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					Truth Travels (featuring Thi'sl)

Written by: Marcus T. W. Gray and Travis Tyler
Produced by: DJ Official
Performed by: FLAME and Thi'sl

Hook: Dawg the truth a travel/ when we spit get a grip like
boots and gravel/ we bout to take it to the streets and
scream from the roof tops/ from the hood to the burbs to
booth to the boondocks (2x)
Verse 1 (FLAME): A yo The-I, I see our generation is
sick like Mardi Gras and we don't live in New Orleans/ real
like '95 when bloods and crips was bangin'/ when my homie
said "FLAME forget school I'm slangin'"/ Thi'sl: They skip
school they bangin'/ roc choppin' and slangin'/ posted up
they hangin'/ till he hit wit a banga/ FLAME: Now he's
covered in blood but not the blood of Christ/ his ice is
bloody/ and not even his diamonds shine/ Thi'sl: His soul
lifted/ the sad part he wasn't gifted/ with the gift of
through Christ we're given/ FLAME: STOP! Better yet go
straight to the cross/ the cross of Christ who came just to
quicken the lost/ listen Thi'sl: The word says He's the
of the quick and the dead/ the healing hands that restores
us we sick in the head/ FLAME: Bless the one that bled/
when our hearts were hard/ he called us forth/ and visit
spiritual grave yard/ Father
Verse 2 (FLAME): We're the Christians that witness out on
the front line/ and if we losin' our breath its not from
from one time/ its from grindin' shinin' and spitin' bars
truth/ exhaustin' our whole heart to school yards of youth/
feel like I'm fastin' cuz dirty I ain't ate in a while/ we
preachin' while heathens are fakin' a smile/ they not happy
knowin' your daddy is locked up/ he snorted so much coke
his nose is stopped up/ ya mommy got knocked up/ ya
homie got chopped up/ yet he still poppin' them rocs and
you throwin' you block up/ We spit Jesus dirty for more
reasons than one/ cuz time is leakin' even more of a reason
to run/ call me FLAME cuz my temperature's 209/ I feel the
fire preachin' Jesus before we run outta time/ it's one
one hope one life for real/ and since we all gotta die hope
die in the field
Verse 3 (Thi'sl): No doubt fam where I stand with the team/
I'm a runnin' back the head coach Christ the King John 1
shows us how Christ esteems/ we champions now through
Him despite the ring/ like Aragon He comin' back like
"Return of the King"/ like Sam I'm walkin' with FLAME to
carry the ring/ opposin' squad hate to come through and
bury your dreams/ but like John man my eyes have seen
some scarier things/ but we take it to the streets because
they need the truth/ break bread and fellowship and go and
feed the truth/ drop seeds and intercede that they heed the
truth/ edify and strengthen them so they don't leave the
truth/ FLAME fam I'd bleed for you/ but that goes without
sayin' cause I know Christ He breathes through you/ no
doubt what we came to do/ what we about to do/ hit the roof
tops and shout the truth
God Man

Written by: Marcus T. W. Gray
Produced by: J.R. for So Hot Productions
Performed by: FLAME

Verse 1: You say you would die for your block/ and you
would die for your dawgs/ but would you get on the cross
and then die for us all/ I can hear Him cryin' "Let this
pass from Me"/ yet some sin against Holy Ghost which is
blasphemy/ now picture pain the worst on earth ever
existed/ experienced the mischief/ endureth the
He died although 40 percent wouldn't believe/ see He died
although 10 percent wouldn't receive/ see He died
although 20 percent wouldn't understand/ and only 30
percent reverenced Him as the Son of Man/ now knowin'
this He still said "Nevertheless, not My will but let Yours
done"/ 33 years of pain, sufferin' and sorrow/ rejection,
ridicule in a tomb that was borrowed/ foxes have holes,
birds have nest/ but even the Son of Man didn't have a
place to rest

Hook: They forget You're the Godman/ Your Word says You
were tempted on every hand/ yet they promise up and
down that you don't understand/ could it be an excuse to
continue in sin/ could it be in their greed that they want
more/ as if dyin' on the cross wasn't enough for them/
pretend and defend like it's the last rhyme/ this is what I
would say to persuade minds/ listen

Verse 2: The first Adam straight died with his bride/ and
second Adam straight died for His bride/ and we have a
high priest who can really sympathize/ with our
weaknesses and see the lies/ and the disguise in us lived
in Nazareth that's similar to our urban streets/ til He was
and rejected by His town peeps/ know what it's like to be
shun, hung, spit upon/ and still be the Son and one with
Father/ feel the agony of the main people hatin' on you/
ones that read about you and suppose to be waitin' on you/
know what it's like to be dogged out/ but gotta fight cause
you called out/ plus in the garden of Gethsemane/ He made
the choice to surrender to His enemies/ know what it's like
to walk the earth and get no love/ treated so cold like
hands and ice with no gloves
Verse 3: No tongue should ever speak He don't know
strugglin'/ heartache, heart break and sufferin'/ spit on,
whipped on, and thrown down/ a prophet without honor in
His hometown own town/ we waitin' to see the
spectacular and miraculous/ He cracked the grave and
resurrected the miraculous/ showed His love and died for
us while we were yet sinners/ you're either generation X or
blessed winners/ took many lashes and then shed blood/
cried and sweat blood/ God, now that's love that's love/
what more can He do than He's already done/ than to love
the world so much that He sent His only begotten son/
what more can He do to say that He loves your life/ than to
wrap in human flesh and become the Christ
Life in Christ
Written by: Marcus T. W. Gray
Produced by: J.R. for So Hot Productions
Performed by: FLAME

