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									Chinese medicine treatment of insomnia is to what?

Medical treatment for insomnia what is Confucianism?

not the best answer

social dilemma of many ways to solve insomnia, Conceiving a common drug
treatment and acupuncture treatment recommend some massage methods

one, sit Roufu

every night before going to sleep, sit on the bed, meaning keep navel (belly
button), first with his right hand slightly clockwise around the umbilical

force Roufu, while rubbing the side of counting silently, rubbing total of 120
times; and back to the same counter-clockwise around the navel with the left
hand rubbing 120 times

. The author has insisted for 20 years , on the midnight to enter the deep
sleep have a good effect. If then can not sleep under the midnight, according

60 times above the Roufu on the role of deep sleep is also inevitable.

due Roufu can stomach and intestines, especially the age of great men, and
grams of reduced efficacy, gastrointestinal gas to

will be greatly increased, often to get expansion expansion expansion of the
colon. Once rub abdomen, the colon was very exciting to put the gas out of the

appear fart, easy to safely sleep; if Roufu, Pifang not come out, colon
expansion of sleep.

2, riding bean massage

with green beans, 500 grams, the Chinese set fire sizzling pan, into the basin,
wash your feet dry at the same time, by the pot

Yu Wen bean, mung bean with feet trample step, side step edge rub. started 1
hour before going to bed every day, trample step, every 30 minutes or so

3, tapping springs Point

feet every night before going to bed after sitting on the bed, tapping his
left foot with the right palm Yongquan first 120 times, and then his left hand

playing right foot Yongquan Point 120 times, each time slightly induced pain
intensity are appropriate. to get rid of insomnia, sleep safely.

4, lying qigong method

take the right lateral position , pillows moderate, body relaxed, eyes closed,
tongue top of the palate, meaning keep the pubic region.

slowly inhale from the nose, so that all like abdominal swelling, and then
slowly exhaled from the nostrils, to the whole abdominal contraction .
continuously adhere to the 2 weeks

, usually insomnia Jiyu.

social dilemma that

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