travel and canoe experts to help you along your
camping trip. It's a fun way to see the surroundings and wildlife you can maybe see
only in a river.

Bicycle Camping

This kind of camping needs a strong pair of legs. If you are an avid cyclist and have
the strength and stamina to endure long hours of cycling, sometimes through rough
terrains, then this can be the most enjoyable experience for you. Before setting out,
though, please make sure your bicycle is the right kind for long distances and can
carry your backpack and your weight. Also make sure you have a spare tire and all the
equipment you might need to fix your bike. The only thing is that storage capacity is
very small, as your cycle needs to carry you and your luggage. But this is definitely a
fun way to travel and camp.

Motorcycle Camping

Motorcycle camping means your main mode of transportation is a motorcycle. The
disadvantage is you will mostly have to stick to the road unless you own offroad bikes
that can take you to more remote areas. Also, this is a fuel guzzling trip and you
should always carry a canister of fuel as a backup. The equipment a motorcycle
camper will carry is similar to the one carried by a backpacker, as the storage capacity
is again restrictive.

Trailer Camping

This form of camping also falls in the category of posh camping. That is because
campers carry all the necessary equipment to set up a tiny home in the wilderness.
Trailers come with electricity, gas, furniture and also comfortable beds. This is no less
a camping trip, though it just allows you to enjoy the same things as you would if you
were backpacking, just a little more comfortably. If you are looking for off-road
camper trailers then Tambo Campers is the answer for you: .au.

Survival Camping

These camps are like training camps and teach you lessons in survival. They teach
you how to survive in case of emergencies by gathering food, learning survival tricks
and also enlighten you in medical assistance. These camps are a good learning
experience and everyone should attend one once in their lifetime.

Winter Camping

Winter camping is very different from any other camping, as staying in cold
conditions requires a very different set up and equipment. Many camp operators have
winter camps to help you train. These camps are set in areas of snow and that means
high altitude places. The survival techniques are very different, so attending one of
these camps is immense fun.

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