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					Muscle strain treatment

Lumbar muscle strain treatment, I heard a muscle strain treatment, please ask
the effect of treatment for lumbar muscle strain?

muscle strain treatment instrument

psoas muscle effective treatment for a bad strain I do not know, but I could
recommend you Sato moxibustion, moxibustion for the treatment of lumbar muscle
strain Sato effect is very good.

Sato strong effect of moxibustion

useful for preservation of biological activity, and give full play, the effect
is a strong effect. heat distribution than strictly accurate, uniform, long-
term effectiveness of the same smooth, strong long-term.

Sato moxibustion rapid onset

3 minute rapid penetration of the cartilage end plate, 5 minutes directly to
lesions, 24-hour active ingredients can be absorbed fast organisms, nuclear
bone ablation outstanding, excluding nerve compression, and produce a large
number of disease-resistant factor.

Zuo Teng moxibustion effect is significant

useful in the treatment of various types of rheumatoid bone disease rate of
95.8%, patients 7-10 days after the general sense of pain and numbness on the
more the slow, gradually eliminate the symptoms of a course, 3 courses can be
rehabilitation, does not rebound, do not relapse!

Sato moxibustion efficient and safe

Sato moxibustion is the use of high-tech tools from a variety of medicinal and
edible plant extracts from cutting-edge products of biotechnology , self-
heating, precision components, biological activity and high thermal efficiency
target, through the epidermis, directly to lesions.

intimate reminder:

lower back pain in the lumbar muscle strain After the relief of symptoms
should be actively strengthen back muscles exercise, adjust the pace of the
work of a living, strengthening the lower back health and prevent the waist by
the cold, trauma, fatigue and other adverse factors to stimulate, it should be
relatively hard to sleep hard Banchuang or Simmons mattress, stop Soft sleep
sofa bed or camp, after waking up to the waist to do some proper exercise.
Otherwise, the symptoms of chronic lumbar muscle strain may be very easy to
repeated outbreaks.