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									A D VA N C E R E G I S T R AT I O N D E A D L I N E : M AY 2 0 , 2 0 1 1

                                    YOUNG LAWYERS
                                    TACTICS FOR
                                    LITIGATING YOUR
FLOR	M.	COLÓN                       WAY TO THE TOP
                                    JUNE 9–10, 2011
TEMPLE-INLAND                       HILTON AUSTIN
                                    AUSTIN, TEXAS


                                      	    REASONS	TO	ATTEND
                                           Network and build relationships with
CATERPILLAR	INC.                           corporate counsel
                                           Refine and bolster your trial skills
                                           Learn to become an invaluable pretrial
                                           Meet other young defense lawyers from
                                           across the country
                                           Earn up to	12 hours of CLE, including	
                                      	    1 hour of ethics credit
DRI’s annual Young Lawyers Seminar is                                 Program	Schedule	                          3
designed to develop the critical skills that
defense lawyers and in-house counsel need to
defend their corporate clients successfully. This                     2011	Seminar	Schedule	                     6
program boasts distinguished speakers from around
the country, including in-house counsel from some of
the most recognized companies in America,
                                                                      General	Information	                       7
experienced and successful trial lawyers, a sitting trial
judge and three fine young lawyer speakers. In addition,              Faculty	Biographies	                       8
there will be a corporate counsel breakout session, open
only to in-house counsel, which will provide corporate
attendees with unique presentations designed specifically             Seminar	Sponsors	                          10
for them. Attendees will also have the opportunity for a
truly rewarding experience through participation in a special
community service project on Wednesday. Please join the               Membership	Application	                    11
DRI Young Lawyers Committee’s first venture to beautiful
Austin, Texas, to hone your litigation and trial skills, build
and develop your professional network, and have a great
                                                                      Registration	Form	                         12
time with other young lawyers from across the
United States. We look forward to seeing you in
the Lone Star State.

                                                                 	    WHAT	YOU	WILL	LEARN
                                                                 n	   Effective negotiation techniques and how
            	                                                         to “win” in mediation
Joseph	M.	Hanna	 Laurie	K.	Miller                                n	   How to develop a persuasive and effective
Program Chair        Committee Chair                                  trial theme
                                                                 n	   How to interpret financial documents
                                                                      related to your case
                                                                 n	   An insider’s view—understanding client
                                                                      goals and philosophies during litigation
                                                                 n	   Roadmaps for defending Fair Labor
Mark	A.	Solheim                                                       Standards Act and Medicare Secondary
Law Institute                                                         Payer Act cases

Presented by DRI’s
Young	Lawyers	

                        This	seminar	brochure	is	sponsored	by
                                                                                                 June	9-10,	2011             3

