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					                            The Dance Company Recital Order Form

Quantity                 Item                                     Description                               Price          Total
             Professional Video                   Recital Video by Video Album                            DVD 29.00
                                                Productions—Valerie Samuelson
                                                Personal cameras are not permitted at recital—thanks
            A tank is required for Team 1,2,3                   Please Circle
            opening dance and Monday Hip
                                                            Adult S M                L                      17.00
              Recital Tank Top
                                                            Child S           M      L                      15.00
                                                  Sizing samples available at studio.

                     Happy Ad                      Examples on back of order form                        Standard 5.00
                                                 For Student Privacy we do not display last
           Put a personal message for                                                                  Double Vert 10.00
                                                names in our program or on the happy ads!
            your dancer in the recital
                    program                                                                            Double Horiz10.00

                                                                                                        Add photo 5.00
                Recital Tickets                    General Admission Section 1                            5.00/ each
                                                 General Admission Section 2                            5.00/ each
           Daddy dancers and children
            over 3 will need a ticket.          General Admission Both Sections 8.00 each
           Under 3 get in free but need a
                 reserved ticket.                   served Admission Section 1                           12.50/ each
                                                  Reserved Admission Section 2                           12.50 each
              Students attending the
                section they are not            Reserved Admission Both Sections 20.00 each
            performing in receive a free
           ticket but need to reserve it.
                                                Child under 3 or Student Section1                      # ______ Free
                                                Child under 3 or Student Section2                      # ______ Free

        This order form with check made                                                                    Subtotal
      payable to The Dance Company must                                                                 Please Add
            be returned by April 15th .                                                                6% Sales Tax
       Forms returned by April 1st will be entered into a
              drawing to win new dance items!                                                          Grand Total
                           Recital Program Happy Ad Order Form
 There are three sizing choices for happy ads as seen in the examples below. The cost is $5.00 for the
smaller one and $10.00 for the double sized ones. You may also choose to ad a photo for 5.00 more. If
               you would like a photo please add a disk with your preferred photo or,
                   you can e-mail it to Shauna at
               Please fill in all information and return form with payment by April 12th.

                                                          To Our Precious Princess Nicole M.
             Lois                                               Great Job Angel Baby !
                                                                  We Love You Lots !
          We Are So                                     Hugs & Kisses , Mommy Daddy & Vincent

        Proud Of You !                                          Standard $5.00 ad
                                                         Double Vertical ad ($10.00)
        Love & Kisses,                                          Double Horizontal ad ($10.00)
        Clark & Jimmy                                            With photo 5.00

                  Congratulations To Alyssa S. - Our Beautiful Dancer
                              We Are So Proud Of You !
                          Love You Always, Mom and Dad
            Use Boxes Below For Your Text-- One Box For Each Character Including Spaces
                      The More Lines You Use The Smaller The Text Will Be

Please complete this form, be sure Student Name _______________________________
    to include photos and any      Parent Names _______________________________
         text you wanted.          Phone ______________________________________
           APRIL 12th              STANDARD                VERTICAL
                                   HORIZONTAL                   PHOTO
We cannot accept any completed     Additional notes

   Forms without full payment.
                                                   AMOUNT PAID:
                                                   CHECK #
                                            Happy Ads                                                            Recital Tickets
                                   Put a personal message for your dancer              This year in honor of one of our students a portion of our ticket s
                                            in the recital program.                       donated to the “Little Thumpers” Mended hearts program in o
                                     Examples on back of order form
                                                                                     General Admission tickets are rows 10-16 center and any row on the side is
                                  For Student Privacy we do not display last
                                     names in our program or happy ads!
                                                                                     General admission section 1 (2:00pm)         Total ______      6.00 each

                                       Standard 5.00, Double 10.00
ecital DVD                                     Add photo 5.00
                                                                                     General admission Section 2 (5:00 pm)         Total ______ 6.00 each

                                                                                     General Admission Both sections               Total ______ 10.00 eac
 by Video Album Productions—
Valerie Samuelson
eo cameras are not permitted         Pre Registration                                Reserved admission seating is rows 3-10 in the center section.
recital—thank you!
                                  Pre Register now to hold your child's              Reserved Seating Section 1 (2:00 pm )        Total ______ 13.50 each
Cost 29.00 each                   place for the 2009-2010 dance year.
                                  Students pre registered will get first             Reserved Seating Section 2 ( 5:00 pm)         Total ______ 13.50 each
                                  choice for classes. Schedule will be
                                         available May 1, 2009.                      Reserved Seating Both Sections                Total ______ 22.00 eac
Tank Top
                                  Balance Due
                                                                                     Under 3 & Student tickets FREE    Section 1 Total ______     Section 2 To
uired for Team 1,2,3 opening
e and Monday Hip hop                                                                 If you would like to donate to the mended hearts program please add he
                                  If you have a balance due please add
Circle Sizes Needed               here. Students with unpaid balances will                            Total Amount Due Tickets            ____________
ult 18.50 S M      L              not receive recital tickets until balance is
                                  paid. Thank you!                                    Daddy dancers and children over 3 will need a ticket. Children under 3 g
                                          Amount due                                 need a reserved ticket. Students attending the section they are not perform
d 15.00   S    M   L                                                                                            a free ticket but need to reserve it.

