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Remedies for psoriasis-_229 by shensengvf


									Remedies for psoriasis?

Remedies for psoriasis?

not the best answer

in fact, is a more difficult to treat psoriasis skin disease disease that
prescriptions are generally not wanted to cure psoriasis possible, for your
health, it is recommended should go to a professional treatment of skin
disease hospital, so have a better effect. specialized hospital treatment
equipment have advanced technology and high-end of the treatment, so treatment
of up to will be more thoroughly!

recommend that you focus on normal life to be more physical exercise, increase
endurance, prevent colds. Do not eat spicy food spicy food, beef and mutton
fat is hot food try to eat less fishy , seafood is also prone to food
allergies do not eat as much as possible, try to drink less wine. eat plenty
of fruits rich in vitamins and more.

not believe this recipe. focus on the necessary comprehensive conditioning.

hi, keep a good attitude is vital treatment of the disease, so the spirit of
optimism, full correct understanding of the disease, and then think about how
to treat the disease cure is not possible, practical measures to prevent not
believe you can cure, but reasonable treatment, or can effectively reduce and
reduce the probability of recurrence. lasting treatment of chronic diseases
must consider the overall conditioning, the more good faster, the more we must
be cautious, but also a good fast hair fast. not one-sided pursuit of curative
effect . Western medicine treatment although fast, but easy to relapse.
personally think that the selection of Chinese medicine treatment is better.
Although the slow but does not affect the overall health, less side effects
and better long-term effect. Silver Dragon Chinese wine consumption good
results oral treatment of the disease, patients can be met about . usually to
living, and to take more exercise, light and nutritious diet, do not
deliberately avoid certain food.


wisdom for the treatment of psoriasis has not advanced hospitals   and medical
equipment can be provided or cure. it would be best not to go to   hospitals or
medical institutions, the use of pure Chinese medicine treatment   of drug
treatment at home can be a psoriasis / Granules also the skin is   a good
combination of specific drugs, can be provided good control of psoriasis or
symptoms of recurrence of the effect of play therapy, and high consumption are
not recommended in patients with psoriasis luck!

the treatment of psoriasis do not use the recipe earth treatment, such
treatment The method has no scientific basis whatever, and no clinical trials.
treatment effects on the body is great. recommended choice of treatment
approach in patients with psoriasis must be careful, because the disease
itself is difficult to psoriasis treatment is difficult to cure . is by no
means a day or two will be able to treat a disease. it is recommended that
patients with the treatment of Chinese medicine formulations of drugs slowly,
the current psoriasis / Granules also the skin effect of combination treatment
of psoriasis is very good, but also content or very good control the disease
recurrent symptoms. to the true effects of treatment. and do not harm the body,
without side effects! suggest you luck! hope that this drug can help you get
rid of content or pain!

psoriasis treatment is best not to use the recipe, recipe no no scientific
basis for clinical trials, the use of home remedies to treat psoriasis is not
desirable. recommend the use of regular medication. now you can have good
content or the treatment of psoriasis drug . Yinxie / Granules also pure
Chinese medicine 国药准字号 skin combination drug safe and effective treatment
of psoriasis, treating the symptoms, psoriasis can be at ease to use!

recipe is used to treat psoriasis correct. recipe is not convincing and no
treatment and clinical trials can not believe it! treatment must be using a
regular medication. at the moment there is a very effective treatment, and is
the pure Chinese medicine psoriasis / skin combination treatment also Granules
effect is very good! solve the problem of safe and effective! suggest you luck!

I was cured of psoriasis in only two years ago, was also used many of the
treatment. go to the hospital for treatment Treatment prescriptions are used,
but not wisdom for good results. later or use the psoriasis / Granules Peel
combination therapy good. This pure Chinese medicine 国药准字号 if the drug is
effective treatment of psoriasis is also content or control the symptoms of
recurrence of disease recurrence. she has to try their luck. hope content or
help you!

, prevention of recurrence of psoriasis, should focus on the following points:

( 1) The mood was optimistic statistics, over 75% of patients with psoriasis
accompanied by impatience, agitation, irritability, bad mood. many patients
because of mental stimulation and the incidence of or worsen, and some
patients due to face bright and self-healing. Therefore, establish the
confidence to overcome the disease and maintain balance, and, serene state of
mind, is to prevent a recurrence of psoriasis good medicine.