PROGRAM SCHEDULE                                                   8:10 a.m.   The	Bottom	Line	in	Discovery:	How	to	Find		
                                                                   	           and	Understand	Financial	Documents	Related		
WEDNESDAY,	JUNE	8,	2011	                                           	           to	Your	Case
                                                                               Mr. Grey will provide an overview of key
                                                                               financial documents to request early in
12:30 p.m.   Young	Lawyers	                                                    discovery and discuss the best practices for
	            Committee		                                                       utilizing a financial expert on your team.
	            Community		 	                                                     This session will cover what attorneys should
	            Service	Project                                                   expect from a forensic accountant and how an
             The DRI Young Lawyers                                             expert can assist you from discovery through
             Committee continues                                               expert reporting and testimony.
             its tradition of community service by spending                    Dayne Grey, CPA, Matson Driscoll & Damico LLP,
             an afternoon with the Capital Area Food Bank                      Atlanta, Georgia
             of Texas (CAFB). Serving the Texas community
             for 29 years, the CAFB provides food and              9:00 a.m. Old	School	Trial	Tactics:	It’s	Still	Just	Your		
             grocery products to more than 350 partner             	         Case	and	Your	Jury	at	the	End	of	the	Day
             agencies in 21 central Texas counties. Its
             mission is “to nourish hungry people and lead                   Telling and selling your story to the jury
             the community in ending hunger.” Attendees                      effectively is a crucial skill for a litigator.
             will inspect, clean, sort and get donations                     This blockbuster presentation will focus on
             ready for distribution to partner agencies and                  winning tactics, techniques and themes for the
             their clients. Participation is open to all seminar             young litigator during trial. You will leave this
             attendees and their families (age limits may                    entertaining discussion with many practical
             apply). Transportation and refreshments will                    tips for your next trial.
             be provided. Please join us in this opportunity                 Rusty Hardin, Rusty Hardin & Associates PC ,
             to give back to the Texas community while                       Houston, Texas
             developing and strengthening relationships
             with your fellow young lawyers.                       9:50 a.m. Refreshment	Break
                                                                             Sponsored by Frost	Brown	Todd	LLC
4:30 p.m. Return	to	Hotel
                                                                   10:00 a.m. Corporate	Counsel	Breakout	
6:00 p.m. Registration                                             	          (by invitation only) See schedule on page 6.
6:00 p.m. Networking	Reception                                     10:05 a.m. Staying	in	the	Saddle:	Issues	Affecting		
	         Sponsored by SEA	Ltd.                                    	          Lawyers	and	Their	Understanding	of	the	Ever-	
                                                                   	          Changing	Fair	Labor	Standards	Act	(FLSA)
                                                                              Drawing from her extensive experience in the
THURSDAY,	JUNE	9,	2011                                                        labor and employment field and her unique
                                                                              blend of in-house, outside counsel and human
             Boarding	Pass	Kiosk                                              resource management experience, Ms. Shetty
                                                                              will provide insight on the FLSA and issues
	            Sponsored by Exponent
                                                                              affecting lawyers and their understanding of
             Internet	Café                                                    this important and ever-changing law.
	            Sponsored by WestlawNext
                                                                              Neera Shetty, PGA TOUR , Pointe Vedra Beach,
7:00 a.m. Registration
                                                                   10:50 a.m. Big	Hat,	No	Cattle:	Using	Your	Opponent’s	
7:00 a.m. Continental	Breakfast	                                   	          Spoliation	of	Key	Evidence	to	Your	Advantage
          Sponsored by Litigation	Management	Inc.	                            This informative session will provide practical
                                                                              tips on how to investigate and draft discovery
7:00 a.m. First-Time	Attendees	Breakfast                                      requests to make a record where the other
                                                                              side may have failed to retain key evidence.
8:00 a.m. Welcome	and	Introduction                                            Ultimately, if key evidence has been spoliated,
                                                                              learn how to use spoliation to get a case either
          Mark A. Solheim, Larson King LLP, St. Paul,                         dismissed or settled.
                                                                              Christiane R. Fife, Schwabe Williamson &
          Laurie K. Miller, Ellis & Winters LLP, Raleigh,
          North Carolina                                                      Wyatt , Portland, Oregon
          Joseph M. Hanna, Goldberg Segalla LLP,
          Buffalo, New York
4           Young	Lawyers	Seminar

