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					Rheumatoid leg pain therapy

Rheumatoid leg pain therapy


Gender: female,
Age: 29,
Illness description:
Ham root ache, also often associated with sound, the day will be standing leg
to ring just comfortable sleep at night, only the better, or by another leg
pressure, night sleep, appetite also directly, defecate is bad, weight in 43
Knowing the reason, I have a period of time during pregnancy leg not bed need
help to lift by hand.
Filmed movies knowing the reason, also used rheumatism, straight at a
sensation, indirect, medicine, medicine, also had not seen curative effect.


Hi, there is the general conditions of strain. Or have FengShiLei disease
caused by such symptoms.
This kind of circumstance, can be generally with acupuncture and moxibustion,
massage, physiotherapy treatment. Note the maintenance. Don\’t overworked,
catch cold. Proper function activities. Not long a pose.
Wish recover soon!