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 Lesson Author

 First and Last Name:                Michael Snipes
 School District:                    Richland School District Two
 School Name:                        Rice Creek Elementary
 School City, State:                 Columbia, SC
 Lesson Overview
 Lesson Plan Title:                  Koosh Ball Reading Battle
 Lesson Summary:
 Students in teams of four (more or less depending on class size) compete to correctly blend
 letters together to form familiar words.
 Play consist of team members taking turns throwing a koosh ball, or similar soft ball, at an
 interactive white board featuring twenty-four colored circles. When the ball strikes a number,
 students are taken to another page containing a word students are familiar with broken into
 segments. The student who threw the ball will be asked to correctly blend the letters to form
 the word. If the student correctly blends the sounds to form a word, his/her team receives a
 point. Play continues until each player has had three turns.
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 Targeted State Content Standards:
 SC ELA Standard 3-3: The student will use word analysis and vocabulary strategies to read
 Student Objectives/Learning Goals:
 While playing a reading game, the student will blend letters to form sight words with 100%
 accuracy in 3 out of 3 trials.
 Procedures: (Steps to teach lesson; include teacher preparation activities)
 In preparation for the lesson, the teacher will set up the koosh ball game to include words the
 students are familiar with, or have recently covered. The activity can be modified to
 accommodate the needs of the students, or to meet their skill level. For example, students
 may be asked to segment words rather than blending.

 The teacher will gather the students around the IWB. The teacher will then split students into
two even teams, or as evenly as possible, and explain the rules of the game.
“Today we will be playing Koosh Ball Reading Battle. Each team member will take a turn
throwing a koosh ball at the screen and try to hit a circle. Remember, we are only throwing
the ball at the screen, not each other. When you hit a circle, a word will appear on the screen.
Your job is to put the letter sounds together to form a word. For example, if you hit a circle
and the letters S T E P appear on the board, you will need to say each sound first, and then
put the sounds together to form the word STOP.”

The teacher will model the objective for the students using a word they are familiar with and
ensure students are clear on the instructions using a choral response method. Once students
are familiar with the rules, the teacher will decide which team goes first using whatever
method he/she desires.

Once the game begins, the teacher will have students throw the koosh ball at the screen from
their seat, but this may be modified depending on the physical needs of the students. When
the ball strikes a circle and the word appears, the teacher will ask the student to sound out the
letters and then blend them to make a word. If the student answers correctly, the next turn will
go to the next player on the opposing team. If the student answers incorrectly, the teacher will
model the word correctly before having the students sound out the word as a group.

Students receive one point for a correct response and zero points for an incorrect response.
Play continues until all students have had three turns each.

After all members have had three turns, the game ends and the teacher will announce the
winning team. The teacher will have students congratulate one another to encourage good
sportsmanship. This will conclude the lesson.

UDL Considerations:
In order to accommodate the needs of all students within the classroom, the teacher may
need to modify certain aspects of the game. Students will physical impairments may need to
move closer to the board in order to throw the ball or may simply touch one of the circles on
the board if they are unable to throw the ball. Students with visual impairments may need to
sit closest to the board, or the teacher may use whatever technology the student is familiar
with to allow participation, Braille cards for example. Students with hearing impairments may
need to use whatever form of sign language they are familiar with or any other device that fits
their needs. Other accommodations may be made to ensure all students are able to
participate in the activity.
Approximate Time Needed:
Approximately 30 minutes depending upon the number of students participating.
Materials and Resources Required For Unit
Printed Materials:
Pre-prepared IWB game
Koosh Ball Reading Battle.
Teachers may prepare their
own, or use the one located
at my website. If no IWB is
available, the teacher may
use another means of
completing the activity,
such as drawing circles on a
board or using a Velcro
Internet Resources:
                                Video clip(s)        Internet site activity
Multimedia Components:
                                Word Processing activity
                                Interactive White Board
Student Assessment:
Students will be assessed on the number of words, out of three, correctly identified
during three rounds of play during a game of Koosh Ball Reading Battle.

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