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									Barbara A.Tebbe
QA/PM/BA Consulting
                                               Seventeen years of combined experience in Software Development Life
 Current Assignment:                           Cycles, CRM and PM Data Integration, IT Project Management, Business
 Desire Immediate placement                    Systems Process Improvement, Project Construction and Software Integration
                                               and IT Quality Management – QA & QC (including Risk Analysis) provides an
 Contact Information:                          expertise and ability to effectively communicate across disciplines, functions,
 1213 N E Hunters Road
                                               and all levels of management. Ability to perform multiple roles as needed.

 Blue Springs, Mo. 64014                       Tri-Com Technical IT Consulting
 Cell: 816-616-6416                            August 2006 – November 2006
                                               Contract – QA/BA/PM Consultant to PlattForm Advertising
 Home: 816-229-8176
                                               Consultant role for Quality Assurance, Project Management, and Business
 Organizations/Awards:                         Analyst duties. Coverage includes back end database Conceptual design,
                                               Data Flow Diagrams, Use Case/Scope Development, Proof of Concept
    Award “For Outstanding Achievement
                                               Enterprise Applications, Project Plan development, Risk Analysis, Enterprise
     by an Individual Member in Quality
                                               Test Strategy Development, oversight of GUI website testing in an ASP
     Management” in 1999 from the Kansas
                                               transitioning to ASP.Net environment. PM assignment for the Enterprise wide
     City Quality Assurance Institute
                                               Project including a 7-layer processing stack for Billing, Affiliates, Leads, and
                                               web traffic tracking. High level understanding / heavy use of MS Team
    Member of Kansas City Quality             Foundation Server, MS Visual Studio / Architecture, Visio, Excel, Word, Power
     Assurance Institute 1997-2000             Point, Project.
    Facilitation 2 day Project Development
     Days, Overland Park, Ks.                  P C Mechanic Consulting
    Project Management Institute. Currently   April – May 2006 (Contract)
     studying for PMI Exam                     Quality Assurance PM Consultant to H&R Block
                                               Appt Manager Project - Server, Unit, String and field test Consulting Support
    Appointed PMI Board Member, Kansas
                                               to Project Priority #1 for FY07 Tax Season. QA Analyst contract supported to
     City Chapter PMI 1996
                                               the Appointment Manager Project Team Assisted Field Testing / Defect finds
    Previous Corporate Challenge Member       and resolution for implementation of 5 – 4000 Field Offices planned
 Certifications:                               deployment for next tax season. Also provided front end technical support to
    Certified Quality Analyst (CQA) Oct       establish test environments requiring good understanding and working
     2000                                      knowledge of Remote Access capabilities, SQL Server 8.0. Appropriate test
                                               path coverage for unit testing (including all utilities), Marimba/Castanet and
 SDLC Experience:
                                               related services. Provided test Plan creation to Development on Data Center
    17 years                                                              th
                                               Move to new facility at 13 & Main, Mercury test plan/cases/step creation plus
                                               supporting process flow designed and published. Supported DQA QA
 Education:                                    manager with pro-active resolution and process definitions to a number of
    Certified Quality Analyst (CQA,           problem areas including: Recommendations to QA Department and
     Software) Oct 2000                        accepted/implemented.
    $100K in Corporate Training completed
     in Business Operations including Data     Kelly IT Services
     Integration, Project Management and       Project Management/Data Integration Experience at GE Insurance
     Information Systems Technology            Solutions (Now Swiss Re)
    Currently studying for the PMP exam
                                               Dec 2004 – March 2006
     by (April 2007)                           Siebel 7.0 CRM Implementation Project: Served as Siebel 7 Data QA &
    High School Graduate – Some College       Integrity Manager. Responsibilities include Siebel CRM Implementation, Data
                                               Integrity, Account Management Process Development, and Project Reporting.
                                               Provided consultation on Account data clean up, migration, synchronization,
                                               error reporting, and financial data for uploading into Siebel. Provides support
 Project Management Training:                  of six sigma related reporting of defect points, and data integrity automation.
    MS Visual Studio 2005 Suite – Team        Responsible for all Account data and quality of data in system for US &
     Foundation Server                         Europe via Portal. Reviewed Cognos/Siebel reports and data anomalies (both
    Mercury Quality Center & Quick Test       threats and opportunities), and compare time periods or other business

