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					  Business Putonghua for Accountants
  Enrolment Form

To : ACCA Hong Kong (Fax number: (852) 2868 4909)

*Please put a tick next to the training session you would like to enroll.

Name: Mr / Ms ___________________(Last name)___________________________________________(First name)

Student Registration no.                                                    Contact no. _______________________________________

Status in ACCA: Candidate of                     CAT        MSER                  Fundamental Level                 Professional Level
                                                 accelerate student
Please fill out the enrolment form below and return to ACCA Hong Kong with payment two weeks before course commencing date.

             Business Putonghua for Accountants                    Duration                         Day             Total no.   Fee per            Fee to be
                                                                                                    (6:30-          of hours / student             paid
                                                                                                    8:30pm)         sessions    (HK$)              (HK$)
      E1          Elementary Class 初班–旺角                           8/07/09 – 26/08/09               Wed             16 hrs / 8 $900                $
      I1          Intermediate Class 中班 – 旺角                       9/07/09 – 27/08/09               Thu             16 hrs / 8 $900                $
      C1          Commercial Class 商貿班 - 旺角                        10/07/09 – 28/08/09              Fri             16 hrs / 8 $900                $
                                                                                                                        Total Amount               $

Pay by:            Cheque (payable to “The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants”)                       No.________         Bank :________

                  Please issue separate cheque for each event you enroll.
                                                                                                                             Card expiry
                  Credit card         Card No.
                                                                                                                             (MM / YY)
             Name (Pls                                                  Cardholder’s
                                   _______________________                                 ______________________          Date:     ______________
             print):                                                    signature:

Confirmation of Booking (must fill in for confirmation purpose):
*Please confirm my booking by (please choose one)

            Fax      Fax Number:_____________________                     E-mail       E-mail address:____________________________________

Important notes:
1.     Enrolment is restricted to ACCA students only. ACCA members and Affiliates can refer to the member enrolment form and subject to a
       different course fee. Reservations are on a first-come-first-serve basis.
2.     Enrolment by fax is ONLY acceptable for payments by credit cards. Only VISA and MASTERCARD will be accepted.
3.     Reservation is on a first-come-first-served basis. In case of over-subscription, priority will be given to ACCA students.
4.     For cheque payment, a cheque MUST be attached to the completed enrolment form. Enrolment without payment will be rejected.
5.     Each enrolee will be notified via fax or email of the result of their application for enrolment one week prior to the commencement of the seminar.
6.     Students must fill in their registration no. for verification purpose. Enrolment form with incomplete information will not be accepted. If you do not
       receive any confirmations regarding the enrolment status, please contact ACCA office.
7.     No refund of course fee will be given unless the course is cancelled or oversubscribed. Classes will be cancelled when typhoon signal no. 8 or above OR
       BLACK rainstorm warning is still hoisted 4 hours before the class commences. Enrollees will be notified for schedule of make-up class.
8.     ACCA reserves the right to change details of course arrangements or even to cancel the course.
9.     ACCA reserves the right to release students’ contact details to third parties for administration purposes.
10.     Any personal data provided in this form will only be used for the purpose of carrying out the above-mentioned event (or course or seminar etc). You are
        required to supply the data in order to process your enrolment. You have rights of access and correction with respect to your personal data. If you wish
        to exercise these rights with respect to your personal data held by us, please contact the ACCA Hong Kong office

                                                                                                                                       FOR OFFICE USE ONLY

Elementary Class 初班

學習重點:        普通話語音基礎、生活常用會話、掌握普通話學習技巧及提高普通話會話能力。
E1 班:        (旺角)
日期/時間:       二零零九年七月八日至二零零九年八月二十六日 (逢星期三)/晚上六時三十分至八時三十分
人數:          20 人
上課地點:        香港普通話專科學校, 旺角九龍彌敦道 625 號雅蘭中心二期六樓

Intermediate Class 中班
學習重點:       培訓有普通話語音基礎的學員,加強常用會話與聽力訓練,提高會話能力和流利程度。
I1 班:       (旺角)
日期/時間:      二零零九年七月九日至二零零九年八月二十七日 (逢星期四)/晚上六時三十分至八時三十分
人數:         20 人
上課地點:       香港普通話專科學校, 旺角九龍彌敦道 625 號雅蘭中心二期四樓

Commercial Class 商貿班
學習重點:       培訓有普通話語音基礎的學員,加強日常會話與基本專業詞匯,進一步糾正學員發音及改善表達能
C1 班:       (旺角)
日期/時間:      二零零九年七月十日至二零零九年八月二十八日(逢星期五)/晚上六時三十分至八時三十分
人數:         20 人
上課地點:       香港普通話專科學校, 旺角九龍彌敦道 625 號雅蘭中心二期四樓

費用:         費用已包括上課書本(附會計專業詞匯)、講義及證書等。
上課地點:       香港普通話專科學校
            旺角: 九龍彌敦道 625 號雅蘭中心二期四樓及六樓
                (港鐵旺角站 E1 出口,沿雅蘭酒店向油麻地方向行走約 5 分鐘)

注意事項:       一   除非滿額或取消課程,所有費用均不會退還。
            二   最後一節課將作為考試及課程評估。
            三   出席率達 75%及考試合格之學員可獲頒發畢業証書。      (報名表格刊於背頁)

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