Verse 1: She's always dancin' like every little chance she
gets/ and little man can't wait to get his hands on the
they don't understand life nor the issue of sin/ but they
know the article and the issue that 50 was in/ you should
hear them spit little man is always tryin' to battle rap/
like follow me to the scriptures see where the battle's at/
but you can't you're watching College Hill/ I guess you
drop your cup and let the knowledge spill/ I'm lookin' for
the convicted to see who's new on the team/ and tired of
doing what they do on the screen/ in other words, tryin' to
see the ones that Jesus drafted/ no matter what round pick
you were still engrafted/ you ain't gotta walk miles for
cheesecake to be down with the squad/ faith through
grace will get you signed with God/ so let Him hear you
say/ "I wanna be like Christ" He'll change the person's
after hearin' the sinner pray
Verse 2: Look at baby girl is cute as a baby doll/ it's
hard to
reach her cause she's tuned into cable now/ she's
watchin' videos starin' at all of the boys/ she's a sinner
doesn't know about Jesus' joy/ yet she knows about the
clothes and the latest fashion/ she should be on MTV news
with the latest action/ about what's goin' on lately in the
industry/ but she's clueless about Jesus' ministry/ she
doesn't know her and God are still enemies/ separated by
nature now there's enmity/ she's so silly you should see
her dance/ only thing that I'm prayin' is that she sees her

chance/ to meet the One with the world in His hands/
personally as
her Savior and start takin' a stand/ begin to advance and
chasin' a man/ I wanna be like Christ is what the Father is
waitin' to hear the young lady sayin'
Verse 3: You can't claim to be a Laker rockin' white and
see those are Rockets we headed with the righteous dead/
that's a category mistake like a solo group/ you can't take
the grave those Manolo boots/ advice to you look to His
life and
the blood that He shed/ the sin price cost Him more than an
and a leg/ and we ain't preachin' wrap it up/ you wouldn't
have to
deliver if you put the package up/ get it? Everybody is
lookin' for
somethin' to be like/ but other somethings are nothing
unless it be
Christ/ the Bible instructs us we sinners and can't see
light/ our
direction is left and sinners can't see right/ I can't wait
til we finish
and get to see Christ/ Mike is retired seek the Messiah I
be like Christ/ that's the only person God wants us to be
Open My Heart (featuring J.R.)
Written by: Marcus T.W. Gray and Courtney Peebles
Performed by: FLAME & J.R.
Produced by: J.R. for So Hot Productions

Song Intro: I guess we all hurt sometimes/ so I find myself
takin' it one day at a time ya' know/ Cause' ain't nothin'
easy about this life here/ I must seek my Source/ One day
at a time y'all

Verse 1: Nothing in this world will ever be peaches and
cream/ That's just in everyday living not mentioning
spiritual things/ I get sick and tired of hard times/ It's
to renew my mind/ Hard to put the past behind when ya'
feelin' blind/ I grew up seeing the same ol' murdas/ Same
ol' thugs in the same ol' swervas/ Sometimes I was afraid
to walk through the 'hood/ I know we say it but ain't all
good I'm keeping it real/ My daddy came home he was
robbed/ Mom on disability and daddy lost his job/ So where
that leave me at?/ I go to school wit dirty shoes and wack
ball caps/ I'm in the hall catchin' all laughs/ I'm tryin'
stay focused 'cause this locust is real/ Went to kick it
my homie got killed/ I'm under all pressure/ The Lord
blessed a young ghetto child like Flame/ I'm still living
through the sufferin' and pain

Hook: Lord   I know that you already love me/ And you want
me to walk   by my faith/ But it's hard for me to see you
there's no   good around/ So I need you to open my heart so
I can love   you more/ (While I'm livin' I'mma give you my

