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					Psoriasis remedies

Psoriasis remedies useful? Who has psoriasis remedies?

hi, many of prescriptions psoriasis, but ineffective, I do not know, my cousin
before the psoriasis, he also used a lot of remedies are not working, then is
cured with Sting can be forest, so far no recurrence. However, some treatment
of psoriasis remedies, if you want to try also:

1. Garlic treatment of psoriasis

garlic mashed garlic, deposited in the affected area two hours to burn
blisters around the date, after which cupping, will suck out the venom, or
semi-Garlic rub the affected area, with Jiban repeated rubbing garlic and
rotten garlic on the affected area crowded with dozens of minutes of finger
pressure, one would not itch.

2. earthworm treatment of psoriasis

sugar 4 two earthworm 7, washed and pickled in a bottle 7 to 10 days. Usage:
Wash the affected area first with warm water, dry, forced to rub the affected
area to red, then cotton and then sterilized dipped in liquid paint on the
affected area until the liquid dry and then paint it again, and so repeatedly,
every night for two hours to paint. Do not immediately wash the affected area
after the paint, so the next morning wash clean. even the paint on the
situation after 20 days will be a lot better, in serious cases, patients may
need more paint for some time.

3. vinegar soaked egg

foam egg with vinegar, a week manipulated, painted the affected area with
vinegar, but also effective.

4. ringworm vinegar treatment boil pepper

with a bottle of vinegar, a pepper, boil for half an hour after mixing, will
cool the water into the bottle Aohao pepper in water with pepper rub the
affected area every day, morning, afternoon and evening brushing the affected

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