11:20 a.m. Prosecution	of	the	16th	Street	Baptist		                       frequently retains and manages outside
	          Church	Bombing                                                 counsel to assist her in representing Starbury
           Hear the inside story on the facts from this                   around the globe.
           historic case. As United States attorney,                      Katrina Waiters, Starbury Corporation ,
           Mr. Jones personally led the team of                           New York, New York
           prosecutors and investigators who reopened
           the case of the 1963 bombing of the 16th            4:00 p.m. Young	Lawyers	Committee	Meeting	and		
           Street Baptist Church in Birmingham. Mr. Jones      	         Subcommittee	Sessions (open to all)
           served as lead trial attorney in the successful               Activities
           prosecutions of two former Ku Klux Klansmen                   Annual Meeting
           for the murder of four young girls killed in the
           bombing.                                                      Civility and Professionalism
           G. Douglas Jones, Haskell Slaughter Young &                   Corporate Counsel
           Rediker LLC, Birmingham, Alabama                              Diversity
                                                                         Expert Witness Database
12:10 p.m. Lunch (on your own)                                           Law School Initiative
1:30 p.m.   Don’t	Mess	with	the	Medicare	Secondary		                     Legislative Liaison
	           Payer	Act	and	Section	111	Reporting		                        Long Range Planning
	           Requirements:	What	You	Don’t	Know	May		                      Marketing
	           Hurt	You                                                     Membership
            Ms. Hoback’s presentation will address how to                Publications
            protect Medicare’s interests (as well as yours
            and your client’s) when resolving personal                   Public Service
            injury claims involving Medicare beneficiaries,              Seminar Planning
            plus complying with the mandatory reporting                  SLDO Liaisons
            requirements that went into effect for your                  Sponsorship
            clients on January 1, 2011.
                                                                         Substantive Committee Liaisons
            Amber L. Hoback, Jackson Kelly PLLC,
            Charleston, West Virginia                                    Supreme Court Swearing In
                                                                         The Whisper
2:15 p.m.   Don’t	Be	a	Lone	Star:	The	Importance	of		                    Webcast
	           Diversity	Today                                              Webpage/Technology
            “One size fits all” does not exist when it comes             Women’s Mentoring
            to diversity. Ms. Colón, chair of the Diversity
            Committee of Xerox’s legal department, will        6:00 p.m. Networking	Reception
            speak on the importance of diversity in the
            legal profession. She will give practical advice             Sponsored by MDD	Forensic	Accountants	
            on how to obtain true diversity, making
            recommendations on how to create successful        7:00 p.m. Dine-Arounds
            diversity initiatives at your firm.                          Join colleagues and friends at selected
            Flor M. Colón, Xerox Corporation , Rochester,                restaurants for dinner (on your own).
            New York                                                     More details on-site.

3:00 p.m. Refreshment	Break
                                                               FRIDAY,	JUNE	10,	2011
          Sponsored by Frost	Brown	Todd	LLC

3:15 p.m.   Giddy	Up!	Managing	the	Expectations	of		                      Boarding	Pass	Kiosk
	           In-House	Counsel                                   	          Sponsored by Exponent
            Ms. Waiters will discuss the expectations of
            in-house counsel and how to work effectively                  Internet	Café
            with them to serve the best needs of the           	          Sponsored by WestlawNext
            client. She will provide her insights and
            perspective based on the diverse challenges        7:00 a.m. Registration
            of representing NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury
            and his Starbury Corporation. As general           7:00 a.m. Continental	Breakfast	
            counsel for a growing brand, Ms. Waiters                     Sponsored by Sirote	&	Permutt	PC
                                                                                                  June	9-10,	2011            5