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     Barbara A Tebbe


    Pro Boot Camp May 2006                    elements (products, geographies, customers, and more).
   Timberline Accounting Software 2003       Extensive use of MS Access Database concepts, database design, GUI front
   QuickBooks Professional 2001              end design, SQL Report Writer. Applies Six Sigma concepts to data integrity
   Decision Making and Problem Solving
                                              and integration, issues and processes. Worked with users to define,
                                              document and support data requirements. Defined requirements, use cases,
                                              and interface mappings for back end data loads/extracts. Prepares process
   Executive Presentation Skills 2000
                                              maps and data models. Coordinated pilot and test activities. Designed
   ABT Intro to ABT Resource Manager         screens and reports and reviewing design documentation with users and
    2000                                      developers.
   RCS Risk Based Approach to
    Client/Server Testing 1999                S & T Companies, Commercial & Residential Builders
                                              (Enterprises, Excavation, Trucking)
   ABT Apply Project Workbench 1999
                                              Sept 2001 – Aug 2004
   Project teams workshops UUG 1997          Established Project Management and Controls process, conducting analysis of
   Cost Management in Project 2 (Oracle      all project plans and project data for S & T Commercial Division. Project
    RDMS) 1996                                Support / Cost Control projects:
   Schedule Management in Project 2
    (Oracle RDMS) 1996
                                                     Sports City Soccer Complex – Construction $2MM
                                                     Langsford Road Baptist Church - Construction $650M
   High Performance Project Teams 1997
                                                     Concordia Missouri Fire Station - Construction $525M
   Seven Habits of Highly Effective People               st
                                                      151 Street Church - Construction $550M
    1995                                             Jessica’s Corner Strip Mall Blue Springs - Construction $675M
   The Manager's Role as a Coach &                  Primo’s Ristorante (now El Maguay’s) Construction $1.2M
    How to Supervise People 1995                      Clay Country Airport 2 Runway – Construction $10M

                                              Project lead Timberline Accounting Software implementation, test case
   Performance Management Cost 1993
                                              development, data integration and execution, Network liaison, providing
   Performance Management Project            assistance and training to all employees, including acting as the Business
    Scheduling 1993                           Analyst liaison.
   Time Line (Symantec) Project
    Management 1992                           Managed office processes and procedures, including scheduling company
                                              move/relocation, and managed Desktop support. Duties included oversight for
   Time Line (Symantec) Train the Trainer
                                              Accounts Payable/Account Receivable, Human Resources, Payroll, Employee
                                              insurance benefits and allocation of expenses, 401K Plan Distribution,
                                              Workman’s compensation injury reporting and follow up, Drug Testing
Other Technical Experience:                   initialization, random testing procedures.
   Mercury Quick Test Pro, Quality Center
    9.0 - April 2006
   Siebel 7.0- Sales Force Automation        Universal Underwriters Group Software Implementation Project:
    2005                                      Oct 1997 – Sept 2001 Defined and implemented the Installation of IT
                                              Quality Assurance (Test Lab and Processes) – This required defining all
   Informatica Data Migration/Cleansing
                                              requirements, including the development of scope and setup activities for
                                              hardware requirements. Required communicating with all IT teams until
   Cognos Reporting Tools and Analysis       alignment with current and future Information Systems Architecture (IT
   Visio 2003                                footprint). In-depth knowledge of Software Configuration Management
                                              Methodologies (CMM) was instrumental in increasing CMM maturity level from
   Timberline Accounting Software 2003 -
                                              1.9 to 3.5 levels within short time frame.
    mentored by consultant for 6 weeks
   QuickBooks Professional 2001