Verse 2: It kinda makes me laugh cause it's been a long
time comin'/ Messed up so many times but yet I'm still
growin'/ See it hurt when my grandmother died/ I'm in the
hospital room over her bed lookin' her in the eyes/ She
always said go to church and serve the Lord/ And put Him
first over everything especially money and cars/ She had a
major impact on who I am now/ Bowin' down worshipin'
and sending praises up loud/ But yet she's gone and the
same bad things are going on/ It's hard for lil' Flame to
strong but yet I hold on/ Life is so short we only passing
through/ Able to catch you a laugh or two/ I seen a lady
last week gettin' beat down/ And thirteen year old girls
gettin' freaked down/ Now you can tell we in the last days/
The world has turned away from God now we livin' in our
own ways/ Since I have been saved the death angel has
passed over/ My down was covered by the blood straight
from Jehovah/ See I'm grateful/ For the way of escape
from bein' hateful/ The dollar doesn't make you/ Power
doesn't make you/ I have seen it all nothin' new under the
sun/ He made a way out so I had to run/ I'm tired of
poverty/Ghetto areas and trife livin'/ I'm tryin to elevate
Christ livin/ His righteous life we livin' come on
Hook (2x)
Verse 3: Who else can fill the void straight from all the
that I lost/ Except the One who shed all his blood at the
cross/ I didn't ask to be born into this world at all/ But
through God's grace I was created to praise God/ But it
gets really hard/ I was born right into sin/ I was headed
hell before my life even began/But since I'm here now
through Christ I'll make the best of it/ I trust God so
I'll let
him do the rest/How else could I have peace in this life of
crime/ How else could I have peace when the battle's in
my mind/ How else could I have peace with a broken heart/
I wish it was the end like Noah's ark/ It'll be all over/
more pain no more sufferin'/ No more games no more
thuggin' no more hustlin'/ I praise God for eternal life
Mediator/ Who gave the ultimate sacrifice/ And we call
him Jesus Christ!
Hook: (While I'm livin' I'mma give you my all) (7x) I want
love you Jesus/ I want to love you love you/ I want to know
you yeah yeah yeah/ Ooh Jesus/ I want to know you know
you/ So will you open my heart so I can love you/ More
(2x)/ Said I wanna be more like you yes/ Said I wanna know
how you talked and how you walked/ Step by step I'll get
there/ If you just hold my hand/ And show me the way (2x)
How Long
Written by: Marcus T.W. Gray
Produced by: J.R. for So Hot Productions
Performed by: FLAME

Verse 1: I question myself yo' Flame
why are you tryin'/ to live without the
Lion of Judah inside you are dyin'/
Not communin' with the God of
Mount Zion/ Can't you see you're
denyin'/ the very God they can't
break down to a science/ I know
you're young and you see some
things that you think you are missin'/
Man you trippin' you're missin'
nothin' get back on your mission/ you
followed the flesh next you would
wallow in mess/ don't let thinkin' bout
sex throw you back like a you're
Mitchell and Ness/ don't get weary in
your well-doin'/ you were doin' well
until you let your well ruin and run dry/
tryin' to fulfill them selfish ambitions/ making sinful
decisions without repentance leaves only contention/
don't forget you're a professin' Christian/ them lyrics
you've written they don't mean nothin' unless they match
your livin'/ no one ever received elevation dibblin' and
dabblin' and rappin' with procrastination

Hook: How long has it been since we've communicated/ oh
Lord I'm tired of sin it keeps me humiliated/ so much sin
the world we in and I've been regenerated/ oh Lord I need
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus oh, how long has it been?

Verse 2: I haven't been girded with the full armor/ I've
deserted your Word it turned to nervousness and then full
drama/ it's better for me to have never known/ than to
know the truth and turn back to what is wrong/ that's like
spewin' from my own stomach/ then turnin' around and
eatin' my own vomit/ when I've been made clean and I
don't mean Comet/ Lord break me abase me make me face
holiness/ shake me shape me make me face loneliness/
redeem me rescue this vessel press through/ so much just
to get next to you it's stressful/ it helps to confess my
it's just to bless you/ disconnected I need to connect to
you/ where can I go to escape from your presence/ you're
omnipresent you're present in hell and present in heaven/
plus I'm weary and wounded/ my theory's consumed in/
iniquity's union my history is sick with influence


Verse 3: Lord let these broken bones rejoice in a song/
givin' you glory until I get home/ never takin' my freedom
and overthrow your authority on the throne/ livin' it holy
until I get home/ desperate measures will I take from now
on to stay away from what I'm knowin' is wrong/ selfcontrol
because my suffering is long/ no more will I ignore
the fact that it's on/ prayin' until you come back for your
own/ I'm fearfully and I'm wonderfully made/ elected and
affected by your irresistible grace/ and Lord that means
something/ take my heart and then clean something/ make
me mature and help me endure please/ deliver me from the
guilt and the filth/ find me on my knees/ knelt down about
to put my face to the ground/ when I start renewin' my
mind it'll lessen the times I have to sing
Hook (2x)
Written by: Marcus T.W. Gray
Produced by: J.R. for So Hot Productions
Performed by: FLAME

Verse 1: In the world system we all need money now that's
a given/ for many reasons cribs to live in that's a given/
what is makin' me sick is the greed/ how we have
confused the two of which is a desperate need/ you've got
Jesus on the right side money on the left side/ check the
steps that lead up to who is God in their lives/ cats is
thrivin' to get rich/ the entertainment industry is a quick
and I ain't sayin' there's somethin' wrong with aspirations
and dreams/ but have you checked lately the aspirations of
teens/ you got many youth that sell drugs for the love of
money/ even internet scandals for the love of money/ even
basketball handles for the love of money/ pure passion is
clashin' with the love of money/ to be a doctor is what
went to school for / to learn what to do/ but the surgery
so expensive ask John Q.