8:00 a.m. Announcements                                           10:20 a.m. Texas-Sized	Story:	The	Importance	of	a	Theme	
          R. Craig Mayfield, Hill Ward Henderson , Tampa,         	          in	Selling	Your	Client’s	Position
          Florida                                                            This presentation will include a discussion
          Sara M. Turner, Baker Donelson Bearman                             of how early work investigating your claims,
          Caldwell & Berkowitz PC , Birmingham,                              your jury market and your opponent’s story
          Alabama                                                            can assist you in laying the framework for
                                                                             your case. Learn practical tips on how to do
8:15 a.m.   Think	Before	You	Act:	How	to	Avoid	a		                           legwork early and build support for your
	           Contentious	Relationship	with	Opposing		                         theme throughout discovery to provide big
	           Counsel                                                          results at trial.
            Opposing counsel is often the person with                        Cynthia P. Arends, Nilan Johnson Lewis PA ,
            whom you communicate the most during a                           Minneapolis, Minnesota
            case. Opposing counsel is both the mouth and
            the ears of your client’s adversary, so what you      11:10 a.m. Taking	the	Reins:	A	Young	Lawyer’s		
            say, and when, where, why and how you say             	          Perspective	on	the	Transition	from	Private		
            it, will set the tone for how your case will be       	          Practice	to	In-House	Counsel
            resolved. In many cases, opposing counsel can                    Having made the jump from private practice
            be friends, former classmates, referral sources,                 to a Fortune 500 company, Mr. Weems can
            rivals or even future clients. This discussion will              provide unique insight on the transition from
            explore the various aspects of your relationship                 private practice to an in-house position. He
            with opposing counsel and provide solutions                      will also cover attorney development while
            to common challenges that often make that                        practicing in-house, the critical importance of
            relationship a contentious one.                                  mentor/mentee relationships and his caseload
            Peter M. Cummins, Frost Brown Todd LLC ,                         as a young in-house lawyer.
            Louisville, Kentucky                                  	          Michael Weems, Caterpillar Inc. , Peoria, Illinois
8:45 a.m. Wrangling	to	Win:	Techniques	for	How	You		              12:00 p.m. Lunch	(on your own)
	         Can	“Win”	in	Mediation
          Learn the secret to “winning” in mediation              1:15 p.m.   Taking	the	Bull	by	the	Horns:	Litigation		
          from an expert. Mr. Trimble will discuss ADR            	           Budgeting,	Strategy	and	Management	from		
          techniques dealing with communication                   	           the	In-House	Perspective
          methods, body language, active listening,                           Defending the corporate client does not
          choice of words, demonstrative tools,                               necessarily mean an all-out defense with
          negotiation techniques, pacing of                                   an open checkbook. Mr. Cullinane will cover
          negotiations, the hidden agendas of opposing                        the corporate client’s perspective on proper
          parties, dealing with obstinate people/                             defense planning that meets the client’s legal
          lawyers, when to say (or not say) “take it or                       and business expectations.
          leave it,” and how to avoid and overcome                	           Jeffrey T. Cullinane, Temple-Inland , Austin,
          impasse, among other subjects.                                      Texas
          John C. Trimble, Lewis Wagner LLP,
          Indianapolis, Indiana                                   2:00 p.m. How	to	Hook	’Em—Understanding	Your		
                                                                  	         Client’s	Business	Goals	and	Philosophies		
9:35 a.m. A	New	Frontier:	Using	Social	Media	in	Juror		           	         During	Litigation
	         Selection                                                         Outside counsel are usually brought in to deal
          When preparing for jury selection, young                          with a specific situation or piece of litigation;
          lawyers need to take full advantage of all                        however, a clear understanding of a client’s
          available information about prospective jurors,                   overall goals and philosophies is key to
          including the massive amount of information                       providing effective representation and growing
          freely available on social networking sites.                      your relationship. Drawing on his experience as
          Ms. Rumfelt will discuss the impact of social                     in-house counsel at a major global corporation,
          media in voir dire and tips on how to use social                  Mr. Tandan will discuss how one particular
          media to your advantage.                                          lawsuit is only a small piece of a larger puzzle
          Eileen Hintz Rumfelt, Miller & Martin PLLC ,                      and how the young lawyer can tailor his or
          Atlanta, Georgia                                                  her trial strategy to fit the company’s global
                                                                            business strategy.
10:05 a.m. Refreshment	Break                                                Kurt Nath Tandan, adidas America Inc.,
           Sponsored by Frost	Brown	Todd	LLC                                Portland, Oregon
6           Young	Lawyers	Seminar

