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* JOSHUA PERKINS - Born November, 1759 on Little Pee Dee River, State of
South Carolina, in the Original District, an area which became Georgetown
District in 1769 and was known as Marion County by 1798. (This information is
contained in a sworn Affidavit given by Joshua Perkins in May, l830 in the
lawsuit of John Bass & Wife vs. Gilbert Sweat, No. 1533, District Court of St.
Landry Parish, Louisiana. Joshua Perkins was 70 years old at the time of his

*Identified as f.m.c. (free man of color) (1830 deposition); (Note: In l810,
according to Louisiana State Statutes, a person was labeled "f.p.c." if 1)
he was black and free; or 2) had one parent who was black, Indian or mulatto.
Son, Jordan, is listed as INDIAN on 1860 Bee County Census. Joshua's father,
JOSHUA "Old Jock" PERKINS, SR. was dark and claimed to be Portugese. "Old
Jock"'s brother, RICHARD III was known by the nickname of "Tomahawk Dick"
because he carried a Tomahawk in his belt. He lived in the mountains of old
Virginia and was a large, powerful man. A photograph of one of UTE PERKINS's
son, pictures him as having a very dark complexion, gaunt face and lean but
large frame. Fellow researcher, Ken C. Perkins, believes our original ancestor,
Richard I, came to Maryland as an indentured servant, transported to a planter
in Maryland or possibly Virginia. He believes a man named Lofton put Richard I
to work with him surveying land and later deeded 100 acres to Richard after
Richard was working his own land. Ken has located a "Richard" from Dover to
Barbados who was identured for 7 years in 1654. If our Richard I left Barbados
after his 7 years, that would put him in Maryland about the time others believe
he was born in Maryland. Other researchers believe Richard I came directly
from Dover? Does anyone have any proof of either scenario?

*1776 - North Carolina formally annexed Tennessee as Washington Co.

* 1777 - JOSHUA , JR. was still in South Carolina according to his 1830

Page 2 -
Married (1) Frances Pettyjohn, January 24, l785, Chowan Co., North Carolina;
*Son, George, born c1786 in Pendleton District, S.C. accompanied Joshua Perkins
to Louisiana and married Mary Ashworth; George testified for his father in an
1837 lawsuit in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. Frances Pettyjohn is dead by
l790. There are those who question the marriage to Frances Pettyjohn because of
the distance between Marion Co., S.C. and Chowan Co., N.C. but travel by boat
along the coast line was very common and Chowan is inside a N.C. bay area which
most certainly was a popular shipping point.

*1780 - Battle of Kings Mountain (Tennessee) fought by an "ELISHA PERKINS".
Which one? The Museum nor none of the published books I could find identifies
this Elisha Perkins.

*1784 - North Carolina ceded Tennessee to the United States and, after the U.S.
refused federal protection, the people organized the STATE OF FRANKLIN.

c1787 - Joshua Perkins and his family, Aaron Dial and his family, George Nelson,
Delaney Taylor, along with Gilbert and Ephraim Sweat left South Carolina, headed
to Tennessee. (Information supplied by Jane Parker McManus but undocumented
me; however, supported by 1830 deposition of Joshua);

1787 - Joshua Perkins was a constable in Burke County Court on 16 May 1787,
his bond posted by William Pain (who had been a neighbor of his father's family
in Craven Co.).

*1787 - JOSHUA PERKINS, JR. along with his father, JOSHUA "OLD JOCK"
SR. and his brothers, JACOB and GEORGE are in Washington Co., STATE OF
and appear on the 1787 Tax List. Also listed is other related families:
*Gilbert Swett, Jeremiah Bas(Bass), Henery Goens (Goins) who appear on the 1788
Tax List and by 1810 are found in Louisiana with Joshua Perkins. Ref.:
"Tennessee Ancestors Quarterly"; Vol. 5 -1989; Vol. 5 - Aug., l989; Vol. 5 -
Dec., l989. JOSHUA PERKINS is listed on the 1790, 1791 and 1792 List of
Taxables and we know this is "JR." because JOSHUA "OLD JOCK" is probably over
years of age and not taxable. (*Note: Joshua Jr.'s deposition in 1830 in the
case of Gilbert Sweat states that they lived near each other in Tennessee and
left Tennessee together).

1787 - JOSHUA PERKINS was granted land on Falling Creek in Burke Co., NC.

*1789 - North Carolina regained control of the STATE OF FRANKLIN and ceded
area to the United States, forming the Southwest Territory in 1790.

1790 - JOSHUA PERKINS was foreman of a jury and was granted more land on
Falling Creek in Burke Co., NC
**********************PROBLEM WITH THIS CENSUS*****************1790
PERKINS found on census in Morgan District, Burke Co., NC (part of the
Territory) with 3 free white males 16 & up, 3 free white males under 16, and 2
free white females, 0 slaves. He is next door to WILLIAM PAIN. Only a few
houses away, I find a Laurenc MARCLE. My Joshua Perkins grandson, Jacob,
married Mary Jane MARICLE in Louisiana c1837. Also, other family names appear
this census, i.e. GIDEON & EPHRAIM SWEAT, along with FRANCIS JOHNSON
daughter, Letiticia [Letha] Johnson married Gideon "Cadi" Sweat, son of Ephraim
Sweat (son of Robert) and Olive Perkins on April 18, 1811 in Louisiana; this is
verified as my Joshua Perkins by his own 1830 deposition.

* In this same district, I find ELISHA PERKINS, with 2 free white males 16 & up,
2 free white males under 16, 5 free white females & 10 slaves (he, wife, 3 sons
& 4 daughters).

* Furthermore, in the same Morgan District, we find UTE SHERRILL (1-4-4);
PERKINS (2-2-2-9); WILLIAM SHERRIL (1-4-5). Of further interest to me is the
fact that my WILLIS family, along with my families HITE/HYETT, BRADFORD,
and GUIN (GOIN) are also found in close proximity in this same district and are
later together in Louisiana with my JOSHUA PERKINS, JR.
*In nearby Morgan District, Lincoln Co. is found the SHERRILLs, LOWRANCEs,
and BEN

*It should also be noted by those with LINCOLN CO., NORTH CAROLINA roots,
this point in

*JOSHUA PERKINS, JR. married MARY MIXON (information on Sarah
Ashworth's marriage bond); year is unknown. Some have given marriage location
as South Carolina but no evidence exists as to place or date. There is actually
more evidence to place this marriage in North Carolina, including the Mixon
connection to Craven Co. and later to Cheraws before going to the Little Pee Dee
River area. It is my belief that a search should be concentrated in these
areas. If they married in 1790, it was probably in Burke Co., N.C. but no
evidence the Mixon's were there.

Some researchers have thought MARY to be a daughter of Micah Mixon of
Co., South Carolina. If she was Micah's daughter, and was born c. l769, she
would have been 21 years old when married if the actual marriage date was 1790
in Edgefield Co., South Carolina. Unable to find any proof of either of the
above dates in order to verify. Micah Mixon apparently had brothers in the same
area; therefore, she could possibly be a brother's daughter. I have a copy of
Micah Mixon's Will made in 1805 and he refers to his daughter, MARY, as being
among his youngest 5 children. If our Mary was born c1769, she would be 36
years old in 1805 and surely would not be referred to as one of the "youngest"?
Also, by this time, her father would have used her married name. Therefore, I
have ELIMINATED MICAH MIXON as the father of our MARY MIXON. [NOTE: I
am now
re-evaluating this possibility as I believe this Mary was probably born in 1777
making her 13 at the time she married but 15 at the time of Joshua & Mary's dtr.
Sarah's birth?]
* The first MIXON name (JOHN) appears in 1748 in CRAVEN CO. This is JOHN,
Sr. b
c1719 in NC, d. about 1796 in SC. By 1757 there is a MICHAEL(prob. MICAH)
MIXON, b1742 and by 1771, a WILLIAM MIXON, all in CRAVEN CO. and along
CREEK. In fact, WILLIAM has deeds dated 1771, 1772 and 1773, all for 200 acres
each. By 1785, Michael Mixon has land on the Pee Dee River, Georgetown and a
John Mixon (prob. a son of JOHN) is in Camden District.

* 1784 WILLIAM MIXON is at the fork of Muddy Creek, Cheraws; 1785 finds
MIXON on the North side, Lynche's Creek, CHERAWS; and WILLIAM MIXON on
the South
side, Lynche's Creek, CHERAWS. It is my belief that William and Michael
(Misha/Micah) are brothers and WILLIAM is most probably the father of our
however, a JEHU MIXON appears in 1791 with 560 acres on Lynches Creek,
District. JEHU continues to acquire property through 1833 and is another
possible father to our Mary's father. COL. MIXON, in 1796, records a plat for
347 acres on the Pee Dee River, Cheraw District, surveyed by William Stewart,
approximately the same time as a CORNELIUS MIXON regards a plat in the same

The children of JOSHUA PERKINS, JR. and MARY MIXON are:

*1791 - Dtr., Lucy Perkins, married Arville Rogers in St. Landry Parish,
Louisiana on June 9, 1810 (Marriage Certificate & Family Records); I question
Lucy's place of birth due to the fact that Joshua is still on the Tennessee Tax
Records in 1791; however, he would not have to be there to be on the tax roll.

*1792 - Dtr., Sarah Perkins, married Jesse Ashworth, son of James Ashworth,
Sr. in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana on October 2, 1810 (Marriage Record #14 &
#17, 1820 & 1830 Census of St. Landry Parish, La. & Family Records);

*1793 - Son, Jordan Perkins, born; married Virginia Jane (Jinny) Goen (Goins)
on March 12, 1814 (Marriage #9, 1820 St. Landry Federal Census; 1837 Lawsuit
[see below], 1850 Houston County, Texas & 1860 Bee County, Texas Census
her brother, William's Bible records found in the Curtis Jacobs Collection of
Beauregard Parish, Louisiana );

*l795 - Son, Cader, born, married Elizabeth Hoozer, St. Landry Parish, Louisiana
on April 20, l817 (Marriage #3 & Family Records; also, a part of IGI Batch
#8717506, Serial Sheet 14, in Salt Lake City but I do not have a copy.)

*1796 - Dtr., Mary, born married James Ashworth, Jr., St. Landry Parish,
Louisiana on September 23, 1811 (Marriage Certificate #13, St. Landry Parish,
La. census of 1820 & 1830 & Family Records);

*About 1798 - Dtr., Elizabeth born; married James Goins (son of John/Nancy;
brother of Virginia [Jane]), in St. Landry Parish. She is identified as
daughter in the l837 lawsuit against her father;

* Lived in South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Big Black River in
Mississippi; (1830 deposition);

1795 - JOSHUA PERKINS is a juror in Burke County in October, 1795.

