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Chronic renal failure Diet_43556


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									Chronic renal failure Diet

Chronic renal failure palate, urge sympathy

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one, not eat spicy, seafood, fat objects, beans, soy products, dried fruit and
easy to get angry thing. 2, not eat deer, cattle, sheep, chickens, geese, dogs,
donkey and cream soup, soup bones and so on. 3, edema, the patient should be
low salt; no edema not avoid salt; advised to Hematuria the water. 4, kneaded
the extent appropriate, the daily walk around the peak. but to avoid strenuous
activity and fatigue. 5, to prevent a cold, to avoid the cold; do not eat
healthy reminder into supplements, tonic, to prevent weight gain lit . 6, be
sure to build confidence, for the confrontation therapy, emotional adjustment,
linked peace of mind, optimistic. 7, renal failure, uremic patients should eat
half a pound per day of milk, 1 egg, 1 two lean meat. 8, link stool. 2 to 3
times daily bowel movement is appropriate. Fang if rhubarb (another package),
in accordance with the amount of change in bowel movements in their own
circumstances. 9, hyperkalemia who eat high potassium foods such as seafood,
konjac, ham, mushrooms, dried fruit, bamboo shoots, nasal spray banana, citrus,
potatoes, radish, dried, tea, soy sauce, monosodium glutamate and so on. 10,
uric acid, especially the higher animals eat offal, fish, shrimps and crabs
mussels, beer, mushrooms, legumes (including beans ), spinach and celery. 1 A,
high blood pressure should serve antihypertensive drugs control blood pressure;
have taken the hormone, should decrease the amount under the guidance of
doctors; the acidosis should be corrected promptly served soda acidosis. XII
Disable links with related to wood, fangchi, Aoki nasal spray, and other drugs
over the counter drugs and aristolochic decoction

chronic kidney failure, the palate, urge sympathy

chronic kidney failure, the palate, urge sympathy to eat What is the patient

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