2:45 p.m. Refreshment	Break                                 2011 SEMINAR SCHEDULE
          Sponsored by MRC
                                                            March 10–11       Appellate Advocacy
3:00 p.m. Avoiding	the	Wild	West:	Ethics	and			                               JW Marriott Orlando, Grande Lakes,
	         Professionalism	from	the	Bench                                      Orlando, FL
          As a sitting judge, former trial attorney and     March 10–11       Medical Liability and Health Care Law
          former deputy in the Louisiana Office of                            Palace Hotel , San Francisco, CA
          Disciplinary Counsel, Judge Pittman offers a
          unique perspective on current issues pertaining   March 23–25       Damages
          to ethics and professional responsibility. She                      Bally’s Las Vegas , Las Vegas, NV
          will offer her thoughts on how today’s young      March 30–         Insurance Coverage and Claims
          lawyer can work to foster a change in the         April 1           Institute
          public’s perception of attorneys.                                   Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park ,
	         The Honorable Robin D. Pittman, Orleans                             Chicago, IL
          Parish Criminal District Court , New Orleans,
          Louisiana                                         April 6–8         Product Liability Conference
                                                                              Hilton New Orleans Riverside,
4:00 p.m. Adjourn                                                             New Orleans, LA
                                                            April 14–15       Business Litigation and Intellectual
                                                                              InterContinental Chicago, Chicago, IL
                                                            April 27–29       Life, Health, Disability and ERISA Claims
                                                                              Boston Marriott Copley Place, Boston, MA
    C O R P O R AT E C O U N S E L
    B R E A KO U T (by invitation only)                     May 5–6           Drug and Medical Device
                                                                              Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers ,
    THURSDAY,	JUNE	9,	2011	                                                   Chicago, IL
    10:00	a.m.–12:00	p.m.                                   May 12–13         Strictly Retail
                                                                              Swissôtel Chicago , Chicago, IL
    10:00 a.m. Roundtable	Discussion	Featuring	             May 18–20         Employment and Labor Law
    	          In-House	Speakers                                              The Westin Kierland , Scottsdale, AZ
               Flor	M.	Colón, Xerox Corporation ,           June 9–10         Young Lawyers
               Rochester, New York                                            Hilton Austin , Austin, TX
               Jeffrey	T.	Cullinane, Temple-Inland ,        June 16–17        Diversity for Success
               Austin, Texas                                                  Swissôtel Chicago , Chicago, IL
               Katrina	Waiters, Starbury Corporation ,      June 23–24        Extra-Contractual Liability
               New York, New York                                             The Westin Washington, D.C. City
                                                                              Center, Washington, D.C.
    11:00 a.m. Roundtable	Discussion	Featuring	             July 21–22        Class Actions
    	          In-House	Speakers                                              Hotel TBD, Washington, D.C.
               Neera	Shetty, PGA TOUR , Pointe Vedra,
                                                            September 15–16   Nursing Home/ALF Litigation
               Florida                                                        Boston Marriott Copley Place, Boston, MA
               Kurt	Nath	Tandan, adidas America Inc. ,
               Portland, Oregon                             September 15–16   Strictly Automotive
                                                                              Marriott Dearborn Inn , Dearborn, MI
               Michael	Weems, Caterpillar Inc. ,
               Peoria, Illinois                             September 22–23   Construction Law
                                                                              JW Marriott Desert Ridge , Phoenix, AZ
                                                            September 22–23   Hospitality
                                                            October 26–30     Annual Meeting
                                                                              Washington Marriott Wardman Park ,
                                                                              Washington, D.C.
                                                            November 10–11    Asbestos Medicine
                                                                              Bellagio , Las Vegas, NV
                                                            December 15–16    Insurance Coverage and Practice
                                                                              Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers ,
                                                                              New York, NY
                                                                                               June	9-10,	2011              7