           DVD ____            @ 29.00         = ________                        Student Name(s)
        Tank _____ @           = _______                                         Parents Names
        Happy Ad               = ________
Registration ______ @ 25.00    = ________
        Previous Balance Due = ________                                          Home Phone/Cell Phone :
        Recital Tickets        = ________                                        E-mail:
        Please add 6% sales tax= ________                                           This order form with check made payable to
   Total Amount Due                                                                 Dance Company must be returned by April
We Love You Lots !
Hugs & Kisses , Mommy Daddy & Vincent
We Are So Proud Of You !
Love & Kisses,
Clark & Jimmy

Welcome to the most hectic but exciting time in the dance year. Putting together a fabulous recital is
an enormous responsibility. However, with your patience and support, we can handle this task with
ease and organization.

Most of the costumes have arrived. As soon as the last ones come in, you will receive them. Posted
on the door outside Studio 1 is the order of dances for the recital. Please check this show order for
correct spelling of your child's name. If a name has been left off by accident, please add the name to
the list. Your prompt attention will help our program remain as error-free as possible.

Included on this page are the Johnston Community College auditorium rules. These rules are set by
the administration staff at the college, not by ASOC. To enjoy our privilege of using this auditorium
year after year, we must abide by these rules.

Picture proofs will be shown on Wednesday, May 1, and Friday, May 3. We are now accepting per-
sonal ads for the program. Don't forget to get a proof for your ad. Finally, all accounts must be cleared
by May 15, 2002. Any account still owing money after this date prohibits the child from participating in
the recital. There are no exceptions for this policy.

This page gives you lots of dates and vital recital information. Please read it carefully and mark your
calendars with these important dates. Please remain an informed parent and our recital will continue
to be a huge success!

Personal Ads for the Recital Program Offered

For the 2002 recital program, A Step of Class is offering personal ads that can be purchased in increments of 1/3, 2/3
or a whole page ad. Last year, the majority of ads were purchased by parents to spotlight their child with the child's
costume picture and a special message. This is a great way to support your dancer's hard work in dance class and
provide a special keepsake that shows her growth throughout her dancing years. Business ads or a combination busi-
ness/dancer ad can be submitted.

Once picture proofs are received, please submit the desired costume picture and special message with the order form
and payment. If you have any questions or would like to see examples from last year's program, copies are available
to look at in the office. The programs were a huge success last year and we are predicting even more pages of ads for
the 2002 recital.

     Program Boosters & Ads

     Our recital programs are made with care and they make wonderful keepsake remembrances of your child's recital. All ticket
holders receive a program at the recital.
Participating in a recital production is a very special experience for you and your child. We would like to take this opportunity to intro-
duce you to the process and preparation that will help you and your child appreciate this opportunity.

Thank you for sharing this experience with us. Please take time to read this handout it will help remind you of proper theater proce-

   No flash photography or videotaping will be allowed at the recital.
   Please turn off all cellular phones & beepers during the performance.
   We would like to ask for complete silence during the rehearsal and the performance. All little children should be kept in their seats
    and supervised by their parents, crying babies should be removed from the theater .
   During the performance, please enter & exit the theater during theater applause only.
   As per TBPAC rules everyone, inclusive of infants, must have a ticket.
    No Food or drink inside the theater .
There will be someone to meet someone to meet your child at the stage door and see them to their dressing rooms. We will have
someone with your child at all times. Since the children's behavior is of utmost importance, please have a talk with your child so they
realize how important their part is to our production. Please make sure your child is well fed prior to the performance and re-
hearsal. There cannot be any running in the halls or loud talking. There are restrooms in or near each dressing room. Each child's
dance bag should close (zipper, drawstring, etc.) All clothing, shoes and accessories should be labeled.

Costumes & Accessories:

   Make up consists of blush, blue/gray eye shadows, black eye liner, mascara and red lipstick (not brown/orange). Come to dress
    rehearsal and recital in full make up.
   Hair should be pulled away from the face. All hair should be set according to dance teacher instructions.
   Costumes and headpieces should have the student's names written inside. Students should come to dress rehearsal and perform-
    ance dressed in full costume. If they need a second costume, bring it on a hanger or a small suitcase.
   Tights are provided for you with your costume. If your tights run, we have extra tights available at the Pro-Shop. Wear pink bal-
    let shoes and beige tap shoes unless otherwise stated. All shoes should be checked to see that elastic is tightly sewn.
Recital Ads:
RECITAL ADS ARE DUE BY APRIL 1st.        Print Ad Contract

Recital T-Shirts:
Recital T-Shirts and tank tops will be available on a pre-order basis for $12 plus tax until April 10th .".

Videos & Pictures:
Should only be taken at dress rehearsal. They will not be allowed during the performance. There will be a professional video available;
orders will be taken two weeks prior to the recital. The video typically costs between $25 (single show)

Advanced ticket sales
Open ticket sales wib at the door at recital for 8.00 each.
Will be handed out at the door for recital. We will also have some backstage for students.

Drop-Off / Pick-Up Procedure:
On recital day, children are to be dropped off in the foyer of the stage door dressed in their costume with hair and make up com-
pleted. Backstage Mothers and their assistants will be awaiting them to escort them to their dressing rooms. You will be issued a
"sticker" with your child's name and you must present this "sticker" when picking them up. NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO PICK UP A

Please note the security guard and backstage manager will have a list of authorized backstage persons. For security reasons, no one
else will be permitted backstage.

Once the recital is finished, you may pick up your child the same place they were dropped off. We will block the stage entrance to
allow 5-10 parents at a time to pick up. All other parents must line up single file. This will allow the pick-up procedure to run more
smoothly. We would like to run without a glitch. Please be patient and don't rush this process. Remember, your child's safety and
security is our main concern.
 Please hand out
recital packets in
 your folders !!!

 Please hand out
recital packets in
 your folders !!!