Hook: If you insecure poor you gone be insecure rich/ if
you smoke weed poor you gone smoke weed rich/ if you
smack cats shot cats got flaps did it all poor you gone
smack shoot flap all rich

Verse 2: I know you sick of bein' second like the B letter/
you think when you get cheddar your situation will be
better/ there's a great percentage of people that are truly
convinced/ all they need more of in life is dollars and
cents/ money can't fix all your problems dawg I see how
you strive/ you spend all of your energy and all of your
time/ since I love you dawg it's not worth it/ ask a rapper
with a Benz is his life perfect/ ask a married man that's
is his wife perfect/ ask a pastor that's prosperous is his
church perfect/ not at all so either way dawg we all still
feel pain/ and either way without Jesus you gone still meet
flame/ if not the hell fire then you might meet me/ to hear
these words that you might just see/ your opportunity to
follow Jesus/ guaranteed rich people can't pay enough to
succeed Jesus/


Verse 3: Bein' a millionaire is just as common as bein' hot
in the summer/ so many now playin' lottery numbers/ I tell
God yo' we gotta be dumber and dumber/ like Jim Carrey
and ol' boy in that funny movie/ like if we gain every
that has ever been printed/ and live a life without Jesus
and have never repented/ that we gon' gain enough to pay
for sin/ slip the gatekeeper a couple of tens/ to open the
gates and let us in/ for the love of money is the root of
evil/ this greed grows roots in people and then produces
evil/ especially dishonest money, it takes on wings as
eagles/ so if the state don't take your property like
Sigel/ remember Jesus sees you can't serve both God and
money/ even if you goin' yummy cause you money hungry/
please remember this while you out there chasin' cheddar/
money don't make you better

Hook (2x)
Ladies (featuring Da' TRUTH)
Written by: Marcus T.W. Gray and Emanuel Lambert Jr
Produced by: Official
Performed by: FLAME and Da T.R.U.T.H.

Verse 1: Back then if I was a Jew the life that I led would
not be common/ I would be in prayer shawls anticipatin'
His comin'/ between 1 and 30 A.D. I'd be under the
Romans/ thankin' Yaweh that I'm not a slave, Gentile, or
woman/ now don't get it twisted a woman had to be
honored/ if you came from out of her womb you had to
obey your momma/ for the fact that she was a woman
wasn't the problem/ it's because she was forbidden to
publicly read the Talmud/ plus only allowed to be either in
the balcony or on the floor divided to avoid problems/ and
forbade to pray out loud/ when it came to religious life
women it was grey outside/ till Christ came in the picture
switched up some customs/ now these same women are
providin' Jesus with substance/ leavin' Jewish men
grieved/ they ain't agree/ cause out of these women's
means they ministered to their needs
Verse 2: Look at Jesus maneuva in spite of the culture/
taken ladies and shapin' em makin' em soldiers/ peep this
type of behavior was taboo/ Jesus seen with Joanna (Luke
8:13) would make Him a bad Jew/ but Jesus called some of
the grimiest women/ like prostitutes even some of the
slimiest women/ in hot pursuit/ women are weak is not the
truth/ and just to prove this point ladies I got the proof/
wouldn't be a Timothy without Timothy's moms/ Eunice
speakin' to Tim in them spiritual psalms/ the way women
were treated then these are similar times/ but yet the men
of God recognize ya strength/ who were the first witnesses
of the empty tomb/ who birth Jesus being a virgin Holy
Spirit consumed/ who stood for God way back in them
Exodus times/ and wouldn't even let em kill they son
(Exodus 1:16)

Hook: Jesus did walk with women in a special way/ this
was odd for men in the first century/ Look at God callin'
women to the ministry/ Jesus did walk with the ladies

Verse 3: (Da T.R.U.T.H.): Just think about this/ you're
real fit in Abercrombie and Fitch/ and when you in the mall
thinkin' about how to catch fish/ imagine you in Von Dutch
on a date/ no lust in the place/ dude got a crush cause how
you hustle your faith/ you ain't tryin' be tuck at the
cause you spend more time in the presence of God than
adjustin' your face/ listen let me cut to chase/ and
encourage the beauty of holiness you should just want to
be chased/ (FLAME): Ladies we know it's real and it gets
hard sometimes/ especially with the pressure of being
flawless now/ you can't do enough crunches to be the
perfect woman/ God ain't lookin' for perfect size but a
worshippin' woman/ ok you gain weight maybe had an
abortion/ made a mistake had a divorce and/ it still ain't
over Jesus forgives this is the gospel/ so don't let that stuff stop you
New Flash
Written by: Marcus T. W. Gray
Produced by: Million Tracks
Performed by: FLAME

