Buying Christening And Baptism Gifts For Baby Boys

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					?Need advice for choosing the perfect baptism gift for a baby boy? Whether you've
been granted the honor of becoming the boy's godparent or are a close friend of the
family who will witness the special event, choosing the right baptism gift can be quite
difficult to do. Here are some recommendations:

1. Give a baptism gift that can be used on the day itself.

A great baptism gift for a baby boy would be his own christening gown. It's a
thoughtful gift, something even his parents will thank you for. Christening gowns
come in many styles, designs and colors, although the most common is white or pearl.
Simply find out the baby boy's size and choose his christening gown for him.

You can also give a tailored baby bonnet in Irish linen or silk or any fabric that will
look coordinated with the baby's christening gown. Most mothers appreciate having
their baby boy's head covered before and after the baptism and a nice bonnet will also
look quite adorable on the child.

2. Find a gift that will be appreciated long after the baptism.

One of the most common baptism gifts for babies regardless of gender is a
personalized Bible. However, personalized items can only be unique if no one else has
the same idea, so don't be surprised if you find two or three other personalized Bibles
side-by-side yours on the gift table during the reception.

Why not buy something that will commemorate the special occasion instead? A
hand-crafted baby plate, for example, is a lovely gift for a baby boy on his baptism.
You can choose a design you like and personalize it with your own unique sentiment
hand-painted and preserved on the plate. It's a long lasting gift that will serve as a
reminder of a special event for years to come.

Another thoughtful baptism gift for a baby boy is a frame that will hold his
christening certificate or baptismal photo. Choose sturdy frames in silver or other
metals to hold the memento safely. Sturdy frames are wonderful baptism gifts not
only because they can secure a treasured item but also because they offer
multi-purpose use.

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