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					Children with rhinitis must not be underestimated

Rhinitis in children must not be overlooked 14:20:21 Qianlong

polyps | Allergic rhinitis | atrophic rhinitis | otitis externa

sinusitis | rhinitis | septal deviation | otitis media

tinnitus | vocal cord cyst | vocal nodules | tonsillitis

Beijing 466 thousands were sent to hospital ENT health

risk of atrophic rhinitis move even the gods can not tell

Beijing 466 Hospital – the most authoritative ENT the most progressive

candidates busy to relax, rhinitis, pharyngitis take advantage

Beijing 466 ENT: hypertrophic rhinitis is how matter

why the 8000 election only minimally invasive surgery, patients with nasal

Key words: rhinitis, rhinitis hazards, rhinitis, Beijing 466 Hospital,
Otorhinolaryngology middle

the middle of Beijing 466 Hospital, Otorhinolaryngology experts point out that
as a common disease, to the fall and winter seasons, the days of rhinitis is
not good at. This is because cold air is exciting, repeated colds, stuffy nose
all day many patients, headache, sneezing repeatedly, a lot of water running
nose, itchy nose, etc., in the cold winter, many rhinitis symptoms increased
in order to stop or reduce the out, or is “heavily armed” before going out
for, serious impact on the child

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