1796 - JOSHUA PERKINS sold his land on Falling Creek, Burke Co. on 4 June

1797 - JOSHUA PERKINS, SR. and JOSHUA PERKINS, JR. are members of a jury
Burke Co., NC.

1800 - JOSHUA PERKINS, head of a Buncombe Co. (formed from Burke in 1791)
household with "7 other free". This dovetails with the approximate size of
Joshua Perkins, Jr.'s family at this time. It is believed he met up with his
brother to head south. Since Isaac was not shown as an early East Tennessee
taxpayer, he had obviously remained behind in Burke Co.

ISAAC PERKINS, is also head of Buncombe Co., NC household of 12 "other free" in
1800. ISAAC PERKINS, brother to JOSHUA "OLD JOCK" was born before 1730
so it is
more likely that this is the son of Old Jock. This is probably also the ISAAC,
b c1760 who is listed in Robert Lide's South Carolina Company of Volunteer
Militia in October 1775. This Isaac received a grant for 100 acres in
Washington (Carter) Co., Tennessee on Campbell's Creek from the State of North
Carolina on 17 November 1790 [Carter Co. Deed Book A:110] and he was living in
Granville Co. or Greenville ? on 19 January 1796 when he sold this land to Jacob
(his brother?) [Carter Co. Deed A:147]. He married HANNAH SWEAT 1785 in
Co., she being the daughter of Robert Sweat, whose land adjoined "Old Jock's".
They are later in Louisiana.

The size of this household, if this Isaac was born c1760, is somewhat troubling;
however, he had been married for about 15 years and may have had twins; it
should also be noted that by 1810 census in Louisiana, ISAAC PERKINS, is found
with 11 "other free".

There was also a SAMUEL, born c1753, who co-signed a promissory note w/Isaac
23 May 1774; SOLOMON, born c1760, surety for Isaac Perkins in 1784 Burke Co.
Court case; however, there are no known Samuel's or Solomon's found in the
Louisiana families.

1802 - Perkins, Sweats, Dials (Dyals/Doyals) and Nelsons move to the Big Black
River in Mississippi; an area referred to by Aaron Dial as ?Bayou Pine?
(undocumented by me - provided by Jane Parker McManus and supported by 1830
deposition as to Joshua Perkins);

Another child born to Joshua Perkins and Mary Mixon:
*November 11, 1802 - Dtr. Edith (Ida) (Eady) Perkins born in French Territory,
Louisiana; married 1) James F. Carr on October 10, 1825; 2) Stephen Goins
(son of John/Nancy Goins; brother of Virginia (Jenny) Goins) on November 17,
l826 (Family Records & Marriages #42 & #78 St. Landry Parish, Louisiana). When
Edith Perkins married, Polly Perkins gave consent and our gf, JORDAN, signed as
a bondsman. Was this Mary Mixon Perkins? Where was Joshua at this time - was
he sick - were they separated; he would have been 67 years of age and we know he
is still alive (Lawsuit of 1804 and 1837).
*1804 - Perkins, Dials, Sweats & Nelsons were all in Opelousas, Louisiana;
(deposition of Joshua Perkins and information from Jane Parker McManus);

*27 May 1805 - Thomas Johnson, nephew of Gilbert Sweat is born; later married
Olive Perkins, b. c1797, on 21 August 1828. Some researchers have claimed her
as a dtr. of Joshua Perkins; however, Rev. Donald Hebert's SOUTHWEST
RECORDS, Vol. 1, clearly show her parents as being Isaac Perkins and Mary Sucat

*1810 - Opelousas Federal Census (6 in household), page 305; Children: George,
Lucy & Sarah all married in 1810; therefore, it could be assumed that JOSHUA &
MARY are living with the youngest 4 children: Cader, Mary, Elizabeth, and
Edith. Grandfather JORDAN is 18 years old and may not have been living within
Joshua's household. It is also possible that Jordan WAS living within this
household but his mother, Mary, was dead by this time. She is not on the next

*1820 - St. Landry Parish, La. Federal Census shows 1 male over 45 (Joshua
would be 61 at this time) - in agriculture; (found next door to Isaac Perkins,
Sr. with Nancy Perkins, a widow, on the other side. Was she the widow of one of
Isaac & Joshua's brothers? I believe she was. Could she have been Nancy Graves

1829 - Joshua Perkins living near the Sabine River in St. Landry Parish, La.,
about 120 miles from Opelousas, La. (undocumented - provided by Jane Parker

*1830 - St. Landry census - 1 male 55 - 100 (living alone, 71 years old);

*1834 - Rapides Parish, La. census: Isaac, J. Parkins, and Willis family

*1837 - Sworn testimony of Hardy Coward that Joshua Perkins served in the
Revolutionary War; PERKINS vs PERKINS, Number 169, St. Landry Parish,
filed 15 June l837:

The above referenced lawsuit was filed by three of Joshua's Perkins' daughters:
Mary (wife of James Ashworth); Sarah (wife of Jesse Ashworth); and Elizabeth
(wife of James Goings (Goins)). Joshua was living with his son, Jordan, at the
time and strongly contested the claims made in this lawsuit. The suit stated
"the father of your petitioners is a very old man and has become so infirm and
helpless as to be incapable of taking care of his person and administering his
estate - that the infirmities of the said Joshua Perkins are extreme old age and
total blindness -- that he has considerable property which is liable to be
wasted and he is in danger of being reduced to want in his old age unless a
curator be appointed to take care of his person and property -- that your
petitioners pray that the said Joshua Perkins be legally interdicted -- that he
be cited to appear to show cause, if any, why he should not be interdicted".

Testimony and affidavits were presented to Judge George King, as follows:

William Neyland stated "he had known him 12 or 15 years; that he had been blind
about 2 years; that he had to use a stick to feel his way; that he does not know
of his property being wasted; that he is 70 or 80 years of age";

George Perkins stated "that he was 52 years of age; has known defendant as long
as he has recollection of anybody (he was his son); that he has been getting
blind for the last three years; that he is totally incapable of doing business;
that he is about 80 years of age; that he is a neighbor who lives 4 or 5 miles
of him; that his cattle has been put in the hands of Charles Trahan by Jordan
Perkins, who transacts his business; that his property consists of cattle; that
he does not think him capable of managing them."

Hardy Coward stated "a long and intimate acquaintance existed between the two
that he believed him to be 80 to 84 years old; that Joshua was in the military
service of the U.S. during the Revolution and was then a man grown; that he
thinks defendant has just idea of how many cattle he owns; that he sometimes
repeats the same face several times; that he thinks defendant is in his dotage".

George McDougal stated "he had known Joshua 14 or 15 years; farmed land half
mile from his residence; that his property was cattle and a few horses; that he
had known of the cattle to be managed improperly; that from conversations with
him thinks he was present at the branding of his cattle and the same precautions
were used; that Joshua gave instructions to Jordan Perkins to sell his cattle
that were fit for market; that Jordan Perkins, alone of his children, treated
him kindly; that Joshua has been living with Jordan for the last six years where
he went before he loathes eyesight; that he does not know that the property has
been mismanaged".

Hardy Coward (called for additional testimony) stated "he does not know that
the property of the defendant has been wasted or lost since his blindness; that
Joshua has stated to him his instructions to have his cattle equally divided
among his children; that he never said that defendant was incapable to attend to
his business".

George McDougal (called to testify again) stated "the defendant moves about the
premises of his son, Joshua (Jordan) Perkins unattended and goes to his meals
along; that he was in the town of Opelousas at the November term of Court for
1836 and came in on horseback".

Burrel Eaves stated "he had known Joshua since 1836, believes him to be
perfectly sound mind, but blind; and is perfectly competent to order his own
contracts and thinks he has a perfect knowledge of the state of his affairs and
the manner in which they are conducted; that he knows the incoming and outgoing
of his money from his own representations; that whenever he has wished to trade
for Joshua's cattle with his sons they have always sent him to the old man whom
he found to be a hard case to deal with; that he has no knowledge that any of
the defendant's property was sold without being consulted".

Garrett M. Welloan stated "he has known Joshua since 1831 and his mind is as
good now as it was when he first knew him; that he heard Burrel Eaves' testimony
and confirms his statements in every respect; that he lives about 12 miles from
the defendant".

Aaron Drake stated "he is in the services of James Ashworth, one of the
plaintiffs", which witness was objected to in front of the defendants assembled,
on the grounds of incompetence. Drake, however, stated "the defendant told him
he planned to divide his property among his children; that it was being
destroyed; that he believes defendant incapable of managing his concerns on
account of being blind; that when he is in Jordan Perkins' presence he speaks as
if he never approved to a division of his property and when out of his presence,
the reverse".
Ivan Allain stated "that the defendant came into Opelousas about 20 months ago
and stopped at his brusso (tavern?) and that he took him by the hand to lead him
into the house. He was led to a room as he said he was sick. Later he was led
to the (dinner) table and said he could not see at all. Witness' wife was
compelled to feed defendant with a spoon".

No further action is indicated in the Court records until 3 April 1840 when
James Ashworth, one of the plaintiffs, asked the Court for a dismissal of the
case. Judge George King on 25 August 1840 stated "this case being settled and
the cost ($31.38) paid, it is ordered by the Court that this same be dismissed".

Page 8

The following information is still being investigated and attempts are being
made to prove any relationship to my ancestor, Joshua Perkins:

ISAAC PERKINS: He appears in the l810 Opelousas Federal Census with 11
persons in his household. There is also an ISAAC PERKINS who appears as head
of a Buncombe County (formed from Burke Co. in 1791), N.C. household of 12
"other free" in 1800. This Isaac is almost certainly a brother of our JOSHUA

GEORGE PERKINS: In the 1820 census in present-day Calcasieu Parish, he would
be approximately 35 years of age (born c1785); This is the same George who
testified in the 1837 lawsuit and stated he was "52 years of age"; therefore,
born in 1785 so we know this is our JOSHUA's son. 12 houses away we find -

LEWIS PERKINS: In 1820, he is between the ages of 26-45 (if 45, would have
been born 1775 and is probably a brother to George, married to a wife under 26
with 2 children under 14 years of age. This George & Lewis are still living
next door to each other in 1830 Census. l850 Sabine Parish Census shows among
children, sons WILLIS and ISAAC. By 1860, in the Rapides Parish Census, we
discover that there are TWO LEWIS PERKINS, one age 34 (born 1826) the other
47 (born 1813), both married to MARY's, both born in South Carolina and one with
6 children, the other with 5, 3 OF WHICH HAVE THE SAME NAMES (Thomas,
JOHN, only the ages being different) - Is there any wonder we cannot trace our
specific ancestors?

