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									Nearsighted how to do?

I am a 17 year old high school student in the examination this year, with
outstanding results when tested into the City, focused on high school, my
ambition was admitted to a police academy but now my youthful eyes, with
children more than 200 degrees Autumn myopia is taking the taboo PTS words how
I respect talent to youthful myopia not it? who has experience tells me thank
you !!!

not the best answer



nearsightedness (myopia), also known as short-sighted eyes, because the eyes
can only look to the past can not see far. The eye at rest, infinitely far
away from the parallel light, Britain at the end of refractive eye refraction
system after synthesis in the retina of the set of the core, the retina is not
clear as to form. distance vision decreased, but the near vision is still all

Measures】 【admitted to

1. true myopia

⑴ lens correction in the glasses before starting the first light to find out
through the hard retinoscopy real degree of myopia. For young glasses numbness
in optometry under the ciliary muscle to control the regulation, the lifting
of pseudo-myopia. optician to take the same principle should allow short-
sighted vision correction to the lowest degree of the best vision lenses. are
generally lower than 6.00d of myopia, To fully correct and often wear; a high
degree of myopia, it is necessary simply to be suffering from a better vision
correction, but often can not tolerate, therefore, to lower their lenses
(typically between 1.00d ~ 3.00d), for able to link comfort and binocular

(2) corneal contact with the eyes wearing contact lenses can increase the
child perspective, better cosmetic results, but also make two anisometropia
was reduced to the to maintain binocular vision function. juvenile myopia,
contact lens can be used not only to increase visual acuity, the cornea can
also be extracted to prevent the continued development of myopia. but we must
pay attention to sanitation, maintenance and disinfection as required from
time to time change.

⑶ Telescope type eyes children or very high myopia macular degeneration, by
telescope type eyes children, often can read or do close work. The eyes of
children is 1.8 times the magnification level, it can be enhanced from 2% to
3.5% of the distance vision, Look up to enhance nearly 5 times. Since vision
is too small, so can not use the line of roads.

⑷ radial keratotomy beginning of this law by the Soviet scholars kranov (1970)
of trial. China is now many have been reported. The law of the cornea outside
the central 3 ~ 5mm between and limbus for 8 to 16 radial code word, code word
depth of 0.36 ~ 0.50mm. cut the corneal surface, the curvature of the cornea
flattened, and therefore reduce the degree of myopia. is generally believed
that myopia can be corrected 3.00d. As long-term effect of this Law is hard to
definitely, and select OK to strict indications and contraindications, and
possible complications with surgery. Therefore, generally hard to implement.

⑸ scleral shortening of this Law is the most common surgical treatment, by
suffering from the effects of living with high myopia, and has been widely

(6) corneal Consumer Law for the grinding operation with a special instrument
designed for from central corneal lamellar surgery cut off, remove the corneal
films by low temperature punishment renew, after the truck bed in a very fine
grinding to achieve the required refractive power after the gap back to the
original Department for correction of high myopia, but the operation is very
large, and there is a certain danger, it is difficult to promote.

2. pseudo myopia was admitted to pseudomyopia far as youthful looking, still
linked with a certain degree of regulation condition. In other words, this is
by watching the eye to see far into the past, the eyes adjust slowly to relax
refractive status, which extend along and near to see the degree of increased
regulation, with the view far and adjust the degree of relaxation slowed or
disappeared. So pseudomyopia with treatment (including rest) is gone, dead but
also relapse, various methods may have some effect, but not all effects are
lasting and unique place. Therefore, admitted to the following principles
should be based on merit selection. ① eye harmless, even if no long-term
application effect on visual development. ② because pseudomyopia free to
improve, so the methodology should be scientifically based and proven by an
objective method has relaxed regulatory role, just by visual acuity assessment
of efficacy is not living by the suffering. ③ light and easy, can be large

currently used methods:

⑴ trick ways to improve the visual excitement of the lower visual threshold:
such as qigong, cold bath, taking drugs and so excited. This will not only
improve distance vision therapy, visual acuity is reasonably should increase
as its not aspiring admitted to methods.

(2) Local Drug therapy: drugs such as atropine category, and its role in
regulating relaxation fast and obvious, is used to distinguish between true
and false myopia same method. But the drugs are bound to merge in recent
difficult to see and photophobia a side effect. was trying to use a lower
concentration so that it has a certain effect of relaxing regulation, without
side effects, but studies with the side effects of the disappearance of
confession, efficacy has also disappeared.

⑶ optics to adjust the trick to relax the instrument.

⑷ Psychology admitted to law: as the distance, fog, as the law and the
crystal exercises and so on. are far from objective should relax regulation of
the attraction as, in the near environment such as Late self study that there
is no way admitted to. Xu Guang first designed in 1983 as the eyes of
controlling pseudomyopia together, now replaced by xu-myopia prevention device.
it is in a 10 × 9 × 3cm3 of the cassette installed in the two groups
flashbulbs. there is a world of two lights in a group of far seeing eyes to
see what imaginary line, to mimic the role of distant targets, when the lights
shine in this group, the observation that the eye itself together like, the
eyes saw something imaginary line toward infinity, according to a combination
of regulation and collection of sports relations, collections dispersed a
small adjustment while Xing also come to relax. the other is like a single
light bulb in the center of the two together, as the eyes look almost the same
time the target . When the two classes alternately flashing light, the
observation of eyes that do not follow the lights and suddenly look far to see
nearly so muscular co try them both inside and outside eyes to achieve in the
near environment, governance and prevention of pseudomyopia the purpose of
true myopia.

value of the risk of mentioning that, at present the world face different
types of holes appeared in children admitted to short-sighted eyes. pinhole
mirror can be increased, as is well known. recent literature reports, such as
the pinhole diameter of 0.5mm, can be to a variety of refractive errors of
vision 5.0d links in 0.5. But the pinhole and thus only to increase as the
depth increased, as, no preventive effect on myopia. and then suffer, just a
lot of such lenses are open hole, the students wear eyes of children of this
class, with the observed changes in both eyes from seeing imaginary things are
constantly changing line spacing, even though more holes there is no way to
open links suffering from binocular vision. only effective primary eye or the
upper hand in the monovision eye, The other eye is suppressed condition. the
resulting non-primary visual disturbance, first and foremost, the child as a
teenager in a suppressed condition often causes of visual development to be
affected. so with children admitted to the eye holes Myopia is invalid and
harmful, not trial.

etiology】 【

causes myopia, previous years, a difference of opinion, but it boils down to
both internal and external factors, but almost, as outlined below:

1. internal

⑴ genetic nature: myopia have a certain genetic predisposition, has been
recognized for high myopia is even more so on. but most of myopia, this
tendency is not obvious. there are genetic factors, the sick early spring,
more than in 6.00d. but there are also a high degree of myopia, those with no
family history. a high degree of myopia is autosomal recessive, the general
myopia is multifactorial genetic disease.

2. external or environmental factors working in the deed books or other people
working closely , myopia are more young people will be more short-sighted
students, and from the fifth or sixth grade beginning, the prevalence rate
increased significantly. this sign, indicating the occurrence and development
of myopia and close working relationship was very close. especially young

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