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					Chinese medicine treatment of insomnia, how to get

Chinese medicine treatment insomnia and more dreams, how to get

insomnia medicine is best to use a comprehensive conditioning. But the general
conditions of Chinese medicine because of limited treatment effect difficult
to achieve in theory, be used after special treatment of traditional Chinese
medicine preparation of high purity will be a good therapeutic effect such as
the Hong 銆?銆恠 leeping capsules.

Hong sleep through Suanzaoren, melatonin, antler blood, puerarin, cumin,
wolfberry jujube and other 15 kinds of materials within the balance of
conditioning the human body, people naturally sleep, rather God puzzle, Jieyu
mind stability, sleep with make up the heart of Hong Liver, mind and stability
of educational and other effects. by regulating the balance between yin and
yang, to clear the body meridians, blood flow, organs Ann, effectively relieve
lack of energy, memory loss, difficulty falling asleep, easily awakened,
dreams and other symptoms of neurasthenia.