MARY PERKINS: Also located nearby - a widow over 45 with 1 male child, 14-25;

(Note: Check DANIEL PERKINS m. BETSY BEARD, March 22, 1815 in Washington
Tennessee); A DANIEL P. is found on 1820 Louisiana Census.

In the TEN MILE CREEK AREA, we find:

WILLIS PERKINS: Between age 26-45, wife & 3 children under 14; Later in l880
Vernon Parish Census, I find a WILLIS PERKINS 60 (therefore born 1820) in
CAROLINA. (Note: LEWIS PERKINS, b. l793, S.C. had a son: WILLIS)

Next door:
STEPHEN PERKINS: Same age group, wife & 1 child under 14;

Next door:
LEWIS PERKINS: Same age group, wife & 2 children under 14;

Next door:
GEORGE PERKINS: Same age group, wife & 3 children under 14;

Page 9 -

Next door:
JOSEPH WILLIS, SR.: My 5th great-grandfather (another line) who is the Baptist
preacher presumed to have led the PERKINS group into Louisiana;

Approximately 17 houses away, we find:

ISAAC PERKINS (JR.): Wife & l child under 14; An 1860 Rapides Parish Census
shows ISAAC, JR. born in Louisiana.

ISAAC PERKINS, SR., 1 male, over 45; An 1860 Rapides Census shows Isaac, 73, b.
S.C.; Mary, 61, b. S.C.; Alfred P., 15, b. S.C. and Mary, 13, b. S.C. Children
are probably grandchildren.

JOSHUA PERKINS, 1 male, over 45

NANCY PERKINS, Female, over 45; 1 male 14-26; This time there is 2 additional
females 14-26 and 2 under 14 years. An 1860 Rapides Census shows Nancy, 80, b.
S.C. and another household identifies her son, NATHAN, 38, b. S.C. as a son of
Nancy, daughter of JAMES PERKINS from SC who came to LA from MS in 1810.
is thought to be the REES PERKINS family. Why was she next door and near to
JOSHUA in 1820? Could this be Nancy, widow of Jacob Perkins?

You will note the above appear to be duplicate listings of the same people.
This information was copied from the census lists in "SWEAT FAMILIES OF THE
SOUTH" by Erbon W. Wise. I do not have a copy of the actual census. They may
be the same people OR they may be of the same family with like names and ages?
At any rate, I have copied them to show the always close proximity to each
other. Also, to call your attention to the given names within this family,

(NOTE: It should be pointed out that the area of South Carolina where JOSHUA
PERKINS was born was almost adjoining Robeson & Bladen Co. NORTH Carolina
Joshua "Old Jock" Perkins owned land on the Little Pee Dee River in 1761. See

Gilmer Moss lists the following:

1) JORDAN PERKINS - "He enlisted in the Third Regiment on 24 July 1776", N.A.
853. The National Archives report they have no record. It must exist if Moss
was able to get a national number. (Same name as gf, JORDAN). April 13, 1793,
JORDAN PERKINS recorded a plat for 300 acres on Camp Branch, Camden
surveyed by Samuel Bennett.

2) JESSE PERKINS (my grandfather Jordan named his son, Jacob, and Jacob
named his son, Jesse) - "He enlisted in Third Regiment on 1 January 1778 under
Field Farrar and reenlisted 1 February 1780. S.C. H. & G., V. 154; N.A. 246;
N.A. 853. (Note: Also shows N.A. 853) South Carolina Dept. of Archives shows:
"Account audited (File No. 5856 1/2) of Claims Growing Out of the American
Revolution" 1776 C. or later - Entry NBRS: 0015 003 0117 00078 00.

3) ISAAC PERKINS - "Third Regiment on 24 July 1776 ...served 36 days in
militia during 1782 as a sergeant." A.A. 5855; N636; N.A. 853. South Carolina
Dept. of Archives shows: "Account Audited (File No. 5855) of Claims Growing Out
of the American Revolution" - 1776 C. or later - Entry NBRS: 0015-003 0117
00. Also, in 1756, 1760 and 1761 he recorded land grants/deeds to 300 acres of
land; in 1784, a suit styled, "Cargill, Magnus vs. Ephraim Wittington and Isaac
Perkins, Judgment Roll, 1784, see also Whittington, Ephraim".

4) WILLIS PERKINS - "Third Regiment - July 1776. Served under Capt. Field
Farrar after 1 June l777. In addition, in service during l780, 1781 and 1782.
S.C. H. & G., V. l54; A.A. 1882-l/2; L 164; N.A. 246; N.A. 853. (When my 5th
g-gf, Joseph Willis went to Louisiana, it has been said that he was in search
of a "Willis Perkins").

With all having been part of the Third Regiment, it leaves little doubt in my
mind that the above persons were related. With the similarity in names it also
leaves little doubt that they were the same persons or related to, those who
later appeared in Louisiana.

I have requested records for the following:
ISAAC PERKINS of North Carolina; not received yet;

JOSHUA PERKINS of South or North Carolina; not received yet; an earlier
inquiry indicated they had found a JOSHUA PERKINS but this an inquiry for a
pension; as usual, NATIONAL ARCHIVES, fails to give any further information.
I have re-submitted for military record.


born 1728,
died 1814 in Rutherford, Tennessee; married MARY SHIRRELL(SHERRILL), dtr. of
Capt. William & Agnes White, at Isle of Wight Co., Virginia in 1750; father of
MARJORY PERKINS, born 1758. (Note: Found Marjorie Perkins' husband, Absalom
Pennington, mentioned on early Baptist Records with Grandfather Joseph Willis,
etc. in Mississippi.) This Joshua Perkins had children other than Marjorie:
Sarah, Polly (prob. Mary), Jesse, Joshua, Jane, William & Benjamin. His son,
Joshua, was born 1765, Rowan Co., N.C., and married Rebecca Sherrill; died on 13
Dec. l795. By 1795, my JOSHUA PERKINS had 5 children; therefore, these two
Joshua's are eliminated.

2) ELISHA PERKINS, SR., born 9 June 1697, St. George's Parish, Baltimore, MD,
died about 1742 in Orange, Virginia; son of RICHARD PERKINS I and MARY
married to MARGARET SHERRIL, b. 1704 CECIL, Md., died aft. l746, dtr. of
SHERRILL and MARGARETTE (Unknown). Children: Elizabeth, b 18 Nov 1719 St.
George's Par., Baltimore, MD. m. Phillips; Margaret, b. 1721; Phillis, b 1725,
St. George's Par., Baltimore, MD; JOSHUA (see #1 above) b. 1728, Ute, b. 1729
m. Elizabeth Skillen; Gentleman John (see #4 below), b. 15 Sept. 1733, St.
Marks Par., Spotsylvania, VA, died 13 Apr. l804, Lincoln, N.C. m. Catherine
Lowrance; and Elisha Perkins, Jr. (see #3 below).

3) ELISHA PERKINS, JR., County of Frederick, Colony of Virginia; Will made 9th
day of April 1759, probated August, 1759; (My Joshua born Nov., l959). Brother
JOHN PERKINS, sole executor. Eliminated as to being FATHER of Joshua.

4) JOHN PERKINS, SR., (son of Elisha, Sr.) b. September 15, 1733 Virginia; Died
April 13, 1804, Morganton, Burke Co., North Carolina. Wife, Catherine L., son,
ELI, died July 22, l832. (Linda M. Staley, P. O. Box 7, Patterson, NC 28661)

5) ISAAC PERKINS, head of Buncombe (formed from Burke in 1791) County, N.C.
household of 12 "other free" in 1800. Children thought to be: SAMUEL, born
c1753; cosigned a promissory note w/Isaac on 23 May 1774; SOLOMON, born
surety for Isaac Perkins in l784 Burke County Court case; No known Samuel's or
Solomon's found in Louisiana families.

Page 12 -

6) JOSHUA, head of a 1790 Burke Co., N.C. household of 6 white males and 2 white
females; constable in Burke County Court on 16 May 1787 (it is believed that
this is the same year he left for Tennessee) bond posted by Wm. Pain (former
neighbor from Craven Co. so we know this JOSHUA lived in Craven Co. at one
time); foreman of a jury in 1790. Believe this is OLD JOCK and the family could
include the two grandsons, William & Benjamin, and perhaps their mother, Sarah.
(Need actual census information for age). This Joshua was working in January,
l797 as the overseer of the Iredell Road from Upper Little River to Silver Creek
including the hands of Joshua Perkins, Sr. and a William Pain. Also conveyed
200 acres in Burke County to Thomas Pain on 27 March 1800.

JOSHUA "OLD JOCK" PERKINS is listed as an early East Tennesee Tax Payer in
1787, however, only one JOSHUA is on the 1790, 1791 and 1792 Washington Co.
Tax Lists and it is assumed that this is our JOSHUA, JR. It was originally
thought that "OLD JOCK" was over 60 and would not be taxable but now it appears
he has moved to Burke Co., N.C. and is working as an overseer (approximate age
59-69). Note: Some researchers have placed his birth date as c1728 but this is
the birthdate of the Joshua Perkins who married Mary Shirrell. It is my belief
that Joshua "Old Jock" was born later, 1732-38 being a more logical placement
within the family of RICHARD II.
Page 12 -

If our JOSHUA PERKINS, JR. married Mary Mixon in South Carolina, he had
left Tennessee by 1792; (son, George, was born in the Pendleton District c1785
[court case of 1837] ). His second child, Lucy, (first by Mary Mixon) was born
in Edgefield Co., S.C. in 1791 (which was actually 96th District until 1795). I
believe he could have married Mary Mixon in Tennessee.

