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Callback service- access to important calls


									?Calling or call waiting trends in the traditional PSTN services have changed. To
support communication today, corporate, enterprises, businesses and multinationals
are using the advanced IP telephony and callback services to initiate longer distance
or international calling at significant rates. No doubt, stepping into the IP telephony
relieves the telecommuters to save a lot on every call. In addition, callback service of
VoIP allows users to access important calls from various fixed lines or mobile phones,
even on the move. Therefore, without procuring much into the infrastructural set-up
and hardware requirements, the user can avail the maximum benefit by opting for
hosted callback platform.

The callback service comes into action when the originator of a call is immediately
called back in a second call as a response. In order to use a callback service, a
potential user or customer is allocated with a unique number that is dialed before the
user triggers a return call. If the user is calling back in his own nation, then it will be
known as Direct Dial-In or DID number whereas Direct Dial In or DDI number is
used for international callback. Well, activating a callback by clicking on a web page
saves on longer distance or international calls. While, using callback web service, the
user can connect within few seconds with other people located across the world.

For availing the features of callback services on VoIP, a user has to consider following
steps like:

1.To trigger a callback service, the user must have registered with an international
service provider.

2.The user can call only from his registered mobile phone number offered by the

3.To trigger a callback call from a non-registered mobile phone, the user will be asked
for account credentials like PIN or CLI.

4.The system will give you an automatic callback and the IVR will ask to dial your
destination number.

5.Lastly, dial the required number and enjoy calling.

The hosted callback platform gives a callback to the originating caller to have access
to the call. Callback services are as simple as making a call through a standard

To know more about these service, visit: Callback Service provided by one of the best
VoIP Platform provider.

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