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									Technology Adoption: VoIP in Asia

                Tim Lauer
      Managing Director, APAC Ventures
              March 26, 2004
 Provide a common understanding of VoIP & the
  value propositions
 Discuss the adoption of emerging technology and
  worldwide drivers affecting VoIP in Asia
 Present a business case of a Taiwan Company
  who is an “Early Adopter” of VoIP
 Demonstrate the use of Voice-over-Internet
  (VoI) as a complementary solution to VoIP
Who is APAC Ventures?
APAC Ventures

 Asia Pacific Business Development
  – Specialize in software licensing for foreign
    companies who want to expand their business in
 Identify Value Add Software Building Blocks
  – Develop and License Software to complement Asia
    companies who develop or provide the following:
     • Software
     • Hardware
     • Services
What is Voice over Internet
Protocol (VoIP)?


                                              Branch Office

Headquarters         Circuit Network


   Transporting voice over leased or managed
    data networks
   Requires management of Internet traffic (data
    and voice) to ensure voice quality
Why the Hype?


               V        Company
                                               Branch Office


  Enterprise/SMB Perspective
   Cost savings associated with transporting voice over
    an existing Leased Line
   Adding a new employee within the facility is as
    simple as plugging in the phone to the network
Types of VoIP

 Internet Routed Calls
  – Major service providers use internet to route calls to
    save money as their network traffic grows
  – Dial 009, Prepaid Cards, etc.
  – About 10% of all US telephone calls use the
    Internet in some way
 End-to-End VoIP
  – Complete Digital Network
  – PC to PC Calls
  – Hard IP Phones connected by Data Network
 VoIP Value Propositions

 Convergence of Voice & Data
  – Cost Savings for the Enterprise and Consumer
     • Reduce cost of long distance calls, setting up new phones
  – Convenience
     • One Bill, One Network
 Exciting new applications
  – Generate new (more?) revenue for service providers
     • Unified Messaging: Voicemail, SMS, Email, Fax, Conferencing,
       all come together
     • Video
     • Others TBD: Cellular examples include Games, Ring Tones,
       Ring Back, etc.
Technology Adoption
Emerging Technologies

 Characteristics
  – Sometimes old technology, with new use
  – Solve a major problem
  – Impact an Industry (country/region)
  – Require companies to change
     • Business model, business processes,
       organization, structure
     • Re-invent, Re-tool, RETIRE?
  – Provide new opportunities
Geoffrey A. Moore’s
Technology Adoption Curve


      Early Adopter          Pragmatists


The “Chasm”

 Dictionary Definition
  – A very deep crack or separation in the surface of
    the earth
 Moore’s Meaning
  – The Chasm represents a critical phase or opening
    from the last early adopters that allows for
    mainstream acceptance of the product.
  – Steve Jobs of Apple says "The Chasm is where
    many high-tech fortunes have been lost. Crossing
    the Chasm is vital to long-term value creation and
    market dominance.”
The “Pragmatists”

 Dictionary Definition
  – People concerned with practical or proven results
 Moore’s Meaning
  – Those people who are interested in new
    technology and will adopt as soon as they see that
    their competition is successful.
  – Proven business cases drive Pragatic people to
    take actions.
Key Drivers to Adoption of VoIP

   Ability to deliver voice quality
   End user experience
   Proven Business Model (Cost/Revenue)
   Government Investment
   Reducing costs
   Favorable government regulation
   Agreement on key technology standards
Quality and User’s Experience

 Quality of VoIP has improved
 Features similar: dial tone, hold,
  forward, voicemail, etc.
 Use is same Hand Phone and Dial Pad
 Signs of Change
  – Wireless Ear Piece for Cell Phones
  – Students talking on the Internet thru PC
  – Mobile Office and Wireless Internet
Proven Business Model: Japan

 Broadband Infrastructure is in Place
  – Government Support
  – 12Mbps is standard, 25% of homes
 Yahoo BB
  – Free Bundled IP Phone with Broadband
  – 3.6M VoIP users, consumers cross Chasm
  – Voice is the “killer broadband application”
Reducing costs

 IP Phone versus Analog Phone
  – Much more expensive
 Sweet Spot for IP Phone
  – US$75
 Long Distance VoIP Calls
  – PC to PC, PC to Phone through Service provider
  – Taiwan to US as little $.02 a minute
  – Free for low quality calls
US Gov Position on VoIP

“In examining VoIP, we should begin with
  non-regulation of the Internet……
  because it maximizes the potential for
  innovation and increases the
  opportunities for the nation as a

                  Michael Powell, Chairman FCC
                                 February 2004
Agreement on Technology
 Engineers lobby to have their
  company’s technology written into an
  “industry” standard
  – Standards Bodies
  – Industry Forums
  – White papers
 Results are sometimes not so Standard
  – Cell Phones, China driving their own WiFi
        Case Study:
Enterprise VoIP Deployment
Taiwan HQ to China Branch

       Jerry Yang,
       AVP, LANtel
Reason for Changing to VoIP

 Company Background
 Limited number of lines on existing PBX
  Phone Network
 Plan for expanding China Office
 Need to build private data network
  between offices
Key Points in Evaluation of VoIP

 Cost of deployment
 Ability to Manage Data/Voice Network
  from one location
 Enable new combined applications
  – Data, Voice and Video
 Also integrates with other apps &
  business processes
  – Administrative Sales software/process
                             VoIP Network Diagram
                                                                           1.     Centralized management
                                                                           2.     No MIS personnel in Shanghai
 Taipei              W/CCM
                                                                           3.     Cut expense in both straits
                               Unity VM                                           telecommunication
                                          PBX                     PSTN


        3524-PWR*2                        VG
                                                                                     W/SRST         IP Phone
                 DSP Farm
                                                                    ISDN                           3524-PWR


Voice over Internet (VoI)
The Difference: VoI vs. VoIP

 Voice over Internet (VoI)
   – Impossible manage entire network
   – Technically challenging
   – Unlimited application reach
 Voice over IP (VoIP)
   – Easy (but more expensive) to manage the network
   – Common technology
   – Application reach based on availability of managed
      • Does your VPN work behind firewalls, over dial up, etc.
Voice over the public Internet?


                                               Branch Office



  Transporting voice over the public Internet is free
  Requires just a simple connection to the Internet
 • Extend the reach of corporate phone systems
 • Add voice to any web experience
The Internet Challenge

 Jitter
  – Variable packet arrival
  – Packets out of sequence
 Packet Loss                        3   2   1

  – Dropped packets    Computer A

 Latency                                                                     3   1   2

                                                                                          Computer B

  – Network delay       A “Web” of
                       connections                                      Routers

                                                 Computer C
Demo of Voice over Internet (VoI)
 Click to Talk over the Internet

 University Arkansas   Non profit Organization
CrystalVoice Communications

 US Software Company
  – VoI deployments worldwide with Cisco,
    3Com and others
 Let’s chat with Steve Zola, President &
  – Click to Talk
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