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Buying Guide for Green PC


									?Green PC refers to the system where the equipments used are entirely environmental
friendly. The main aspiration of Green IT is to diminish the use of harmful products
while maximizing the efficiency of the system. The Green PC is an integral ingredient
of Green IT. The concept of Green IT is not very new for the IT users, but still it has
not been adapted by all. Many consumers are there who are willing to buy an
environmental friendly machine, but they are not aware how to accomplish this.
According to a recent survey, about 7 in 10 consumers say they are still willing to
spend up to 20 percent more for "green" sustainable products. So, here I am going to
provide a user guide to buy a green PC.

Processors and chipsets: A computer system is made up of mainly two ingredients -
Processors and chipsets. Use of an efficient chipset can make your pc more
environmental friendly. Some energy saving processors in the market are AMD
Athlon 64 or Intel Core 2-series processor, the latest Athlon X2 and Core 2 stepping
reduce power considerably over its earlier products. The latest processor series
Plethora of Core 2 by Intel is another energy saving series, while some energy
consuming processors are Netburst-era Pentium 4s and Athlon 64 X2s.

So, if you are going to buy a new processor, take care about the choice of processor.

Video cards: Another efficient way to conserve energy is with the use of integrated
videos with motherboard. The use of separate video card consumes more energy.
Motherboards spitting out integrated video via DVI or HDMI aren't that hard to find,
so power-users with their massive LCDs don't have to suffer.

Generally, a video card is required for gaming purposes and foe decent 3D
performance, but this dilemma can be overcome by using AMD Radeon HD 3850
processor as it draws only 13.5W energy when idle as compare to other processors
like NVIDIA 8800 GT and NVIDIA G92.

Power supply: Power supplies are the component of a computer that supplies power to
the rest of the parts in a computer system. The amount of power supply is directly
proportional to the data installed. So, it is a smart option to store only required data in
a computer and attach only required devices to it.

Computer size: Notebooks are less prone to waste energy, so they are called as the
most power efficient as well. Secondly, they are made to run on battery and hence as a
result saves energy most of the time. So, notebook users today can save more energy
and can promote the concept of greenest computers well.

A general Guide for Green IT Solutions: Here, I am going to present a buyer guide for
Green IT Solutions.

? Purchase EPEAT-registered computers and monitors. These are by definition
qualified by Energy Star.

? Always purchase Energy Star qualified office equipment.

? Activate power management features on computers and monitors

? Avoid hazardous material

? Recycle it

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