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					Chinese medicine treatment of insomnia?

Confucianism and medicine for insomnia? Female, 32 years old, insomnia, sleep
often is the kidney it? Looking for the social dilemma of treating insomnia

not the best answer

exogenous, internal injury, mood, diet, a variety of illnesses can cause
insomnia. intractable insomnia. often eat the medicine concerned with the
long-term. introduce several of proprietary Chinese medicine treatment of
insomnia, you can use with the disease:

cinnabar sedative pills – heart with severe insomnia, dry mouth.

magnetic Zhu Pill – easy to fear of insomnia with good shock, tinnitus and
more than a dream.

Tianwangbuxin pills – insomnia with sore tongue.

sedative pill supplement – with forgetfulness, insomnia, dizziness, tinnitus,
palpitation, rapid heartbeat.

Bai Zi Yang Xin Wan – Insomnia with energy trance, Autumn dry.

Guipi – Insomnia with pale or sallow complexion, loss of appetite, sleep
easily after waking.

sedative Dingzhi pill – insomnia with nervous fear, dreams, pale tongue, thin
pulse string

clothes pills, plus a single dose by one-half of imitation.

taking Sinopharm Conditioner with it, such as sleep capsules, etc. @ pure
Sinopharm, the effect good. generally like the self-conditioning, and if the
worst case for the need to take to take Sinopharm conditioning. But do not
take antipsychotic western medicine, a long time will lead to dependency and
so on. hope you will soon beat insomnia, sleep every day Hong

when I sleep very painful, but also by the stability of the beginning of the
live, and later partner introduced me to the Sleep Jieyu very good combination
to make, and every day can sleep 7 hours or more, and not dependent, in very
good shape you can try.