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CakePHP development – The Way to Excellence on Web


									?CakePHP web development has been a choice of many PHP web developers.
Originally, PHP lacked a defined structure or organization (and many critics and
observers would vouch for that statement). But, the founder of CakePHP worked
around that and by borrowing basic concepts of structuring and organization from
Ruby and Rails, created CakePHP (in the year 2005) that was far better to use for the
programmer or the developer and was in lieu with other advanced languages such as
C++, Java etc. Now, the cakePHP web application development framework is
considered to be one of the best for developers using PHP.

What is CakePHP?
CakePHP framework can be regarded as an open source development tool, which
employs Ruby on Rails concepts to provide a proper structure in terms of architecture
to PHP. One of the major features is the Model-view-controller architecture or the
MVC model of architecture. This model has a different approach to programming (a
three part one) that does not let the code interfere the design and keeps the code clean.
It is compatible with both PHP 4 and PHP 5. It also facilitates database management
in much more efficient manner via the CRUD integration. Application scaffolding is
another feature that would prove to be extremely useful during the prototyping of the
application. Application scaffolding helps one generate CRUD templates
automatically, which in turn eases out the process of testing the database. The built-in
validation (that saves time on testing), data sanitation (protection for the codes from
injection attacks), helpers (petty routines that integrates frequently needed functions
to the app) etc are other small but handy features that would reduce the developer's
task and optimize the code efficiently.

Although, it's an extremely beneficial tool that eliminates the architectural issues
involved with PHP, the developer would require adhering to the set of conventions
and rules and also get used to the architecture. This may be a bit time consuming, but
once the developer is acquainted with CakePHP, it's a smooth ride then on. Also, the
CakePHP team provides free online tutorials and documentation that can be of great
use to the people stepping into the world of cakePHP application development.

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