G E N E R A L I N F O R M AT I O N                           COURSE	MATERIALS
                                                             DRI will email a link to download the course materials
CLE	ACCREDITATION                                            to all registrants two weeks in advance of the seminar.
This seminar has been approved for MCLE credit by            The CD will be included in the registration packet on-
the State Bar of California in the amount of 12	hours,       site. You can order additional copies by checking the
including 1 hour of ethics credit. Accreditation has been    appropriate box on the registration form on the back of
requested from every state with mandatory continuing         this brochure or ordering online at
legal education (CLE) requirements. Certificates of          Sponsored by		Ellis	&	Winters	LLP
attendance will be provided to each attendee. Attendees
are responsible for obtaining CLE credits from their         SUPPLEMENTAL	MATERIALS
respective states. Credit availability and requirements
vary from state to state; please check our website at        Recommended supplemental material for this seminar for credit information for your state.           is Insurance	Bad	Faith—2010. Order your copy by
                                                             checking the appropriate box on the registration
                                                             form on the back of this brochure. You can also view
REGISTRATION                                                 the entire list of DRI publications offerings and make
The registration fee is $595. The registration fee           purchases online at
includes CD-ROM course materials, continental
breakfasts, refreshment breaks and networking                HOTEL	ACCOMMODATIONS
receptions. If you wish to have your name appear on
the registration list distributed at the conference and      A limited number of discounted hotel rooms have been
receive the course materials in advance, DRI must            made available at the Hilton	Austin,	500	East	4th	
receive your registration by May	20,	2011 (please allow      Street,	Austin,	Texas	78701. For reservations, contact	
10 days for processing). Registrations received after        the	hotel	directly	at	512.482.8000. Please mention
May	20,	2011, will be processed on-site.                     DRI’s	Young	Lawyers	Seminar to take advantage of
                                                             the group rate of $189	Single/Double. The hotel block
                                                             is limited and rooms and rates are available on a first-
IN-HOUSE	COUNSEL                                             come, first-served basis. You must make reservations by
In-house counsel are eligible for free registration          May	10,	2011, to be eligible for the group rate. Requests
to DRI seminars. In-house counsel are defined as             for reservations made after May	10	are subject to room
licensed attorneys, who are employed exclusively by a        and rate availability.
corporation or other private sector organization, for the
purpose of providing legal representation and counsel        TRAVEL	DISCOUNTS
only to that corporation, its affiliates and subsidiaries.
In order to qualify for free registration, the individual    DRI offers discounted meeting fares on various major
must also be a DRI member and a member of DRI’s              air carriers for DRI’s	Young	Lawyers	Seminar attendees.
Corporate Counsel Committee. Offer excludes DRI              To receive these discounts, please contact Hobson
Annual Meeting.                                              Travel Ltd., DRI’s official travel provider at 800.538.7464.
                                                             As always, to obtain the lowest available fares, early
                                                             booking is recommended.
The registration fee is fully refundable for cancellations   FLYER
received on or before May	20,	2011. Cancellations
received after May	20 and on or before May	27,	2011, will    Sponsored by		MDD	Forensic	Accountants
receive a refund, less a $50 processing fee. Cancellations   See your attendee packet on-site for information on
made after May	27 will not receive a refund, but the         this sponsor.
course materials on CD-ROM and a $100 certificate good
for any DRI seminar within the next 12 months will be        HOTEL	KEY	CARD
issued. All cancellations and requests for refunds must
be made in writing. Fax to DRI’s Accounting Department       Sponsored by		Larson	King	LLP
at 312.795.0747. All refunds will be mailed within four
weeks after the date of the conference. Substitutions        The taping or recording of DRI seminars is prohibited without the
may be made at any time without charge and must be           written permission of DRI.
submitted in writing.
                                                             Speakers and times may be subject to last-minute changes.
                                                             DRI policy provides there will be no group functions sponsored by
                                                             others in connection with its seminars.
8           Young	Lawyers	Seminar