Verse 1: This is a pop pill culture we willin' to try it/
anything from implantin' plastic to the Atkin's diet/ we
gone flap 'til we die like a fish from water/ she's lost in
sin that's why you missin' your daughter/ This ain't VH1
here's a fabulous life/ with them spikes in the whip
them stabbin' the Christ/ in a very vivid way I can
the night that's why I'm sparkin' the flames in the dark to
flashin' the light/ I must admit there are some ones that
wanna be changed/ but they're the ones callin' MTV so
they can be made/ but we're the ones callin' Jesus so they
can be saved/ Saved from what? Sins penalty, the wrath
and the grave/ we're so afraid to rep Christ we're so
embarrassed/ Jesus is God and He took many lashes/ With
a legion of angels could have beat the masses/ so the least
I can do is speak the truth in these glasses

Hook: News flash homie dawg I'm droppin' the dime/ News
flash homie I'm speakin' Jesus' mind/ News flash homie I
must mention the crime/ I bring the bad news and the good
news all at the same time (2x)

Verse 2: You can tell the size of a ship by the waves it
leaves/ now who's name has been made into a figure of
speech/ now who's death started over the beginning of
time/ A.C. actually in the beginning was God/ and when it's
all said and died in the ending is God/ since we sinners we
need repentance we're defensive to God/ listen here's a
sample but I'm not just blaze/ we just blaze for Christ not
just on stage/ walk with us Jesus but not Kanye's/ the One
that laid in the grave and raised in three days/ listen the
term Christian dawg you might not like/ but it's the
definition that's in it and it is Christlike/ so there it
is we'd rather hear the
cherubim's wings flap/ then some of these raps being
rapped/ just
like your rims still spin even after your car stops/ then
where will
you spend eternity after your heart stops


Verse 3: These are God's words consider me doin' the ad
libs/ tryin' to get behind your stomach just to see where
your abs is/ in other words tryin' to see who your dad is/
it's the inner darkness in your heart like Knight like
Are you posted on them blocks like them St. Louis cabs is/
are you starin' at them rappers and you wishin' you had
his/ cribs, and money and women and fashion/ did you see
that Source cover and read it with sadness/ those same
rappers that were drawn like magnets/ to chasin' that stuff
the same color as grass is/ might have to make that
jailhouse they casket/ and some will get out and continue
to live backwards/ but you want it cause it's so
attractive/ and
ignore the One keepin' tabs on your track list/ dust to
dust and
ashes to ashes/ I would ask for grace from Jesus' passion


Written by: Marcus T.W. Gray
Produced by: N.A.B. for So Hot Productions
Performed by: FLAME
Published by: Absolute Truth Music (ASCAP)

Verse 1: Racism, rape victims, priest and sodomy/ street
people perishing from street theology/ unlearned ministers
criticize seminary/ while without a vision people perish
there's no visionary/ first class, second class, third
citizens/ first Adam sinned then all became sinner men/
sweet like cinnamon for those who've been redeemed/
and sour like lemons for those who have not been
redeemed/ Guns cocked in politics tell me truth is
we live in a time better to receive than to give/ Videos
raising kids/ lose your life over them rims/ Little homies
smoking them Virginia Slims/ Look at the poverty/ taxes are
robbin' me/ Jesus come father me/ Honestly God there's
gotta be/ some type of dodging the internet and its
pornography/ Callin' my Savior, my Lord, who's offering me

Hook: When truth hits the block the block should respond
like "Who is Christ?" let's place Him in the Lime Light/
Forget later 'cause now dirty the times right/ the time is
now the time is now

Verse 2: Horoscopes, palm readers, psychics, and
astrologists/ liken themselves to havin' knowledge yet it's
obvious/ post-modernism is taught in these secular
colleges/ Science and evolution are tryin' to find the
solution/ Denyin' the crucifixion/ Denyin' the
Denyin' the second comin'/ They'll die in their
Picture blood drip from His pores hematidrosis/ Jesus is
God even demons know this/ The winds and the waves even
they obey yo/ death and the grave even they obey yo/
Him dressed in a robe dipped in blood/ eyes like blazin'
fire and
equipped with love/ Ridin' a white horse with many crowns
His head/ He's comin' back already resurrected from dead/
Now as we partake of the Bread/ think of the blood He
shed/ picture the Passover the wonderful things that He did


Verse 3: According to the Scriptures concerning the day of
judgment/ a hush will reign and every secret made public/
a just God will justify and bring justice/ either the
of teeth but Jesus people will love it/ and when you study
them Scriptures sin and death are the effects of the Fall/
and each aspect is affectin' us all/ so while God's looking
down we look up and we laugh/ but humanity's standing
under the cup of His wrath/ since we seem to be so in love
with reality shows/ then why is no one open to see what
reality shows/ plus it's hard for me to even see the faith
atheists/ who believe we evolved from apes/ in place of His
Sacredness/ plus without Christ we're a guaranteed
casualty/ 'cause instead of watchin' our life we'd rather
watch our calories/ I know the truth will irritate like an
allergy/ I'm just tryin' to open up hopin' to show you

Hook (2x)
Written by: Marcus T.W. Gray
Produced by: J.R. for So Hot Productions
Performed by: FLAME

