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									Psoriasis remedies

Psoriasis remedies ?Psoriasis remediesWhat?

not the most appropriate answer

milk the treatment of psoriasis

the milk into the pan with high heat, boil and then simmer for 3-5 minutes to
switch, and then poured the milk pot, this time the pot with a layer of white
wall hanging film, this layer applied to the affected area can be scraped off


treatment of psoriasis with vinegar can help ease the utility, it was
suggested the use of drugs Treatment of psoriasis with pure preparations
Medicines | Granules also combination skin Indications: expelling wind and
dampness, heat and detoxifying, promoting blood circulation. for psoriasis.
can no longer good for control of psoriasis relapse!

psoriasis remediesIn fact, there is no scientific basis, is nothing more than
diet and topical use to alleviate symptoms. of psoriasis patients or recommend
therapy Sinopharm products I use is a pure husband in herbal 63,380 /
combination, the effect is correct, it only took him three years of treatment
to cure psoriasis, stopping more than two years now, and no recurrence over.
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me give you some recipe for your reference:

1, Indus smell of fresh branches, broken juice coated surface of the skin, 3
to 5 times.

2, fresh purslane 500g, washed mash, spread cloth posted on the affected area,
one day a change.

3, amount of fresh root Rumex, Jiao Zhi coated surface of the skin once daily.

4. amount of fresh walnuts, walnut with green skin sliced, chopped, gauze, try
wiping the hard surface of the skin 3 times a day, once every 20 days.
5, 2 raw eggs, Laocu 150ml, 7 days soaking, take incoming shell, mash, rub the
affected area is now equipped with.

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