F A C U LT Y                                                  and business disputes. He has testified in depositions
                                                              and as an expert in U.S. district courts and conducted
Cynthia	P.	Arends	is a shareholder at the Minneapolis         seminars on measuring lost profits and business
firm of Nilan Johnson Lewis PA, practicing in the areas       interruption losses during changing economic climates.
of product liability defense and commercial litigation.
Ms. Arends has significant jury and court trial               Joseph	M.	Hanna is a partner with Goldberg Segalla LLP
experience in both state and federal courts. She is the       in its Buffalo, New York, office. Mr. Hanna’s practice is
former chair of DRI’s Young Lawyers Committee and             focused on commercial litigation, with an emphasis on
currently serves on the steering committees for               sports law and construction law. He is the founder and
Commercial Litigation, Product Liability and Public           president of Bunkers in Baghdad, a charity that collects
Policy Committees, as well as on the Annual Meeting           and distributes golf equipment to soldiers in combat
Steering Committee.                                           zones and wounded warriors across the U.S. Mr. Hanna
                                                              serves as the program chair of this seminar.
Flor	M.	Colón is associate general counsel for Xerox
Corporation in Rochester, New York, and is responsible        Rusty	Hardin, the founder of Rusty Hardin & Associates
for all legal matters arising in Xerox’s developing           PC based in Houston, has over 30 years of trial
markets operation consisting of over 150 countries. Her       experience. His firm represents a diverse array of clients
practice includes corporate governance matters,               in a variety of civil, criminal and investigative matters.
material litigation, distributor issues, global contract      His civil practice is split between plaintiff and defense
negotiations and dispute resolution. She also serves as       representation. In his criminal practice, Mr. Hardin
chair of the Office of General Counsel’s Diversity            defends both individuals and institutions. He began his
Committee. Prior to joining Xerox, Ms. Colón was a            career as a trial prosecutor with the Harris County
senior associate in the litigation group of a New York        District Attorney’s Office.
law firm.
                                                              Amber	L.	Hoback is a member of Jackson Kelly PLLC in
Jeffrey	T.	Cullinane	serves as in-house counsel for           Charleston, West Virginia, where she has been
Temple-Inland in Austin, Texas, where he manages              practicing law since 2000. Her practice primarily entails
litigation. Mr. Cullinane began his career in private         defending coal mining companies, product
practice, litigating at the trial and appellate levels in     manufacturers and premises owners from property
both state and federal courts.                                damage and personal injury claims, as well as
                                                              defending lending institutions in consumer protection
Peter	M.	Cummins is a member of Frost Brown Todd LLC,         and contract actions. Ms. Hoback serves on the steering
located in the firm’s Louisville, Kentucky, office. He is a   committee for the DRI Women in the Law Committee.
business litigator, representing clients in a variety of
business disputes, including breach of contract, U.C.C.,      G.	Douglas	Jones	is a lawyer with Haskell Slaughter
noncompete agreement enforcement, fraud, class                Young & Rediker LLC in Birmingham, Alabama. He is the
action and securities litigation matters. Mr. Cummins is      former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of
an active DRI member.                                         Alabama. In that role, Mr. Jones personally led the team
                                                              of prosecutors and investigators in the reopened case of
Christiane	R.	Fife is an attorney with Schwabe                the 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in
Williamson & Wyatt in Portland, Oregon. She focuses           Birmingham. He also coordinated the federal and state
her practice on product liability litigation and              task force that led to the indictment of notorious
represents clients in class actions, mass torts,              fugitive Eric Robert Rudolph.
automotive, pharmaceutical and medical device cases in
state and federal court. Ms. Fife is a member of the          Laurie	K.	Miller is an attorney in the Raleigh,
steering committee for the DRI Young Lawyers                  North Carolina, office of Ellis & Winters LLP. Her
Committee and currently serves as chair of The Whisper        litigation practice involves product liability,
Subcommittee.                                                 pharmaceutical and medical device litigation, medical
                                                              professional liability and commercial litigation. She is
Dayne	Grey,	CPA, is a partner with Matson Driscoll &          admitted to practice in North Carolina and West Virginia.
Damico LLP in Atlanta. He has 22 years of experience          An active DRI member, Ms. Miller is the chair of the
evaluating and quantifying economic damages for               Young Lawyers Committee, membership chair for the
business interruption, product liability, recall, builder’s   Women in the Law Committee and a member of the
risk, construction defects and fidelity losses resulting      steering committee for DRI’s Commercial Litigation
from insurance events and lost profits related to liability   Committee.
                                                                                                June	9-10,	2011           9