5) JOSHUA "OLD JOCK" PERKINS, b. c1732, sold 100 acres by deed proven in
County, N.C. in 1752 (Craven County Court Minutes IV:93). He also owned land
in Bladen County before 20 October 1761 (Bladen extended all the way down to the
State Line between NC-SC and would have included the Little Pee Dee River area).
Taxable in Rowan County, N.C. in 1761 (Rowan formed from Anson in 1753; Anson
formed from Bladen in 1750). Purchased 125 acres in Bladen County on Wilkerson
Swamp, a branch of the LITTLE PEE DEE RIVER (what is present day Robeson
N.C. - This N.C. county adjoins the S.C. county where our JOSHUA PERKINS, JR.
said he was born on the Little Pee Dee River) on 1 November 1768 and sold land
on 26 April 1770. This was part of a tract of 250 acres, the other half owned
by ROBERT SWEAT (This is Robert Sweat, b1725 whose son, Ephraim Sweat, b.
in Burke Co., died May 1830 in St. Landry Parish, La., married Olive Perkins, b.
1764, Burke or Craven Co, and died in Rapides Parish, La. Ephraim & Olive had
sons, Gideon "Gadi" b. 1782, N.C. and Ephraim, b. June 30, 1803, S.C., died
August 29, 1882, Rapides Parish, La.; Robert Sweat's dtr., Hannah m. Isaac
Perkins, Sr., our Joshua's brother ) in 1754, sold by Philip Chavis in 1768.
This Joshua also granted 100 acres on Wilkerson Swamp on 22 Dec. 1769.
was also granted land in Burke County (Burke formed from Rowan Co. in 1777) in
1780 [Burke County, North Carolina, Land Records 1778, Vol. III, p. 19) but may
not have moved there until 1785. He obviously decided to claim a land grant in
East Tennessee when it was offered by North Carolina. He did not sell his
Burke Co. land and it is the same land in Burke Co. which his son, Jacob
Perkins, disposed of by his 22 March 1819 Johnson County, Tennessee will. In
1800, a JOSHUA PERKINS is found in Buncombe Co. (formed from Burke in 1791)
"7 other free". It is believed that this is JOSHUA, JR. and this is where he
met his brother ISAAC, who did not go to Tennessee, to start their trip south.

NOTE: In 1770 WILLIAM DELANEY, SR. claimed in Burke County Court that he
a mare which Joshua sold without advertising for its owner [Burke County, North
Carolina, Land Records 1778, Vol. 1, p. 150]. This record needs to be looked at
to determine exact date. My information is the claim was in 1770 but the
reference is to official records of 1778. Hopefully it was in 1778. It was
1777 when our Joshua Perkins, Jr. lent Gilbert Sweat a horse to carry off
Frances Smith (Joshua Perkins Deposition of 1830). This information may also
tie Gilbert and Ephraim Sweat into the above mentioned Robert Sweat. FRANCES
Move this:

JOSHUA was taxable in 1787 but not in l788. By then, he was over 60 years of
age. GILBERT SWEAT is found on the same tax list as JOSHUA, JR. in 1788
["Early East Tennessee Taxpayers," Pollyanna Creekmore, East Tennessee
Historical Society's Publications, (1963), No. 35, p. 108; Early East Tennessee
Taxpayers: Second Series, Washington County, 1788, Pollyanna Creekmore,
Tennessee Ancestors, Vol. 5, No. 1 (April 1989), p. 37 - Need copies of all).

JOSHUA "OLD JOCK" PERKINS married Mary "Polly" Black (Scottish) in 1753 in
Bladen Co., N.C. and died 10 April 1801 in Carter Co., Tennessee. His
granddaughter, Anna Perkins Graves, claimed Jock was "Portuguese" and judging by
present day information unfolding, she may have been absolutely correct. In a
1858 Knoxville, Tennessee trial involving his grandson, Jacob F. Perkins,
there were 18 elderly witnesses called, many of whom had known the Old Jock and
his children in PEE DEE, SOUTH CAROLINA (where he moved after selling his
Co., N.C. land); Children were: George, Jacob, Joshua, Isaac, Lewis and Polly
(probably Mary).

of these
names are later found in Louisiana in early 1800's.

Witnesses stated that OLD JOCK was tall, dark-skinned, mixed-blood and looked
half-white. Many considered him Portuguese since his hair was described as
bushy or curly, not kinky, resembling an Indian more than a "Negro". He kept
race horses and a ferry by Roan's Creek and associated with "decent,
respectable" white people like Landon Carter (owner of 3,716 acres in Washington
Co., Tenn. in 1795). Many of the witnesses believed his acceptance by his white
neighbors was proof positive that he could not have been African American. His
wife was fair skinned and known to be Scottish.

Witnesses for the defense said OLD JOCK was a "Negro" or "Mulatto" with kinky
hair who in his later years worked as a hatter and was treated as white. One
witness said he had known JOCK in North Carolina about 1798. THIS TESTIMONY
IN 1798.

Up to this point, I am more convinced that I have been over the past five years
that this is the family from which MY JOSHUA descends. Hereinafter follows the
murky area. The Children of JACOB (JOSHUA) (OLD JOSH) PERKINS and MARY
BLACK PERKINS are perhaps the following (I say perhaps due to slight deviations
by individuals listing these children.) I will try to include all

1) GEORGE, born 22 March 1754 in Liberty County, South Carolina according to
his pension application. Liberty County was changed to Marion District (same
place OUR JOSHUA was born); Living in Lawrence Co., Kentucky on 15 March 1834
when he applied for pension. Entered the service in Charleston; had moved to
North Carolina by August 1777 when he volunteered for another tour. Lived on
the Watauga River in North Carolina (present-day Washington Co., Tenn.) about
**1787-1813 then moved to Kentucky. Married April 5, 1780 Bladen Co., N.C. to
Keziah Manning. Owned various properties in Washington Co., Tenn. which later
became Carter Co., Tenn.). Died in Lee County, Iowa on November 16, l840. Two
children: STEPHEN, b. 1783, married Catherine Summa, 11 children; He is dead
by 1849; and, ANNA, b. c1780, married Stephen Graves.

**Note: The 1787 date is consistent with the time we find JOSHUA, SR.,
JR., GEORGE and JACOB on the Washington Co., Tennessee Tax List.

2) JACOB, b. c1758, m. Nancy (or Ann) Graves, dtr. of John Graves, a constable
, and his wife, Susan, a white woman [File No. 5, p. 3, deposition of James
Bradley}. . **In 1792, was in Washington Co., Tenn. Bought land in Carter
Co., Tenn. from Isaac (see below). Johnson Hampton testified for the pension
application of his son, Jacob, that Jacob Perkins came to Carter County,
Tennessee, about 1802, and that Jacob told him he had lived in South Carolina
near the Little Pee Dee River during the time of the Revolution and served under
General Marion. HIS SON, Jacob, testified that he also served several tours
against the Indians after coming to Carter County (then Washington), and he was
married to Ann Graves by Jonathan Mulkey, a Washington Co. preacher. His father
gave his discharge papers to McGimsey of BURKE Co. (was the Sheriff in 1785).
His father died on April 4, 1819 and his mother died March 22, 1819 in Johnson
Co., Tenn. At the time of his death, in his will, he mentioned land he owned in
Burke Co., N.C. which was to be sold. Note: The son, Jacob, had a daughter who
predeceased him, Sara. Her sons were William and Benjamin and they inherited
land in Burke Co., N.C. They could possibly be the same William Perkins who
turned up in Louisiana. (William, b. S.C., m. Olive Sweat, b. N.H., l802,
married August 1818, St. Landry; named their son, Benjamin.)

**NOTE: The 1792 date again consistent with the time we find JACOB on the
Tennessee Tax List; ties him into the Little Pee Dee River of South Carolina and
also Burke Co., North Carolina.

3) ISAAC, b. c1760, listed in Robert Lide's South Carolina Company of Volunteer
Militia in October 1775. Received a grant for 100 acres in Washington (Carter)
Co., Tenn. on Campbell's Creek from the State of North Carolina on **17 November
1790 [Carter Co. Deed Book A:110] and was living in Granville Co., or Greenville
? on 19 January 1796 when he sold this land to Jacob (his brother?) [Carter Co.
Deed A:147]. He married HANNAH SWEAT 1785 in Burke Co., possibly the dtr. of
Robert Sweat and was head of an Opelousas Parish, Louisiana household of 11
"other free" in1810, living near GILBERT SWEAT [Census, pp. 305, 325]. Their
children: George, b1786, Pendleton Dist., S.C., m. Mary (Polly) Ashworth; 2)
Isaac P., Jr., b1789, S.C. m. 1) Sarah Singleton 2) 23 Sept l811, Mary Sweat,
dtr. of Ephraim; 3) Wm. m. Olive Sweat, 1 Aug l8l8; Stephen, m . Nancy Johnson,
l6 January 1819 and 5) Olive, b.c1797, m. Thomas Johnson, 21 August 1828 in
Opelousas, St. Landry, Louisiana.

**NOTE: I believe ISAAC was living in Greenville Co., South Carolina at the
time the above Carter Co. Deed was made. Note the Burke Co. marriage in 1785.
Since he was not shown as a early East Tennessee taxpayer, he obviously settle
in Burke Co. while the rest of his family was in Tennessee. Perhaps this is
the reason JOSHUA, SR. went to Burke Co. Note also the fact that he married
the daughter of the man whose land adjoined his in BLADEN CO., tying him into
the Little Pee Dee River also.

4) LEWIS, b. c1765, according to pension application made while he was in Amite
County, Mississippi in 1837 at the age of 72 years for service under General
Marion in the Revolutionary War during the siege of Charleston. Moved from
Georgetown District (later Marion), S. C. to Tennessee where he lived for 7
years before moving to Amite Co., Miss. Probably same Lewis Perkins who was
taxable in **Carter Co., Tenn. in 1805. **Note: Born in same district as
our JOSHUA and found in Tennessee about the same time as brother, JACOB.

There is another LEWIS who was the son of Rees Perkins (1729-1767) who was
the son of Samuel Perkins b. c1700 and Miss Rees. Samuel also had a son, LEWIS,
who m. Lydia........ This is probably the PERKINS of Buncombe Co. Note: the

5) POLLY; no other information which also strengthens my belief that she could
be OLIVE who accompanied my JOSHUA and ISAAC to Louisiana. Could even be
MARY PERKINS found on La. 1820 census, over 45 with a male child between
6) JOSHUA, born 1759

The JOSHUA who has been listed as the child of Old Jock and who married SALLY
BAKER, daughter of Alex (Elick) Baker (see notes on Shepherd M. Dugger's book,
"The War Trails of the Blue Ridge", published in 1932), is INCORRECT. Joshua
did not meet Sally until c1826. This is the same Joshua who discovered the
Cranberry Mine and he is a son of Old Jock's son, JACOB. Joshua & Sally's
children were: Joshua, Dracus, Henry, Mandy, Thomas, Riley and Joseph. Dugger's
story also mentions Manda, Dorcas, Henry, Tommy and a baby (unnamed).

