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Are you a dial-up Internet user like me? If so, I bet you have the same experience
  as me: missing important calls while online, cannot afford or feel too expensive
  to take another extra phone lines and needs to go thru all the hassles plugging
  and unplugging the phone line every time you wish to go online.

Fortunately, there are various vendors in the market that offer call alert
 service to get rid of this kind of problem. Like your everyday Instant Messenger
 program, Internet call waiting can track when you're online. When you are online,
 the computer answering machine does its thing, immediately replaying messages
 for you while you're online. Among all the Internet call alert services that
 I tried so far, CallWave is the one that I like the most. It's well value
 the money in my opinion and definitely worth for a try, as their trial version
 required zero cost to go with.

What CallWave says about their offers:

 -- NEVER miss a call while you are online with no extra phone line cost

 -- Internet answering machine: answers your incoming calls from your PC

 -- Calls redirect to your mobile and fixed line

 -- Check callers id and block undesired numbers

 -- Free private fax number for CallWave fax

 -- Send faxes thru email with CallWave fax
Things I like about CallWave

 Caller's ID and calls blocking

 Besides all the common functions that an Internet call alert service should
 has, what I like the most about the CallWave is the fact that I can decide to
 take or not to take a call when it comes in. This is how it works: The Callwave
 download appears on your computer as a small box with options. You will be able
 to navigate the tool bar to see the Caller ID for the calls that come in, you're
 able to save messages or hear them and you can have the option of disconnecting
 and having the service callback the person who tried to call you. It gives you
 the ability to block undesired calls as well in the same interface this
 is extremely useful when you have a some undesired calls form those telemarketers
 that keep on calling up you to promote their latest *bargains*.

 Bye-bye to answering machine
 In addition of telemarketing blocking, CallWave also has the ability to divert
 calls to your mobiles or other fixed line. This in turns can save up your money
 where you do not need a phone answering anymore.

 Quality after sales services

 The online customer supports and after sales services is good. Reach them
 24-7 whenever you are facing difficulties in using your CallWave. I am sure
 you'll be amaze on the support crew's politeness.

 CallWave Fax

 CallWave provides more than just call alert services. CallWave fax is something
 you would not want to miss. You can send out email faxes with CallWave fax
 and save up the extra cost for your fax machine. It might be not so useful for
 home users like me but its definitely an A++ additional service that small business
 owners do not want to miss.
Things I DON'T like about CallWave

 Pop up ads

 From time to time, CallWave will pop up a few ads on your PC. This is sometimes
 extremely irritating as it works like a Trojan file embedded in my system.

 Subscription fees!

  Basic CallWave package is cheap (Approximately $3/month) but advance CallWave
  package is quite costly for home users like me. To enable the functions of
  blocking needs the $10/month package. Although its still cheaper than the cost
  of an extra phone line, but I still wish badly they can lower their price for
  a dollar or two as I am using it on a long term basis. However, since there's
  no other cheaper products that I am satisfy with, CallWave is still the call
  alert services installed on my PC

Wrapping things up, CallWave might be suitable for you or it might be not suitable
 for you at all. But since trying up CallWave is free, I believe it's no
 harm to try it out. For your information, setting up the CallWave free trial
 is instant and it doesn't need your credit card information so,
 why not get yourself a chance on this call alert software? To read more about
 CallWave products demo, I strongly recommend this site:Review
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