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					Ask for help, children with eczema, allergies!

Patient information: Male 1 year old Chengde, Hebei

description of the disease (onset time, major symptoms):

patients, male, 15 months, has had eczema when good times and bad, and bovine
milk and fresh milk. The condition: March 12, am shaking arms to the adult bar,
towards the morning start, interrupt fever, 38.5 degrees and cough, afternoon
fever of 39.7 degrees around five to Hospital diagnosed as: bacteria and
throat sexy take a small bubble, open drug: anti-viral oral solution, cefixime,
ammonium bromide Castro and Tim Qianbuluofen oral suspension, effect: fever
brought the matter, cough a powerful and phlegm; 14 March, the city hospital
diagnosed as: bronchitis; 16 March, Foreign Minister of the body except the
head many red points, Affiliated Hospital diagnosed as eczema, prescribing
drugs: Silicon cream (day) topical , allantoin (night use), severe itching of
oral cetirizine hydrochloride taffy; March 18, brought the matter to the body
of the eczema, but many face appeared to the eye around the nostril, the right
heavier face down position, or even swollen eyes, heavy Affiliated Hospital
diagnosed as eczema, and check some of the allergens (for hospitals are
limited), prescribing: from with erythromycin (external face), fusidic acid
cream (during the day, physical, topical), budesonide cream (night, body,
external); March 21, better face, ears, small children, the total torsion;
March 23, check back allergic Results: (see Figure)

how to suffer to help:

1, would like to ask an expert examination of my child after the allergen,
usually should pay attention to what?

Second, the ears of the red knot is eczema?

3, milk, beef, mutton is her inability to eat less, but the children were
small also suffer from milk, cow milk type drink good? desensitizing cow milk,
soy milk? food ate? should pay attention to?

was admitted to the environment and whether there are allergies, genetic

eczema than children face at the moment Right below and to the ears, ears a
bit, but have been better. from birth on and off of the eczema, there is no
genetic history.
no best answers

my children have milk allergy, our measures are: milk (cow