A JOSHUA was taxable on one poll in Washington County in the same list as
George Perkins in 1787, 1788 and 1790 [Tennessee Ancestors, Vol. 5, p. 37 April
l989] and in 1790 [p. 72] and another 100 acres in 1791 [p. 81]. He was not
there in 1793.

C______ PERKINS (probably CADE)


1) Col. Joseph Perkins in Choctaw Trading House records of the early 1820s,
living just out of Franklin, Tennessee;

2) Perkins found ca 1820-1840 right at the end of the Natchez Trace, just below
Nashville, on the Reservation Land.

3) Locate Bill Nash (Perkins/Nash Researcher - He has located Perkins on Indian
Reservation Lands in early Tennessee, right at end of the Natchez Trace.)
Page 17 -

RESEARCH THIS - Craven will tie back into JOSHUA, SR. - Was this OLD JOCK's
older brother JOHN born 1725 and died 1788 in BURKE CO.?

5) Who is John Perkins who purchased 200 acres in Craven Co. in Welsh Tract on N
side of Pee Dee River dated 24 Feb 1745 & surveyed 29 March 1745? Was he
of Joseph Perkins who left Pee Dee area 1780 & settled Natchez Dist.? How was
this Joseph related to OLD JOCK PERKINS. Some have said Joseph traveled down
Holstein River, Miss. River & landed at Cole's Creek ca l780-1 with Richard
Curtis, Jones, Courtney, Stampley families. Salem Church was erected in 1791 by
Richard Curtis. When the Spanish soldier, DeAlva, banished him from Natchez
District in 1795, he went back to Greenville Co., S. C. In 1800, when he
returned, he brought the above referenced families with him? It is my opinion
that Joseph Willis and the MY Perkins family accompanied him on this trip.
(Check w/Martha P. Leese, 108 Williams Road, Vicksburg, Mississippi 39180.)

OLD JOCK's brother ISAAC was born c1718 ?????

6) Who is the Isaac Perkins, born c1726, who sold 200 acres in Craven County by
deed proved in Craven County Court on 15 May 1752 (Craven County Court Minutes,
IV:93). He was taxable in Rowan County (parent county of Burke) in l761 &
granted 189 acres there on the west side of the Catawba River on 10 May 1762
with William Sherrill as witness. He was not taxable in Rowan in 1759 so he may
have arrived there between l759 and l761. He and STEPHEN PERKINS (son?)
a promissory note to Hugh Montgomery in Burke County Court on 23 May 1774.

7) PERKINS of Craven Co., N. C.: ISAAC, born cl726; JOSHUA, born cl728;
GEORGE, born cl735.
Page 18 -


1) FROM "BURKE: The History of a North Carolina Country, 1777-1920":

Page 212: "In 1827 Joseph, Joshua, Amos, Jacob and John Perkins (from Carter
County, Tenn.) also entered land on Cranberry Creek joining Colonel Avery. Most
of these investors produced at least the requisite amount of iron to receive a
warrant for the bounty land from the entry taker." (Note: These are the
children of Jacob, b. 1760, S.C. and Nancy Ann Graves; listed in his Will dated
March 22, 1819.)

Although the iron works did not prove successful in Burke, gold mining did. At
one time there were "5,000 slaves mining gold in the county". By 1834,
however, they had started to leave to go to the mines of Georgia, or to North
Carolina with their slaves to use them on the tobacco plantations. Others went
to Mississippi and Alabama to the cotton fields. Later, many from this area
went to California looking for gold.

ROBERT C. PERKINS (1825-1904) kept a diary as to the route he followed.
"After going to Charleston by land, he traveled by ship to Chagres, Panama, by
way of Havana, crossed the isthmus by land, and re-embarked for San Francisco.
He proceeded from there to Stockton, California, which was in the gold mining
area". Now I know why we have Perkins in California?
2) FROM: "A HISTORY OF WATAUGA COUNTY" by John Preston Arthur:

Page 264 re: the first owners of the Cranberry, mentions "The forge-bounty
grant to these lands obtained by the Perkinses was sold by order of court for
partition at Morganton and bought in by William Dugger . . ."

There were three iron forges in Watauga County: Cranberry, Toe River and the
Johnson. "The first grew out of the discovery of the Cranberry metallic ore by
Joshua, Ben and Jake Perkins, of Tennessee, who in a rough play at a night feast
and frolic at Crab Orchard, Tenn., after a log-rolling, had attempted to remove
the new flax shirt and trousers from Wright Moreland, and had injured him
sufficiently to arouse his anger and cause him to take out a warrant for them.
They escaped to North Carolina, where they supported themselves by digging sang.
In search of this herb, they discovered the Cranberry ore, and having been
concerned in the Dugger forge on Watauga River four miles above Butler, Tenn.,
constructed a dam about half way between Elk Park and the Cranberry Company's
store, only nearer to the Boone road than to the present railroad."

This was about 1821 so these are also the sons of Jacob, b. l760, and Nancy Ann
Graves; Benjamin possibly being the grandson, son of Sarah. This would not be

Page 19 -

Also, Shepherd Dugger in a book published in l932, "The War Trails of the Blue
Ridge" reports that the Joshua who married Sally was a much younger Joshua,
having been an unmarried man in 1826 when the story began and later was the one
who married Sally, dtr. of Elick Baker of Tennessee. This Joshua is one and the
same Joshua Perkins who found the Cranberry Mine. Dugger states Joshua's
was called "Jake" which supports the history given above. "Jake" would be
"Jacob Perkins, son of Jacob, b. l760, m. Nancy Ann Graves". Dugger states this
Joshua (son of Joshua/Sally) has brothers and sisters: Manda, Dorcas, Henry,
Joseph, Tommy and an unnamed baby.

Joshua (Jacob) "Old Jock" Perkins, married Mary "Polly" Black

Children: 1) George, b. 1752, m. Keziah Manning - Their children: Stephen
m. Catherine Summa(?)
Anna m. Stephen Graves
This information is verified in a letter from Lea M. Farmer, 1618 Hood
St., Wichita, Ks
67203, a descendant of Stephen Perkins. Same letter
states Isaac, Lewis, Jacob & Benjamin were all brothers.

2 ) Lewis - because of the controversy over more than one Lewis, I shall
not endeavor to solve that puzzle here; however, I believe he can
be easily resolved by interested parties.

3) Isaac, b. 1765, m. Hannah Sweat and went to Louisiana

4) Mary (Polly)

5) JOSHUA, JR., b. 1759, m. Mary Mixon and went to Louisiana

6) Jacob, b. 1760, m. Nancy Ann Graves - Their children: Joseph ,
JOSHUA, Amos, Jacob, John, Esther, Kizziah, Lyda, Susanna, and
Sarah who died young, leaving William & Benjamin

Jacob's Son, JOSHUA, married Sally Baker - Their children: JOSHUA, Dorcas,
Manda, Thomas, Riley, Joseph M., & Martha

Jacob's Son, *JOSEPH, b. c1796 married 1) Elizabeth Kite c1821 2) Nancy
dtrs. of John & Nance Kite of Tennessee - It was at the Kite's log-
rolling that Joshua met Sally Baker. Their children:
Richard Graves (after his mother?) Perkins, Emmline,
Jordan C. (obviously a family name since my Joshua
also named his son Jordan), William, Jacob Franklin (my
Jordan named his son Jacob), George W., Nancy
Ellen, Alexander H. and James Overton., all born in Tenn.

*Some records show "Joshua" Perkins, b. l796, son of Jacob & Nancy, married
Elizabeth Kite, b. 1802. I do not believe he was "Joshua", rather more likely
to be Joseph. On many early censuses, the name JOSIAH was used. Many times
it revolved
into JOSEPH and other times into JOSHUA. It is my opinion that this is what
has happened in this case; however, I do not have the census and it
should be looked at.


Prepared April 17, 1997 Richard Perkins I >
Sandra M. Loridans Richard Perkins II > Richard
Perkins III
Joshua "Old Jock" Perkins,Sr

Richard Perkins I, a cooper (deed of 15 Dec. 1683) came to Maryland as an
indentured servant, transported to a plantation in MD., or possibly VA. By
1683, he was in Baltimore Co., MD., on Swan Creek, he was working for a man
named WILLIAM LOFTON as a surveyor of land. Later, Lofton deeded 100 acres
Richard I. Many researchers believe that Richard I came from Dover, England
but as of this date, there is no evidence that he came directly from Dover to
anywhere along the East coast. Note: there was a Richard from Dover who went to
*Barbados indentured for 7 years in 1654. If this is our Richard and he left
Barbados after his 7 years, that places him in Maryland about the time that many
researchers believe that he was born there. It is also possible that he was the
Richard PARKINS transported to Maryland c. 1674 (Patents Liber 15, f. 378). He
rec'd a patent for "Perkington" or "Parkinton" at the head of Musketa Creek, in
Spesutia Hundred (a tract later held by Thomas Edmonds). Cite: Md. Rent Rolls
& Skordas.

*"Bristol and America, 1654 to 1685, Vol. 1, 1654 to 1663", transcribed by R.
Hargraves-Mavdsley, pub. by Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore MD, lists
Richard Perkins under the "Servants to Foreign Plantations" with Barbadoes as
his destination.
About 1700, Richard Perkins owned 300 acres on the Susquehanna, near Lapidum
(Wright, Our Harford Heritage). In 1696, he administered the estate of Robert
Drisdale (Balt. Co. Inv. l:164, 286); and in June 1699, he was one of the
appraisers of the estate of Francis Chatham. In April 1704, Thomas GASH named
Perkins as one of his executors (Md. Cal. Wills, 3:41). Is this possibly
Thomas NASH? The Louisiana Nashes were close and intermarried with the

What we do know about Richard I, is that he was born c1663-1665, christened
Plymouth, England (?), married c1688 and died by April 16, 1706 when admn. bond
was posted by Mary Perkins, widow and administratrix, with WILLIAM PERKINS
JOHN MILLS, SR. as securities. On May 28, 1706 (D&bur: Administration &
Inventory Papers GSf 013603 p. 93, GSf 013654 & Balt. Co. Admin. Bonds 2:422)
his estate was inventoried by Thomas Brown & Henry Wright. His personal effects
included two feather beds, a bed and covering, a hand mill, two Bibles, a brass
kettle, 11 glass bottles, a flesh fork, two rasors, and other property, and came
to 67.14.6 pounds plus 5128 lbs. tobacco in debts. His estate was administered
by MARY, wife of JOHN BELCHER on 1 JULY 1708 and on 6 October 1709, she
administered the estate of THOMAS GASH.
Page 2 -

