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Baby allergy zinc calcium problem_44157


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									Baby allergy zinc calcium problem

Condition description (onset time, major symptoms):

child is now 17 months, due to eczema, allergies, there are many tools can not
eat, want to give zinc and calcium, the former times bought two zinc eat
together, and three fine zinc, and this time bought two boxes of zinc, calcium
and another two boxes of three fine and asked the pharmacy, saying zinc in the
morning to drink at night calcium drink, so to receive the child seems very
easy to get angry, stool very end, I bought a point of probiotics, zinc and
calcium so it possible to eat, then eat probiotics okay,

environment and whether there was allergy treatment, genetic history:

allergy, milk, eggs, wheat allergy,

no best answers

atopic eczema is one of the most stubborn skin diseases, the disease causes
very large, as with the traditional control method of treatment, such as
hormones, anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory drugs therapy, and sometimes see
the light, but after a period of illness and will increase, so repeatedly form
a vicious circle. body skin more sensitive to children groups, baby allergy
have skin allergies signs of childhood, parents should be given as soon as
possible desensitization therapy, allergy completely changed in order to avoid
the baby later in life a major impact.

can if the baby is allergic to the proposed 3-year-old baby to eat before the
confrontation between the probiotics can ease the signs of the child

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