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									Chinese medicine treatment of insomnia good

With traditional Chinese medicine treatment of insomnia and dream about the
end, OK? Know to respond, thank you

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much more than a dream This is a blood shortage, Lawton excessive or prolonged
state of anxiety and stress caused. drugs recommended application of brain and
kidney oryzanol pills to treat the other, not over-use the brain before going
to bed to avoid taking cola, coffee, chocolate, tea and so on. usually in the
diet Bunao eat some nerves on food, medicine can also look to identify drug
treatment, so a better point

much more than a dream This is a blood shortage, excessive fatigue, or a long
period of anxiety and stress state result. drugs recommended application
oryzanol brain and kidney pills to treat,

primary insomnia, heart disease location [#] and involves the liver, spleen
(stomach), kidney three dirty. organism functions of various organs
functioning and coordination of yin and yang of the gas to run the human body
is also normal, then normal people sleep, on the contrary, there will be sleep
disorder – insomnia. common causes are Firelight Kang Sheng, the liver-fire,
phlegm in interference, Stomach No, Yin Huo-wang, both heart and spleen, heart,
etc. Deficiency.

Chinese thought, choice of health care products to help sleep should transfer
Liver, spleen, kidney, these three organs of departure, even if just Choose
natural, pollution-free health care products. If the conditions and treatment
choice of tea, tea treatment for Liver Liver, spleen and kidney and AIDS have
a significant effect.

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