His father's name may have been Robert and his mother, Ann His wife's name was
MARY, b c1667 & died February 20, 1735. In 1706, she married JOHN BELCHER
(Balt. Co. Admin. Accts. 2:88, 93, 136.) In 1720 March Court, Mary Belcher pleas
for her son, Elisha. Mary & John Belcher may have had a daughter, Ruth Belcher
born 6 Otober 1706 (St. George's Parish Reg. 201, 214). There is also a
reference to Richard's wife being a daughter of George Utie (MD Calendar of
Wills - 206) and his children were:

RICHARD PERKINS II , b 9 Jul 1689 (St. George's Original Register, p. 2)
WILLIAM PERKINS, b 15 Mar 1692 (Ibid., p. 2)
m. ELIZABETH COTRELL, Bef. 1717 (Her father, John,
in his Will of 22 Jan 1721 named dau. & granddau., Mary)
MARY PERKINS, b 2 Apr 1695 (Ibid., p. 3)
m. JOHN HUCHISON, 6/27/1716
ELISHA PERKINS, SR., b 9 Jun 1697 (Ibid., p. 3)
m. MARGARET SHERRIL, 12/1/1718 (St. Geo. Reg.39)
SARAH PERKINS, b 15 Dec l699 - d 28 Dec 1699 (Ibid., p. 9)
MARTHA PERKINS, b. 31 March 1701 (Ibid., p. 12)

**All of these births are registered in St. George's Parish Registers;
Richard's b&m: Parish Reg GSf 014132; William , Par Reg GSf 014132; Mary, Par
Reg GSf 014132; Elisha, b&m - St. George's Parish Reg GSf 014132, d-probate -
will drawn 10 Sep 1741, proved 29 May 1742 Orange Co., Va, MD Historical Mag
Vol. 19, p. 359, 1924; Sarah, b-Par Reg GSf 014132; Martha, Par reg GSf 014132.

Comment: Richard I apparently died intestate as his wife was an
"administrator" rather than "executor" of his estate so there is no will naming
his children.

Note: The above mentioned William who was security in Richard I's probate
record could not have been his son WILLIAM who was born 1692 and would have
been only 14 years old in 1706. In 1721, a WILLIAM PERKINS was indicted for
neglecting to register his marriage or the birth of a child in St. George's
Parish (Balt. Co. Court Proc. IS #C, 445) and in 1750, William Perkins owned 121
acres, part Eightrupp (Balt. Co. Debt Book for 1750, p 50).

William & Elizabeth Cottrell Perkins children were: John, b 13 Feb. 1717; Mary,
b. 17 June 1720; Reuben, b 12 Feb 1721/2; Elizabeth b 30 Sept. 1726; Isabel, b
30 Oct 1728; Stephen John, b 9 Jan. 1730, d. 18 Feb. 1735; William, d. Sept.
1739; Rachel b 13 March 1735 and Margaret, b 14 Dec. 1739.

Elisha was also indicted in March, 1721 for neglecting to register his marriage
and the birth of a child. He was father of Elizabeth, b 18 Nov. 1719 (St. Geo.
Orig. Reg. 39); a child, born by March 1721 unregistered; and Elisha, born 31
Aug ?? (Ibid., 84).

Page 3 -

Mary Sherwill, wife of Richard I, is descended from *WILLIAM SHERWILL,
christened June 7, 1635 in Ermington, Devon, England, married Jan 11 1658/59 to
MARGERY UPRIGHT of Modbury, England; Margery was buried Nov 9 1693 in
Ermington, Devon, England? Children of William & Margery were:

Elizabeth, Chr. 30 Dec 1659, Ermington, Devon, England
Anna, Chr. 16 Apr 1661, Ermington, Devon, England
Elizabeth Sherwill, 12 Feb 1663/1664, Ermington, Devon, England
William Sherrill "Fur Trader",Chr. 17 Nov 1666, Devon, England
Adam Sherwill, Chr. 11 Dec 1672, Ermington, Devon, England
Dewence Sherwill, Chr. 2 Jul 1676, Ermington, Devon, England

*Mary cited her father, William Sherwill as the grandfather of her daughter.

WILLIAM SHERWILL's parents were ADAM & MARY SHERWILL of Ermington,
England. Their children were:

William Sherwill, Chr. 7 Jun 1635, Ermington, Devon, England
Honor Sherewill, Chr. 30 June 1639, Ermington, Devon, England
Mary Sherewell, Chr. 9 Jul 1643, Ermington, Devon, England
Page 4 -

Richard Perkins II was born 9 July 1689, St. George's Parish, Baltimore, MD;
Head of Musketa Creek (Md. Rent Rolls - Skordas); and gave his age as 55 in
March 1736. In March, 1721, he was indicted by the court for neglecting to
register the births of three of his children in St. George's Parish. (Balt. Co.
Court Proc., IS#C, p. 445). He possibly had two different wives; if so, his
first wife's name is unknown but it is believed he married MARY SHERWILL in
1712; Mary being the daughter of William Sherrill, the Conestoga fur trader.
They orginally settled in Baltimore Co. on 175 acres but he died in Rowan Co.,
NC prior to 5 August 1772. The following are his children but the order of
birth is questionable:

RICHARD PERKINS III b 18 Dec 1713 (No Parents Named St. Geo. Orig. Reg., p.
m. ELIZABETH McCUTCHEN( married 1/5/35)
WILLIAM PERKINS b c1715 m. SARAH (Unknown)
ISAAC PERKINS b. about 1717 m. MARGARET or MARY LEE(5/39)
JOHN PERKINS about 1720 m. possibly NANCY ROBINSON
or Mary Harris (1/13/45 or 46)
MOSES PERKINS b. about 1726 m. SABRETH (Unknown)
ADAM PERKINS b. before 1730 m. MARY WALTERS (5-23-1743)
AVERILLA PERKINS b. before 1730 m. WILLIAM SIMPSON(8-18-1742)
BENJAMIN PERKINS b. 06 Jan 1733 (St. Geo. Orig. Reg. 78)
MARY PERKINS b. 01 Dec 1739 (St. Geo. Transcript, p. 310)
*AVENTIN PERKINS b. 23 Mar 1742 (Ibid., 330)

*Potter, Dorothy Williams, Passports of Southeastern Pioneers,
1770-1823, Baltimore: Gateway Press, Inc., 1982. Index: PERKINS, AVERTON,
"Executive Department, Saturday 23rd April 1803 - on a recommendation of
respectable inhabitants of Lincoln Colunt ORDERED That a Pass port granting to
Averton Perkins and Jesse Perkins permission to travel through the Creek nation
be prepared which was present and signed [Note 134: Ga. Executive
Proceedings...," Nov., 1802-April 1805, p. 132; drawer 50, roll 45.]

I have placed these children in the order which I believe they were born. We
know Richard's birthdate (St. George's Parish Church Orig. Registers). I
believe William, Isaac & John were the 3 children for which Richard was cited by
the Court and I base this on the fact that they were old enough to be married by
1739. Also, Isaac was a Constable in 1754; Adam a Constable in 1757; Moses
was a Constable in Rowan in 1761 so all had to be over 21 and were probably
older. John Perkins purchased 200 acres in Craven Co. in the Welsh Tract on the
North side of the Pee Dee River on February 24 1745 and received a land grant on
May 19, 1761 so he also would have had to be over 21, and probably older. Isaac
Perkins rec'd a patent in 1738 for 200 acres and sold 200 acres in Craven Co. in
1752; he was taxable in Rowan in 1761 so he would have had to be over 21 at the
time of the 1738 transaction.
Page 5 -

This brings us to my 5th great-grandfather, JOSHUA "OLD JOCK" PERKINS, son
RICHARD III. There has been much confusion over the various "JOSHUA
found throughout the above referenced time periods. I have attempted to
identify all "JOSHUA"'s in an effort to correctly place them within their proper
family and generation. There were probably other JOSHUA's but I have used all
of them known to the various PERKINS researchers which will be acknowledged at
the end of this submittal.

ELISHA PERKINS, SR. named his son JOSHUA (b. 1728 in Va., m. Mary Sherrill,
died 1814 in Rutherford, Tennessee). It is believed that this is the FIRST
"JOSHUA" born into the PERKINS line.

JOSHUA "Old Jock" PERKINS, son of RICHARD II and husband of MARY BLACK,
is the
SECOND "JOSHUA" to appear in the PERKINS line. Although his exact birth date
is unknown, it is thought he was probably born in the mid-1730's because he was
still actively engaged as a overseer in Burke Co. when he was between 50 - 60
years of age.

(Note: Unless William, son of Richard II, also named a son JOSHUA, the above
two are the
only possible JOSHUAs from Richard II's generation. The other siblings were

The THIRD "JOSHUA" is my 4th great-grandfather and was born to "Old Jock" on
November, 1759 while they were living on the Little Pee Dee River in what is
today known as Marion Co., South Carolina.

The FOURTH "JOSHUA" born into the Perkins line is a grandson of Elisha
Perkins, Sr., son of his JOSHUA, and was born in 1765 in Rowan Co., N.C., served
in the Revolutionary War and died on the 13th of December 1795.

The FIFTH "JOSHUA" was born to JACOB, b. 1760 in S.C. (son of "Old
Jock") and his wife, NANCY ANN GRAVES. Their children are enumerated in
Will of March 22, 1819. This JOSHUA, b1796 was married to SALLY BAKER who
met c1826 (see "The War Trails of the Blue Ridge", by Shepherd M. Dugger,
published in 1932). Their children were: JOSHUA (the SIXTH), DORCAS, HENRY,

This JOSHUA has been the most controversial and confusing, other than "Old
Jock" himself. Primarily because he was shown in the HISTORY OF JOHNSON
TENNESSEE as a son, rather than a great-grandson of "Old Jock". This Joshua
discovered the Cranberry Iron Mine. Quoting from Dugger's book, "In the fall
of 1826, Joshua Perkins was scouting in North Carolina from a warrant in
Tennesee, and while digging ginseng for a livelihood, found the cranberry ore.
The land was entered February 9, 1827 by Perkins and his brothers.
Page 6 -
The "HISTORY OF WATAUGA COUNTY" gives a slightly different interpretation
why the Perkins boys were in North Carolina: "Joshua, Ben [grandson Benjamin L.
Perkins, b. 22 Mar 1812], and Jake [Jacob, son of Jacob, Sr.] of Tennessee, who
in a rough play at a night feast and frolic at Crab Orchard, Tenn., after a
log-rolling, had attempted to remove the new flax shirt and trousers from Wright
Moreland, and had injured him sufficiently to arouse his anger and cause him to
take out a warrant for them. They escaped to North Carolina, where they
supported themselves by digging sang. In search of this herb, they discovered
the Cranberry ore, and having been concerned in the Dugger forge on Watauge
River four miles above Butler, Tenn......"

