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					?What will somebody do if empty cartridges run out of ink? While there are several
shops available where we can buy it but some stores offer cartridges in much valuable
discounted price. In market there are four types of discounted ink cartridges available,
the compatible cartridges, the original equipment manufacture or OEM cartridge,
remanufactured cartridge and the refilled ink cartridge.

The original equipment manufacturer cartridges, or OEM ink cartridges, are produced
by the companies who usually make the ink and cartridges of the big printer
manufacturers brand names. They are costly, but the performance is guaranteed to be
top of the line and obviously is of high quality. It is a good option also to purchase
OEM ink cartridges, as they are referred by the printer manufacturers because they
often cancel warranties once they find out you have been using other ink cartridges.
The OEM cartridges are produced by the companies who made ink and cartridges for
big printer manufactures brand name. They are costly but they outperforms

The compatible ink cartridge, as the name suggests, is the one most likely to be
compatible with a certain printer. They may not be of the same quality, but the
manufacturers of the compatible ink cartridge do attempt to reach the standard set by
the makers of the original printer/ink cartridges. They are manufactured mostly by
stationers, retail chain stores and companies that specialize in office and school
The remanufactured ink cartridges, or refurbished ink cartridges, are recycled
cartridges. The empty ink cartridges are cleaned and checked for spoiled parts. The
spoiled parts are then replaced, rebuilt and filled up with a toner. It is then tested,
sealed, and delivered to specialty stores. Since some parts are changed and are
replaced by new ones, the performance of the remanufactured ink cartridges is just
like the original.
And lastly, there are refilled ink cartridges. These are relatively cheaper, but there is
no guarantee about their performance. It is even risky to try using these, as they can
be harmful to your printer. You should only have your Ink Cartridges refilled by a
professional and, if possible, the one endorsed by your printer company.
The advantage of buying discount ink cartridges online is quality. You get top quality
100% compatible or remanufactured ink/toner cartridges built to the highest standards.
All compatible cartridges, remanufactured cartridges are backed by 90 day warranty
and 100% satisfaction guarantee
One can save even more on purchasing discount ink cartridges. There is wide
selection of compatible cartridges, OEM cartridges and refill kits are available for
selected printers.
Other advantages of buying discount ink cartridges online are that they offer an
excellent service like fast shipping and have much convenience. Free services are also
available in some places. Sometimes some stores provide additional savings with
coupon codes.