Verse 1: Little kids in the 'hood ain't got no money or no
clothes/ they look at videos and see a Bentley or a Rolls/
cats rock so much ice even got the children froze/ glued to
the tube with the screen touchin' they nose/ see a throw
back jersey, them new shoes and they want those/ they
see how you dance they in the mirror strikin' a pose/
girls see how women dance and start takin' off clothes/
about 5 years old and this is all that she knows/ this is
that he knows because that's all that he sees/ a new rap
artist is 'bout all that he wanna be/ then you get cats
me that come to him talkin' bout Jesus/ they so brain
washed they look at me and be like please/ you try to
convince them Jesus would want to see them saved/ but
they rather ball, rather hit the mall and get paid/ about
now and homie is ready to drive/ he is ready for sex but he
ain't ready for God/ check him out

Hook: Videos, T.V. is the city of dreams/ and everything on
the screen ain't always what it seems/ you might get
fooled if you don't know the truth from lies/ that's why we
bringin' you the truth of God (2x)

Verse 2: Call it all fun and games and sometimes it is/ but
other times got they mind in a quiz/ little homie skippin'
classes/ checked his ash tray for ashes/ plus he threw
away his glasses/ now he think he need a chain and some
Timberland boots/ if she don't look like the girls on the
video she ain't cute/ now he think he need a gun and he
stay in the suburbs/ play any rap song and he know all the
words/ all of the dances, all of the shakes/ ain't never
a scale and he's talkin' bout movin' weight/ now he let his
pants sag and he's tryin' to get high/ ain't never had a
talkin' about "thug til I die"/ ain't never felt held the
ain't never felt the heat/ now he's tryin' to go to jail so
can say he from the streets/ now this is what he sees and
they call it entertainment/ mentally he's in chains some of
the blame goes to the videos


Verse 3: Videos don't show how it is gettin' beat/ or
so dumb in school that you feel you gotta cheat/ Videos
don't show mamma jugglin' money/ nor do they hear you
when you say mamma I'm hungry/ all they do is tease you
with a Benz that's so plush/ but mom ain't got no ends her
and her friends on the bus/ all they do is show you all
on a yacht/ while daddy's in the streets after 3 smokin'
rocks/ they don't show you baby mammas baby daddies
bout to bang/ they sell you this world that exists outside
pain/ all them cars lookin' good all them cribs lookin'
but unfortunately that ain't how it is in the 'hood/ real
things goin' down, real guns bustin' rounds/ real tears
bein' shed, real cats and the feds/ real people that need
Jesus to save them from they sins/ to show them discipline
then to die and rise again/ they show you lies on videos
Real One
Written by: Marcus T.W. Gray
Produced by: J.R. for So Hot Productions
Performed by: FLAME

Verse 1: From these times now and back down to Biblical
days/ counterfeit Jesus' have raised in the ages/ searched
the pages of the Biblion the Holy Bible not the holy quran/
no/ Jesus warns us what would come after/ Matthew the
24th chapter/ "For many will come in my name sayin' 'I am
the Christ'"/ but they're really actors/ Woe unto those who
chose and teaches/ a non-Biblical Jehovah Jesus/ woe/
they might use the name but read in anotha' meanin'/ we
must put a stop to the doctrine of demons/ I must run this
it might get hostile/ we don't want the Christ of Oneness
Pentecostals/ we want the incarnate Christ of the
apostles/ the pre-existent Son, the One of the gospel

Hook: We want the Real One/ I teach the GodMan homie/
Represented through Christians is the real Jesus/ We want
the Real One/ I preach the GodMan whoodi/ represent the
authentic and real Jesus/ We want the Real One/ I teach
the GodMan son/ represented through Christians is the
real Jesus/ We want the Real One/ I preach the GodMan
dirty/ represent the authentic and real Jesus

Verse 2: You're bound to drown in a broken ship/ if your
hope is in the Jesus of Joseph Smith/ woe/ that doctrine
will have your life stormin'/ come to the knowledge of
Christ not to the one of the Mormons/ Jesus is not
spiritual brother/ and the heavenly Father did not have sex
with his mother/ Mary/ scary I seen them two dudes in my
'hood/ tellin' me God was a man at first and progressed to
His Godhood/no/ eternal is the Godhead/ the Father has
always been God that's what the 90th Psalm says/ Keep
your eyes on Jehovah's witness who mistranslates 1:1 of
John in the Holy Scriptures/ they say more to get your mind
tangled/ they deny Jesus is God but the incarnate Michael
the archangel/ if no angel was called the Son in Hebrews
1/ Then why is Jesus called the Son
Thi'sl & Flame
Way Out
Written by: Marcus T.W. Gray
Produced by: J.R. for So Hot Productions
Performed by: FLAME