Dugger further relates the story on pages 235-290 of how Jacob & Ann Graves
Perkinses son, JOSHUA, met his wife, SALLY BAKER, dtr. of Elick Baker, at a log
rolling at JOHN & NANCE KITE's house. Dugger refers to this Jacob's father as
"JOSH PERKINS" [substantiating the fact that "Old Jock" was actually a
rather than a JACOB as thought by some]. He states that JOSH lived on one of
the finest farms down where the Elk "flows into the Watauge" and further makes
reference to the fact that they were "dark-skinned and claimed to be of
Portuguese descent", p. 244. JOSHUA "Old Jock" PERKINS operated a ferry on
Roane's Creek and from court records, he did claim to be Portuguese. Having
been born c1732, he would certainly be too old to be the father of this Joshua
who married Sally Baker. This JOSHUA was the executor of his father, Jacob's,
1820 Estate. [emphasis added]

Note: Some researchers show the above JOSHUA as the husband of Elizabeth
It is my belief that it was JACOB, JR. or JOSEPH who married Elizabeth Kite. I
would appreciate feedback. Elizabeth Kite was probably the daughter of the
John & Nance Kite mentioned above. Their children were: Richard Graves
Perkins; Emmline; Jordan C.; William A.; Jacob Franklin., George W., Nancy
Ellen; Alexander H. and James Overton. COMMENTS INVITED!

There were other JOSHUAs in subsequent generations, namely:

1) Joshua Fry Perkins, b 18 July l844 in Monroe, Tenn., Married 27 Dec 1867 to
Highly (Unknown); died 3 March 1920. This was a son of Amos Perkins (son of
Jacob & Nancy Ann Graves, grandson of "Old Jock") and his wife, Nancy Pierce;
2) Joshua, son of Joshua & Sally Baker, was elected Constable in Tennessee.
It is this Joshua which precipitated the lawsuit wherein "Old Jock" is so well
3) Joshua, son of Jacob & Ann Graves, b. 1796, married Elizabeth Kite;
4) Joshua, son of William (Sarah's son, Old Jock's grandson) & Margaret
Clawson, b. 27 Jan 1854 in Missouri, d 3 Dec 1876, never married.

Page 7 -

b. c1732, husband of MARY BLACK

JOSHUA "OLD JOCK" PERKINS, SR. was born between 1732-1736, probably in St.
George's Parish, Baltimore, Maryland, to RICHARD PERKINS II and his wife,
SHERWILL. Richard II was cited by the Court for failing to register at least 3
of his oldest children and probably continued to ignore the responsibility to do
so as subsequent children were born. Richard's brothers, William & Elisha, were
also cited by St. George's Parish for failing to register his children. Perhaps
there was a strong personal reason for these three brothers to refuse to follow
the law. Although no record of JOSHUA's actual birth has been found, early
Perkins reseachers have continued to list him among Richard & Mary's children
and this appears to be the only Perkins family/generation in which he fits. His
later close proximity to other children of Richard & Mary, and other facts, I
believe provide the "preponderance of evidence" and most logical family unit
necessary to place JOSHUA within this family.

Margaret Hoffman's "Granville District of North Carolina 1748-1763", Vol. 3
lists the following PERKINS in Granville between those dates:

Charles, Elisha, Isaac, John, Joshua, Moses
Nicholas, Peter, Richard, Robert Beggam, Rueben, & William

It appears that the above named persons are children and grandchildren of
Richard II. Adam & Benjamin probably would not have been old enough to be heads
of households. Although Richard II's son, William, also had children named
John, Rueben & Richard, it is unlikely that he is the William listed due to the
fact that he is dead by 1760. It is also unlikely that the Joshua, John and
Elisha listed are the children of Elisha, Sr. because his son, Ute, is not
listed and he was between Joshua & John. Actually, there are only two
possibilities for the JOSHUA: 1) "Old Jock", b. 1730's; and 2) Joshua, b. 1728,
son of Elisha. Moses and Joshua are in Rowan Co. by 1761 and, in fact, a record
was found showing Joshua as a witness to a Samuel Brown, 1754, so many of the
grandchildren of Richard II would be too young to be one of those listed as
heads of households. (Note: Granville was formed in 1746 from Original Glasgow
& Edgecombe).

Supposedly, JOSHUA, SR. married MARY "POLLY" BLACK in Bladen County, NC
1753. He was possibly about 20 years old at the time and she supposedly was of
Scottish descent. No record of their marriage has been found in Bladen, but
other counties, i.e. Anson, Rowan & Burke were all carved out of Bladen
beginning in 1750 so the marriage could have actually taken place in one of
these counties. If they married c1753, they were probably in Craven Co., as per
the following:

Page 8 -

1752 - JOSHUA PERKINS sold 100 acres by deed proven in Craven County, NC
County Court Minutes IV:93). This land would have had to have been purchased or
inherited prior to 1752 and the person would have had to be 21 years of age
before he could sell. If our JOSHUA "OLD JOCK" PERKINS, SR. was born in the
late 1720's or early 1730's, he would have been old enough. In 1738, ISAAC
PERKINS received a patent for 200 acres and sold 200 acres in Craven County by
deed proven in Craven County Court on 15 May 1752 [Craven Co. Court Minutes,
IV:93]; he was also taxable in Rowan Co. (1761) at the same time as JOSHUA
PERKINS [Craven Co. Court Minutes, IV:93) and was granted 189 acres there on
west side of the Catawba River in 1762 (Granville District) with William
Sherrill as witness. JOHN PERKINS purchased 200 acres in Craven Co. in the Pee
Dee River area on February 24, 1745. It is well accepted that the aforesaid
ISAAC & JOHN were sons of Richard II. Why then would we not believe that the
JOSHUA was not also a son of Richard II, rather than their brother, ELISHA's
son, Joshua?

22 Mar 1752 - son, GEORGE PERKINS, born in Liberty Co., S.C. which became

1759 - JOSHUA PERKINS, JR. born on the Little Pee Dee River in what was known

1761 - JOSHUA PARKINS owned land in Bladen County before 20 October 1761.
the time, Bladen extended all the way down to the State Line between NC-SC and
would have included the Little Pee Dee River area.

The same year, 1761, JOSHUA was taxable in ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. (Rowan was
formed from Anson in 1753; Anson formed from Bladen in 1750). He witnessed a
patent there in St. Luke's Parish on 7 Jan 1761. I can also place MOSES, son of
RICHARD II and brother of JOSHUA in ROWAN CO. as a Constable this same
(Joshua Perkins, b. 1728, son of Elisha, Sr. can also be placed in Rowan in

1 Nov 1768 - JOSHUA "OLD JOCK" PERKINS purchased 125 acres in Bladen
on Wilkerson Swamp, a branch of the LITTLE PEE DEE RIVER (today Robeson Co.,
and sold this land on 26 April 1770 [Bladen Deeds 1738-79, pp 80-81] NOTE:
This NC county adjoins the SC county where our JOSHUA PERKINS, JR. said he
born on the Little Pee Dee River).

22 Dec 1769 - JOSHUA "OLD JOCK" PERKINS was granted 100 acres on
Page 9 -

26 April 1770 - JOSHUA "OLD JOCK" sold land that was part of a tract of 250
acres; the other half owned by ROBERT SWEAT in 1754, sold by Philip Chavis in
1768. (This is Robert Sweat, b1725, whose son, Ephraim Sweat, b 1754 in Burke
Co., died May 1830 in St. Landry Parish, La., married Olive Perkins b. 1764,
Burke or Craven Co. and died in Rapides Parish, La. Ephraim & Olive had sons,
Gideon "Gadi" b. 1782, N.C. and Ephraim, b. June 30, 1803, SC., died August 29,
1882, Rapides Parish, La.; Robert Sweat's dtr., Hannah m. Isaac Perkins, Sr.,
our Joshua's brother).

1780 - JOSHUA "OLD JOCK" PERKINS was granted land in Burke County [Burke
Land Records 1778, Vol. III, p. 19] but probably did not move there until 1785
(see below). This was the same land in Burke Co. which his son, JACOB PERKINS,
disposed of by his 22 March 1819 Johnson County, Tennessee Will.

1785 - JOSHUA "OLD JOCK" PERKINS moved back to North Carolina [T.A.R.
Papers, Tennessee State Library & Archives]. I believe Old Jock probably went
to Tennessee about 1778. This also strengthens the argument that he is the same
JOSHUA PERKINS, SR. found in Burke Co.

1787 - JOSHUA PERKINS, SR. found on Washington County, Tennessee Tax List
#196 - 1 white poll. On the same list is found JOSHUA PERKINS, JR. (#189 - 1
white poll); JACOB PERKINS (#174 -200 acres of land, 1 white poll); and GEORGE
PERKINS (#178 - 200 acres of land, 1 white poll). JOSHUA SR. was not on the
1788 Tax List but JOSHUA JR. was, along with GILBERT SWEAT.

1790 - JOSHUA PERKINS is found in the Second Military Company District
Burke Co.) Census with 3 white males of 16 yrs. & up, 3 free white males under
16 and 2 white females. He is next to WILLIAM PAIN.
1792 - St. of NC., Burke Co., January Session 1792 - "Grand Jurors: Elisha
PERKINS, Joshua PERKINS, ...." (It is not likely a father and son would be
permitted to serve on the same jury).

1793 - St. of NC., Burke Co., January Session 1793 ) - "Deed: From Joseph
Hartie to Absolum Penington, 100 acres, on the north side of the CatawbaRiver.
Proven by John PERKINS. Dated 17 August 1789."

1794 - St. of NC., Burke Co., "165: Covenant: .....I, Michael GRINDSTAFF,
Snr. of Burke Co. & State of North Carolina am held & firmly bond unto Joshua
PERKINS of Lincoln County, N.C. in the just sum of 500 pounds lawful money . .
. clear of all back encumberances to a plantation lying on the Catawba River
where the said GRINDSTAFF now lives within the year ....." THIS IS JOSHUA,
b1728, son of ELISHA PERKINS, JR.
Page 10 -

1795 - St. of NC., Burke Co., October Session 1795 - "JOSEPH PERKINS excused
from serving as Juror this Term."