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     Barbara A Tebbe


   Primiavera/Expedition - On the job
    training 2002; tutor 2006                 Defined and published, for upper management, the ROI (Return on
   ARIS Process toolset (IT Footprint)
                                              Investment) for a new Automated Test Tool Set and all peripherals. Resulted
                                              in ROI for the company within a 6-month time frame.
                                              Diversity of projects (not all inclusive) as a team lead or member:
   Segue’s Automated Testing Workshops           1) CPCPS – Policy administration software replacing old legacy systems
    1999-2001                                          (Component Development)
   Segue’s Automated Testing Suite               2) Web Load & Balance – to support web development and maintenance
    1999-2002                                     3) Data Integration from Legacy, Unicover, Ratabase System
                                                  4) Quality management – QA/QC conceptual design and training for ETS
   Segue’s Silk 1999-2003
   Micro Soft ® Visio R 2002
                                              Manager, IT Quality Assurance, Enterprise Technology Solutions
   More than Just Quality Control            (ETS), Universal Underwriters, October 1997 to Sept 2001.
    Workshop (Speaker 2001)                   Implemented and managed a Software Process (QA) and Software Testing
   KCQAI Weeklong workshop 2000              group (QC). Responsible for selecting, training, directing, (BA Role) evaluating
   Certified Quality Analyst (CQA) Oct       and managing the test team, including team leads. Assembled and maintained
    2000                                      a team up to 30, who developed and designed all test cases and test plans for
                                              largest client server application. Created and maintained project plans,
   Decision Making and Problem Solving
                                              interfacing with 9 other project teams. Assisted IT Directors in producing
                                              schedules, researching and recommending development change control.
   Sterling Software COOL GEN, Sybase        Coordinated project tasks with 6 other teams for master Plan publication.
    component based development               Generated ROI for automated software testing tool initial purchase and
   IBM Zachman Architecture Workshop         implemented testing automation. Accomplishments: Published by Universal
   Executive Presentation Skills 2000        Underwriters Group, a manual for re-use and training in a matrix organization
                                              entitled: IT Quality Management Best Practices.
   ABT Intro to ABT Resource Manager
    2000                                      Project Management System Implementation. AlliedSignal
   Niku Project & Time Tracking
   RCS Risk Based Approach to                Team Lead (BA/QA Role by nature) for large Project Management Software
    Client/Server Testing 1999                installation for three operating units. Required extensive Project
                                              Management, Accounting and Information Systems knowledge. Created
   Pro Tech Effective Methods of Software
                                              workflow diagrams, documented process and high level functional
    testing 1999
                                              requirements for accounting interface automation. Resulted in implementation
   ABT Apply Project Workbench 1999          of a single project management system for three business units that integrated
   Project teams workshops UUG 1997          accounting and project reporting. Published lessons learned in “Project
   Cost Management in Project 2 (Oracle      Management Software Selection” for DOE November 1996 with co-author
    RDMS) 1996                                Steve Mueller. (Please note company name change to Honeywell in 2000).
   Schedule Management in Project 2
                                              Project Reporting Team Leader, AlliedSignal 1990-1997: (BA/QA
    (Oracle RDMS) 1996
                                              Role by nature) Oversaw coordination of projects, management processes
   SQL Server 6.5 (U S Connect OV PK         and FES project data integration, project reporting, and software development
    KS)1995                                   between the Facilities Engineering group and the Department of Energy
   Managing High Performance Project         (DOE) for plant renovation and construction projects encompassing nearly
    Teams 1997                                $350,000,000 in value and $50,000,000 in annual expenditures. During this
   DB2 Data Integration                      time the project reporting function evolved from a one-person function to an 8-
                                              person group performing project and resource management for the Facilities
   Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
                                              Engineering department.
   60 WPM Word, Excel, Power Point,

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     Barbara A Tebbe


    Access 1997, 2000                         Workshop / Publications:
   Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced
    Access 1995
                                                      Project Management Software Selection November 1996,
                                                      Prepared under contact number DE-AC04-76-DP00613
   The Manager's Role as a Coach & How
    to Supervise People 1995                          Universal Underwriters Group – A World Class Approach to
   Intermediate and Advanced Microsoft               Quality Management Best Practices, January 2001
   Intermediate Paradox for Windows                  S&T Companies Employee Handbook Sept 2003
                                                      Siebel CRM Data Management Strategy (Final draft), GE
   Beginning Paradox for Windows 1993
                                                      Insurance Solutions, March 2006
   Performance Management Systems
    1993                                              Enterprise Project 2007 – Proof of Concept / Scope definition –
   Performance Management Project                    PlattForm Advertising October 2007
    Scheduling 1993
   Time Line (Symantec) Project
                                                         Award “For Outstanding Achievement by an Individual Member in
    Management 1992
                                                          Quality Management” in 1999 from the Kansas City Quality
   Time Line (Symantec) Train the Trainer                Assurance Institute (KCQAI)
                                                         Member of Kansas City Quality Assurance Institute 1997-2000
   Oracle for the end User 1991
                                                         Facilitation 2 day Project Development Days, Overland Park, Ks.
   Introduction to Oracle 1991                           Sept 2006
   DOE JAD Workshop (1991)                              Project Management Institute. Currently studying for the PMP
   World Trade Center - Export of                        exam by (April 2007)
    Hazardous Materials 1985                             Appointed Board Member, Kansas City Chapter PMI 1996,
   World Trade Center - International                    Director of Publications
    Business - Using Excel in Tracking                   Previous Corporate Challenge Member
    shipments 1984
                                                         Certified Quality Analyst (CQA) Oct 2000
   English Composition Rockhurst College
   Introduction to Computer Hardware
   Speed Reading Rockhurst College
   Dbase III (Promansys)
   Total Quality Management (TQM)

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