(2) the appropriate interest rate and the Soviet Union to exercise their body
movement to enhance resist force, such as Taijiquan, Qigong and other

(3) to develop good eating habits are not drinking, not smoking, eating spicy
food stimulation and lamb, seafood and other Xingshan the goods.

(4) removal of disease and active treatment of infected wound inflammation,
especially in purulent tonsils swollen. resection of recurrent inflammation of
the tonsils, may be beneficial to the treatment and prevention of psoriasis.

(5 ) recurrent oral folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B12 and other

skin treatment psoriasis combination of zero particles, specifically the
treatment of psoriasis, quasi-country number, effective security is guaranteed

(6) were the pathogenesis of the cold season, should always be sunbathing.

beginning of the choice of treatment for psoriasis drugs is crucial. Do not
use drugs or medicine or hormone injections, These treatments are only
superficial symptoms, even if good treatment quickly, or will soon have a
recurrence. it is recommended that psoriasis patients using the drug
recommended for treatment of traditional Chinese medicine preparation 国药准字
号 treatments. I know a a very effective drug to treat psoriasis psoriasis /
skin Granules also a good combination of not only the effects of treatment,
and also the control of content or very good condition psoriasis. recommended
in patients with psoriasis luck!

a lot of drugs to treat psoriasis, remedies are many, but not recommended in
patients with no clinical basis for using the recipe treatment! be sure to use
pure Chinese medicine for psoriasis / Granules also combination skin treatment.
safe and effective for treating the symptoms!

psoriasis but the real way is to have a lot of content or very good treatment
can be sure to select traditional Chinese medicine preparation for the
treatment of drugs. Do not use a recipe or soil treatments, no clinical
treatment of such The experimental results have not proved successful examples
of use cases is very dangerous. treatment is necessary to use formal treatment
psoriasis / Granules also is 国药准字号 combination skin treatment drug, pure
Chinese medicine can not only content or well the symptoms of psoriasis can
also control the content or a good symptom of disease relapse! proposed
treatment of psoriasis patients at ease to use!

diagnosis of psoriasis, the best way is go to a regular hospital care The raid,
will not delay the treatment of the disease. But to say or not to recommend
the use of hospital treatment of the drug, because hospitals are basically
using western medicine, with hormone drugs. used these drugs although quick,
but not content or achieve true therapeutic purposes. want to effectively
treat or recommend the use of pure Chinese medicine treatment of drug
psoriasis 国药准字号 / Granules skin also a good combination can only be
content or the symptoms of psoriasis can be content or very good control
symptoms of the disease relapse! effect is good! suggest you luck!

treatment of psoriasis on the use of pure Chinese medicine for psoriasis /
Granules also skin combination. 国药准字号 drugs. recurrence can be very good
control of psoriasis symptoms, to achieve the purpose of treatment. safe and
effective. is the best choice for patients with psoriasis treatment! psoriasis
patients can try their luck in the hope of content or help to you!

Do not use home remedies for psoriasis earth treatment, such treatment method
has no scientific basis whatever, and no clinical trials. treatment effects on
the body is great. recommended choice in patients with psoriasis Treatment
approaches must be careful, You Yu Yin Xiebing Benshenjiushi difficult to
treat the disease difficult to cure diseases You. Juefei is twelve days will
be able to treat a disease. it is recommended that patients with the drug use
of Chinese medicine preparations slowly therapy, Mu Qian Yinxie / Granules
also the skin effect of combination treatment of psoriasis is very good, you
can also control the content or very good condition recurrent symptoms. to
achieve a real therapeutic effect. and do not harm the body, without side
effects! suggest you touch luck! hope that this drug can help you get rid of
content or pain!

Hello! Jinan Ten Ren psoriasis treatment center Expert Tip:

1. psoralen added 30 grams of 75% 7 alcohol soaked night of psoriasis lesions
get treated with steeper, with significant results.
2. vinegar 500 grams, 30 grams of pepper, 2 raw eggs (shell). various drugs
were soak into the container a week, lesions with a cotton swab dipped in
after local disinfection liquid coated with the lesion, 3 times a day

3. treated with appropriate amount of fresh aloe vera juice. 2 times a day,
usually lasting 15 days can be. It can promote cell regeneration, so that the
hardening of tissue injury and recover.

4. Shancha amount of smashed fresh juice. Tucha affected area with juice, 3
times a day, with scattered stasis, analgesic effect.

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