Verse 1: Everything that ya'll did we done done before/ and
the measure ya'll did it in we done done in more/ cats
didn't just start livin' grimy/ death didn't just start
tryin' to
find me/ vest didn't just start gettin' slimy/ been in the
streets and we know it's real/ been in environments where
cats done got killed/ over some drug money/ see now it's
time to change the men-tal/ brothas is sellin' they soul
bout ten thou/ it's goin' down/ we scream Jesus who is the
soul saver/ One who experience pain death resurrect as
the price payer/ we need you now cause you're the way
out/ left death and then stayed out/ look over life as the
layout/ the big picture/ for so long afraid to accept what
need/ one who would come down except He would bleed/
inject His seed in us/ so many issues have been left
untouched/ so when Jesus left He left it to us/ and I'm
ready to bust

Verse 2: I done been through hell/ and then hell again/
definitely been rejected I just held it in/ so now I see
you see/ plus I feel what you feel/ so it goes without
that what is real is real/ I done seen a cat lose his life/
done seen my mom lose her mind/ escape death like so
many times/ I live for Christ now/ livin' life is nice now/
I live
that heavenly lifestyle in my life now/ so hard to see
through you with the truth cause you tellin' lies/ and I
see to your heart straight through your eyes/ that you
frontin'/ drug money is stealin' your joy/ now you huntin'/
lookin' for somethin' to give you some joy/ now peep game/
call His name and He'll save your soul/ watch you grow/
slowly let go of struggles befo/ and it'll show/ other
will follow your lead as the Holy Ghost/ draw you in close/
and teach you His creeds/ cause we need a way out


Verse 3: You speak a lot about my area/ been here lately?
It's gettin' scary and scarier/ tryin' to tear down these
barriers/ in the midst of this I found Jehovah/ I shout now
before the storm's over/ they all drunk but I remain sober/
remain a soldier/ in this ghetto livin'/ won't say I told
ya/ if
you die un-forgiven/ offered you salvation/ this crime we
facin' dawg is so real/ without Jesus dawg there's no
shield/ just open field/ don't have to leave so I can find
peace/ mercy and grace follows behind me/ covered by
blood keepin' my mind eased/ I trust God on a daily basis/
in my ghetto places/ til I see better cases/ off in my
places/ I must stay focused on the mark of the prize/
Shalome is where my faith lies/ it's crunch time/ so don't
speak about the struggle/ you share with us nothin' unless
show us how to escape the hussl-in'/ in this war zone

Written by: Marcus T.W. Gray
Produced by: J.R. for So Hot Productions
Performed by: FLAME

Verse 1: As I rightly divide/ between truth and lies/ I can
present with proof how He knew these guys were goin' to cry
on Him/ spit on Him and gonna lie on Him/ Third day from
away was gonna rise on them/ took His righteousness purged
my sin/ blood drippin' from the cross as He urges men/ some
servin' Him/ puttin' position to come and bird with Him/ I
to fly/ most definitely want to fly/ if I draw nigh to Him
He'll draw
nigh to me/ I see God through Him that d-e-a-t-h settin' me
straight from all angles/ givin' charge to all angels the
spangled/ banner doesn't have anything on Hosanna/ cause
the manner/ in which He does things for His offspring/ as
awesome as it seems/ it's right and good/ cause I'm
flossin' the
King tonight in 'hoods

Hook: Brothers in the front we don't stunt cause we livin'
righteous/ Homies on my left ain't no death cause we livin'
righteous/ Shorties in the back we don't slack cause we
righteous/ Righteous livin' righteous livin'/ Homies on my
we alright cause we livin' righteous/ Brothers in the front
don't stunt cause we livin' righteous/ Shorties on my left
ain't no
death cause we livin' righteous/ righteous livin' righteous

Verse 2: First I was unclean/ it was so dark I was unseen/
my light beams/ runnin' to Christ or it might seem/ that I
cling/ to the righteousness of the King/ or I might fiend/
for the
dream of the bigger things/ 'cause the earth is His/
castin' in my
cares 'cause my hurt is His/ writin' my songs and my verse
His/ the body of Christ or the church is His/ I search the
Scriptures of God to see what my purpose is/ To give Him
now I recognize/ I testified/ then I blessed the God that
rectified/ my wickedness when I was petrified/ edified/ the
body of Christ for them kingdom lies/ or kingdom livin' all
of us
Christians are forgiven for that awful livin'/ to the
don't assemble yourself with the sinners/ all of us and
are winners/ now I look right/ 'cause of the blood now I
white/ I'm goin' higher in Christ so now I book flight


Verse 3: All of a sudden His righteousness is like a
callin' my brothers come outta strugglin' to Christ now/
All of
you cluckers put down the drugs and throw the pipe down/
rid of the sinful livin' and come into life now/ take a
look at the
bigger picture and see mistakes made/ be a witness for
Christians and see Christ has the way made/ way paved/ the
daybreak bru I stay saved/ my wave praise/ we set free from
them slave days/ fightin' with givin'/ when you can be
and get righteous livin'/ and right with God I take a look
into history/ I'm seein' the death no longer a mystery/
Him resurrect/ my righteousness is that of a filthy rag/ my
righteousness is that of a filthy rag/ my righteousness is
that of
a filthy rag/ I confess I was guilty Dad/ but then you
True God
Written by: Marcus T.W. Gray
Produced by: J.R. for So Hot Productions
Performed by: FLAME