"Jury impannelled (to wit): . . . JOSHUA PERKINS"

"319: Den & Dan BULLINGER vs Joshua PERKINS: Rule to take commission to
Creek Washington to William MORELAND and Edward SMITH, Esqr., record each

"321: Jean PERKINS, widow of Elisha PERKINS, came into open court and prays
letters of administrtion on the estate of her husband Elisha PERKINS, deceased,
which is granted. Offers Arther ERWIN and Jacob FORNEY, securities who are
approved of. Entered bond of L2,000. Said administratrix being also sworn."

1796 - "422: Deeds Recorded October Term 1796: Ordered by court that the
following be a jury of view & condemn 3,000 acres of land entered in Burke
County by Daniel BULLINGER as & entry taker certificate to that purpose of No
3,233, to wit, William SHERRELL, .....Jacob PAIN, Geo. PAIN...Joshua PERKINS,
SR. ...and report to our next county court."

"436: No. 27 ... Jury charged, to wit: .....4 Joseph PERKINS"

"437: Ordered that Joshua PERKINS, JR. oversee the Iredelle road from Upper
Little River to Silver Creek with the following hands, to wit, William PAIN,
Thomas PAIN, Joshua PERKINS, SR., ...."

"438: No. 34. KENEDY vs. WILLSON & McKinny: Jury charged, to-wit, 1 Joshua
PERKINS, 2 Joshua PERKINS ..."

1797 - "January Session, Burke Co., N.C. - Ordered by court that Joshua PERKINS
be appointed overseer to clear out the Catauba River from the mouth of Gun
Powder all such parts to the Iredell line as shall not be alloted to the county
of Lincoln to clear out three miles and that all the hands within three miles of
said river to work under him for that purpose who will volentirely enlist with
him & such hands shall be exempted from working on road and it is recommeded to
said overseer to open & take subscriptions in money or writing for the cleaning
said river."

"April Session, Burke Co., N.C. - No. 22. Stevens vs. Isom: Jury impannelled
...4 Joshua PERKINS, ..."

Page 11 -
"#462: Second Inventory of Elisha PERKINS estate returned into court & filed
being a ballance amt L11.12/. Acct filed."

1798 - "July Session, Burke Co., N.C. - No. 594: The court proceeds to appoint
guardean to the orphants of Elisha PERKINS, deceased, to wit: Alfred PERKINS,
John PERKINS, Elizabeth PERKINS and Matilda PERKINS and Polly PERKINS and
John H. STEVELIE be appointed. Ordered also that the sheriff proceed to summon
a jury to lay off the widow's right of dower who are James GREENLEE, William
ERWIN and Jacob FORNEY chosen by the guardean and administrator. W. W.
Securty L1000.0.0."
In a 1958 Tennessee trial in which OLD JOCK's grandson, JACOB F. PERKINS,
John R. White over Jacob's right to be an election official, we learn the
following facts which were testified to by 18 witnesses in the trial:

1) OLD JOCK and his family lived in Pee Dee, South Carolina;
2) He had children: GEORGE, JACOB, JOSHUA, ISAAC, LEWIS and POLLY.
3) OLD JOCK was tall, dark-skinned, mixed blood and looked half-white; many
considered him Portuguese since his hair was described as bushy or curly, not
kinky, resembling an Indian more than a "Negro".
4) He kept race horses and a ferry by Roan's Creek and associated with
"decent, respectable" white people like Landon Carter (Note: Landon Carter was
one of the largest land owners in Washington Co., Tenn.).
5) He married Mary (Polly) Black in 1753. She was fair-skinned and called a
Scotch woman.
6) He moved back to North Carolina in 1785:
7) Sometime after 1790, he moved back to Tennessee where he died on 10 April

Source: T.A.R. Nelson Papers, McClung Collection;
Tennessee State Library & Archives
(T.A.R. Nelson was the PERKINS' lawyer)

I have found little documentation of JOSHUA "OLD JOCK" PERKINS referring to
himself as PORTUGUESE; however, it seemed to be the general concensus of those
who testified in this trial that he was Portuguese, one woman referring to him
as a "yellow man"; another "mixed blood and not white" and another "dark skinned
man ... resembling an Indian more than a negro. He was generally called a
Portuguese". Another said "he was known of the Portuguese race". Only one
testified, he "...always claimed to be Portuguese. All married white women".

Page 12 -

The following JOSHUA PERKINS have been identified with the information I have
and are eliminated as being the JOSHUA PERKINS, SR. & JR. referred to above
the following reasons:

1) Joshua Perkins, b. 1728 in Va., m. Mary Sherrill, died 1814 in Rutherford,
Tennessee, son of Elisha Perkins, Sr. By 1794, he was living in Lincoln Co.,
N.C. and was specifically identified as such in the 1794 lawsuit mentioned

2) Joshua #1 above also had a son, Joshua, b. 1765 in Rowan Co., N.C., served
in the Revolutionary War and died on the 13th of December, 1795;

3) Joshua, b 1760 in South Carolina, son of Jacob & Nancy Ann Graves, grandson
of "Old Jock" was not born until about 1796. This is the Joshua who is the most
controversial because he was shown in the History of Johnson Co., Tennessee as a
son, rather than a grandson of "Old Jock". This is the same Joshua who
discovered the Cranberry Iron Mine.

4) Other identified Joshua's were too born too late to be the Joshua Sr. & Jr.
in Burke Co.

I, therefore, conclude that the referrals to the JOSHUA PERKINS SR. & JR.
be no other than JOSHUA "OLD JOCK" PERKINS, SR. and his son, JOSHUA
married MARY MIXON and went to Louisiana.
Apartado Postal 844
45900 Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico
May 1, 1998

Mrs. Kaye Hancock
1004 Maple Street
Ruston, Louisiana 71270

Dear Kaye:

Thank you for your letter of April 5th and the information you sent. My
condolences to your family in the loss of your aunt. I will try to answer your
letter in the same order as it was written so as not to overlook anything.

To begin with, you are correct about the date being the same as that found on
the tombstone in Boyce. At the time I submitted the papers to the First
Families of Tennessee, I was convinced that this was our ancestor. As you can
see, the date is consistent with the time he disappeared off of the Texas census
records and, we know, he is not buried next to Mary Jane (Polly) Maricle Perkins
in Trinity Co. Nor is there a wife buried next to the ole soul in Boyce. We
could also make an argument that if he died and was buried in Texas, Polly could
probably have been taken to his burial site to be interred next to him. I
suppose we will never know unless we find a likely gravesite in Texas. Would
you be interested in DNA testing of the remains in Boyce? I certainly would be
but I suppose it is too expensive for the two of us to try -- perhaps down the
line others would be interested in joining us in this endeavor.
Thank you for searching the newspaper obits. The process of elimination will
also be another way we can solve this problem. The Baptist Archives are not
going to give you much information. They really have very little on Reverend
Joseph Willis. I do not believe the churches that Rev. Willis started were
actually known as "Southern" Baptist churches. I believe they were more like
"Primitive" Baptist churches. They also failed to recognize many of the early
endeavors of these pioneers because they thought they were Negroes! It was in
the 1950's before the Louisiana Baptists placed a monument to my 4th g-gf, Rev.
Joseph Willis, recognizing him as the "First Protestant Minister West of the
Mississippi River". I thought it was interesting that the monument does not say
"First Baptist Minister...".

It would certainly be interesting to check all the records at the Courthouse.
Be sure to check for cattle brands, taxes, property into and out of the name of
Jacob or JOSIAH Perkins and probate records. I have run across the name both
ways and believe that this also contributed to the confusion between Old Jock's
name and his sons & grandsons. I wonder if it would also be wise to check in
Sabine Parish? If we could pin down the area in which Jacob & Polly lived in
before they went to Texas, this would perhaps give us an area where he more
likely returned to IF he left Polly in Texas.

Page 2 -

I was not surprised that the Wharton Co. Probate Index had no Perkins listed. I
found Mrs. Prouse's information of interest. There is no question that the
Perkins were cattlemen. I believe those persons she listed are:

1872 - J. L. Perkins is probably my grandfather, Jesse Perkins, although on
census it looks like "Jesse F." but it could be an "L";
Jacob Perkins is our great-great grandfather;
Josh Perkins is also the son of Jacob & Mary, known to my grandmother
as "Uncle Josh" and I believe remained unmarried and took care
of his mother after Jacob died or left. He was with her when she
went to Trinity Co.;

1873 - J. J. Perkins - I believe to be JACOB, our g-gf
Joshua Perkins - "Uncle Josh", son of Jacob
Isaac Perkins - also a son of Jacob
Charly Perkins - Unknown - maybe they called "Cato" Charly;
PERHAPS there was another child we don't know about -
This is a good clue to pursue

1874 - Mary Perkins - This is our great-grandmother, Mary Jane (Polly) Maricle
Perkins (dtr. SIMMEON MARICLE & MISSONIAH HIGHT); I found her cattle
brand in

1875 - Jesse Perkins - This is my grandfather. He is listed on census
records as a "cattle drover". He was born in 1853
so he would be about 22 at this time. He married Sarah(Sally) Butcher in
Wharton in 1874.
Mary Perkins - Our ggm
Isaac Perkins - Son of Jacob & Mary

All of the above fits with the censuses we have showing them in Bee/Houston
Co.'s in 1860 and by 1870 census in Wharton Co. We only know by the 1880 census
that Jacob has died or left Texas between 1870-1880; however, the above
information actually narrows that date down to 1873-74 !!! Ms. Prouse mentions
a "widow's pension". If Jacob fought in any of the wars which occurred during
his lifetime, this might bear checking some Texas records. I may have mentioned
that I found THREE Perkins listed among those who fought in the Texas
Revolution's Battle at Goliad but they all had initials and I could not identify
them (obviously none had "J"'s in the name). You might also want to check out
the Dykes (Dials) in this regard also. Jacob would have also lived during the
time of the Mexican War and this might be out best bet to see if we can find him
among the troops. It would certainly make sense that he would have
participated; however, I guess it was some of our Perkins who slipped off to
Coahuila. Looks like they sided with Santa Ana.
Page 3 -

When I was in Wharton, they had moved all of the old records down into a
basement. The only cattle brand that I could locate was that of Mary Perkins.
Actually, I believe there was only one book of cattle brands available?
However, they could have been out of place. This was probably the 1874 year
since I would have found the others if they had been in the same book. Write
to the Clerk of Court in Wharton to ask them to copy the brands?

Again, I say, what would be real important to us is to find WHERE the Perkins
owned their land. There could be a cemetery close by their land or ON their
former land. This is the way our "cousin" Pat Waak found her grandparents
grave (brother to our Jacob) in Refugio, Texas.

Something is bothering me about this "Charly Perkins".

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