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									?Computer Aided Design

Computer aided drafting and design technology helps drafters, designers and
architects develop innovation creations through the use of computers and software. So
rather than relying on traditional materials such as pencils, paper and rules, these
professionals can utilize three-dimensional models that look far more realistic on a
computer screen. These models cannot only reveal potential problems in a particular
design, but also provide valuable insight that encourages improvements. The use of
this technology can dramatically reduce the time required to create blueprints and
layouts. It can also add much more efficiency to projects that involve building a home
or developing a wide range of consumable products.

CAD Education

To obtain an education in CAD drafting and design, a student is typically required to
complete specialized courses at an accredited college or university. While other
schools such as community colleges and technical institutions provide certification
programs, several hiring companies require a bachelors degree in order to even
consider a graduate for employment. Fortunately, the prevalence of the internet and
the ability to obtain a degree online has made this easier than ever before.

Role of the CAD Operator

A CAD operator is primarily responsible for converting concepts, specifications and
instructions into comprehensive strategies and details. His or her expertise is often
used to aid in the creation of machinery, equipment and the structure of various
products. Much of the drafting and design is done using CAD programs and other
software applications. The CAD operator has become an integral part of today's
business economy. Due to the cost efficiency and overall effectiveness of the
technology, many companies elect to employ operators in their creative departments
as well as the research and development area of the business.

Employment in Drafting and Design

Employment opportunities in CAD are abundant for both men and women. This field
arms them for lucrative careers as CAD operators in areas such as engineering,
construction, and manufacturing among others. Because all construction projects and
manufactured items are typically required to be designed and drawn before production
begins, the need for highly skilled drafting and design personnel has increased
tremendously. In fact, almost every major industry and government sector has a need
for trained operators.

According to predictions made by the United States Department of Labor, the
employment of CAD operators is expected to increase from 10 to 20% through the
year 2010. This projected growth can be attributed to industrial evolution and the
increasingly complex design issues that come along with manufacturing processes and
the consistent launch of new products. Today's operators are starting to break free of
the traditional role to perform work that was mainly done by only engineers and
architects. This level of diversity is a great indicator that the demand for drafting and
design specialists will continue to increase.

CAD drafting and design helps architects and engineers develop accurate and
professional looking drawings for developers and business owners. Hiring an
experienced CAD designer saves design professionals time and increasing production,
reducing costs to the client and increasing profits for the architect and engineer.

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