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					^! Folk wisdom of cholecystitis treatment prescriptions what?

~ Plain near the spread between what cholecystitis treatment recipe?

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plain near the spread between the treatment of cholecystitis prescriptions are:

鈼?First, 500 grams of Salvia, turmeric 250 grams, 100 grams of capillaries,
one kilogram of honey, rice wine taste. the sage root, turmeric, capillaries
into a large casserole, add cold water for two hours after the first of fire
boiling, add rice wine 2 spoons, fried slow low heat for an hour, a big bowl
of liquid about the rest later, filter succeed juice, plus water San Taiwan,
fried two juice, big bowl of liquid about the rest of the time , filtered,
debris, will be the first juice, two juice, honey, mix together into Wanpen
inside, Wanpen stamping stir, and steam for two hours, remove from heat,
cooling, bottling, caps. daily twice, each 1 to 2 spoons boiled water after a
meal, three months for two courses. This side gallbladder fever, good down
gall fire, and can slow qi, meridians, in addition to heat, dryness, combined
for bile duct obstruction, gall bladder pain, gall Huo-wang, who have markedly

鈼?II, 100 grams of fresh small straw (to take the spring has been filling,
yet mature wheat), a little sugar. straw boil about half an hour, add sugar to
make sweet tea on behalf of, each half a small bowl, three times a day.

鈼?three clear 銆恇 ile _ _ _ Strong _ magnetic stickers 銆?The pangolins,
Curcuma, Soap thorns, Toosendan, Xiong Qiong, woody, borneol, far infrared
ceramic powder, such as raw material NdFeB to extract super-active enzymes
RONGSHI stone into soluble salts, side of the border row, from big to small
from small to none, melting into the fine layers of mud-like, complete
excretion in vitro in RONGSHI, row of stone at the same time, expansion of
bile duct, and promote excretion of bile, anti-inflammatory analgesic effect
of cholecystitis significant.

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official website”

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