Verse 1: I found something to be true when I/ Made up my
to do what I had to do for God/ Most of my /peeps started
shice/ when I mention the Christ/ And when I mention even
my life/ I come around they like gone dawg/ Check out my
song and they all like gone dawg/ I look em' straight in
the eyes and
say your wrong dawg/ So I let it be known if that's what
want then I'm gone dawg/ I'll pray for ya/ But that's
what I expect from that / Disrespect and neglect is what
reflects from that/
See these cats didn't know God / He helped me to leave

Its true God/ none other faithful like you/
do me the way you do, knew it was true God/
None other faithful like you hallelujah/ its true God
hallelujah its true God true God/

Verse 2: Thug cats you can just leave your piece behind/
Cuz on this side it ain't nothing but peace of mind/ Why
bust like blaw/ when you can be with us and get a rush like
wow/ I think you better rush and get touched right now/
Cuz you ain't got to fuss you just hush right now/ Until
learn enough to get rough like us/ and tough like us/ And
learn enough word where you can right bust like us/ Said
He would never leave never forsake/ My only guarantee
that was never fake/ In fa sho in the faith/ And now I
and I wait/ and take his word/ to be my guideline so I can
face this world/ I must brag and boast taste and see that
He's good fa sho/ Grace and peace in the hood fa sho/ So
why fight with time/ when you can be ignited and get right
with God/ and tight with God/


Verse 3: I exalt your name above all of the earth/ You're
majestic blessed with personal worth/ that comes from
You/ when I'm hurt I run to You/ my refuge is in You/ cause
I'm a fool for You/ You kept me in the time of the storm/
me when I wept as if I slept in Your arms/ so now Lord I
wanna be close and intimate commune with You/ perfectly
in tune with You/ like no otha/ we can be closer than
spiritual brothers/ closer than marriage/ closer than
lovers/ no one can touch us/ as I bow down/ take off my
boots on holy grounds/ fin a clown now/ feelin' a praise
down inside/ cause it's personal/ givin' us back everything
that Adam's sin stole/ thinkin' of that just bless my soul/

let patience work its perfect work/ my medication is to see
nation delivered from hurt/ and that's for real peeps

Give us the Truth
Written by: Marcus T.W. Gray
Produced by: J.R. for So Hot Productions
Performed by: FLAME

Verse 1: All I ever wanted was to know the truth/ Seeking
Jesus at 16 meaning my middle youth/ Man I really
hungered and had this inner thirst/ Absurd the thought of
me even missin' a day of church/ Man it felt like heaven,
especially Bible study/ I had my Bible pen and pad sittin'
next to my buddies/ the Word had us open especially
certain verses/ spendin' hours in worship man it just felt
perfect/ and then after the service out on the parking lot/
laughin' and rappin' for hours afterwards we talked a lot/
felt like your second family for me felt like my first/ we
our ties when my grandmother died I kept in hurt/
remember certain ministers inspired you to learn/ you had
anxiety inside and just waitin' your turn/ people announce
they callin' jumpin' and shoutin'/ that dun dunt dun dunt
was so arousin'

Hook: Give us the truth that's what we need/ lying leaders
been deceivin' us since we were seeds/ Give us the truth
that's what we need/ Teachers and preachers teach us the
things that set us free/ Give us the truth that's what we
need/ Parents teach us bout Jesus before we get older/
Give us the truth that's what we need/ Sin is spreading and
the world is getting colder

Verse 2: Then that first year progressed and turned into
five/ learning so much and I'm comin' in touch closer with
God/ some things were gettin' sticky I mean real sticky/
trippin' I'm wonderin' was Jesus even really with me/ Man
I felt numb meanin' I lost my feelin'/ People standin',
dancin', liftin' hands while I was chillin'/ no longer
the sermons felt like I wasn't learnin'/ the topics taught
weren't touchin' my inner yearnings/ and then some
behavior seemed like counterfeit revival/ I looked for
Scriptures that supported this off in the Bible/ yet I
find it I felt blinded/ I thought it was a demon in error I
to bind it/ but nothin' happened here comes depression
maybe when they threw the Holy Spirit that I didn't catch
Him/ did I miss my blessin'? Felt unprotected/ in the midst
of a war scarred without my weapon


Verse 3: Then I left St. Louis on a tour with Cross
Movement/ and who would have knew it these dudes have
also been through it/ I shared my brokenness feelings of
hopelessness/ for so long faked my emotions no one even
noticed it/ yet it was obvious God in His providence/ put
with people to guide me and got me outta this/ and then my
other brother T.R.U.T.H. began to share the same/ I almost
wept I saw the steps it took to bear the name/ without
left me in utter confusion, without truth left me with
delusions, without truth no longer fought to win/ without
truth drove me back into sin/ the depth of this journey
be described in words/ this is just the tip of the iceberg/
from now until my death this is what I'll do/ I'm learning
standing and I'll fight for truth

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