The	Honorable	Robin	D.	Pittman	has served as judge                Kurt	Nath	Tandan is the associate general counsel for
for the Orleans Parish Criminal District Court in New             adidas America Inc. in Portland, Oregon. He serves as
Orleans since January 1, 2009. Prior to taking the bench,         primary counsel for the sales, retail and human resource
Judge Pittman began her career at the New Orleans                 groups, manages all non-IP litigation and government
District Attorney’s Office as an assistant district               relations matters, and negotiates a variety of
attorney. She has also served as a deputy disciplinary            agreements. Mr. Tandan is a regular speaker on
counsel for the Office of Disciplinary Counsel in                 employment law, litigation and client counseling topics
Louisiana and practiced in the private sector.                    and has held leadership positions with the DRI
                                                                  Corporate Counsel and Young Lawyers Committees.
Eileen	Hintz	Rumfelt, an associate in the Atlanta office
of Miller & Martin PLLC, focuses her practice on                  John	C.	Trimble	is the managing partner of the
commercial litigation, including intellectual property            Indianapolis based trial and business law firm of Lewis
litigation and white collar crime. Ms. Rumfelt has been           Wagner LLP. In addition to his catastrophic and complex
an active member of DRI’s Young Lawyers Committee                 litigation practice, Mr. Trimble has earned a reputation
since 2007, has served as the chair of The Whisper                as one of Indiana’s most sought after mediators. He is
Subcommittee and is currently the vice chair of the               frequently hired by judges and lawyers to mediate
Webcast Subcommittee.                                             some of Indiana’s largest and highest profile cases.
                                                                  Mr. Trimble is the chair of DRI’s Public Policy Committee,
Neera	Shetty is the assistant general counsel–litigation          a past chair of DRI’s Judicial Task Force and a former DRI
and employment for PGA TOUR in Pointe Vedra Beach,                board member.
Florida, and is responsible for all employment and
litigation matters for PGA TOUR and Tournament Players            Katrina	Waiters	is general counsel for the Starbury
Clubs in the TPC Network. Prior to joining PGA TOUR,              Corporation in New York City, an athletic shoes, apparel
Ms. Shetty was a partner with an international law firm.          and accessories company founded by former NBA
She has a unique blend of legal and human resource                superstar Stephon Marbury. Starbury believes in serving
management experience, having served as an in-house               the community by providing high quality products at
lawyer and human resources vice president with Sabre              affordable prices and by donating products and a portion
Holdings.                                                         of its net proceeds to various community organizations.
                                                                  Prior to joining Starbury Corporation in 2008, Ms. Waiters
Mark	A.	Solheim is partner in Larson King LLP’s St. Paul,         was a corporate attorney with two international law firms.
Minnesota, office. Mr. Solheim represents clients in
complex litigation matters, including product liability,          Michael	Weems	is in-house counsel for Caterpillar Inc. in
transportation, class actions, medical negligence,                Peoria, Illinois, where he represents clients on various
professional liability, insurance and commercial                  matters, including real estate and leasing transactions,
disputes. He has been chosen by his peers as a “Super             domestic and international procurement agreements,
Lawyer” in Minnesota Law & Politics and is included in            consulting, licensing, engineering services and software
the Best Lawyers in America . Mr. Solheim is a member             agreements. Additionally, he represented a global team
of DRI’s Law Institute, the IADC, the Douglas K. Amdahl           that was formed as a direct result of the economic
Inn of Court and the board of directors for the                   downturn to mitigate Caterpillar’s risk in commodity
Minnesota Defense Lawyers Association.                            price volatility. Prior to Caterpillar, he was an associate
                                                                  at an Indiana law firm.

                                                           DRI is the largest international membership organization of
                                                           attorneys defending the interests of business and individuals
                                                           in civil litigation. Diversity is a core value at DRI. Indeed,
                                                           diversity is fundamental to the success of the organization,
                                                           and we seek out and embrace the innumerable benefits and
                                                           contributions that the perspectives, backgrounds, cultures
                                                           and life experiences a diverse membership provides.
         IN DRI:
                                                           Inclusiveness is the chief means to increase the diversity of
A STATEMENT OF PRINCIPLE                                   DRI’s membership and leadership positions. DRI’s members
                                                           and potential leaders are often also members and leaders of
                                                           other defense organizations. Accordingly, DRI encourages all
                                                           national, state and local defense organizations to promote
                                                           diversity and inclusion in their membership and leadership.
10         Young Lawyers Seminar


DRI wishes to thank our sponsors for their support at
this year’s seminar!


                                                        Wilson Turner Kosmo     LLP
                                                             ATTORNEYS AT LAW
                       D R I M E M B E R S H I P A P P L I C AT I O N
This application/registration form for first-time members only—all other registrants please use reverse side.
MEMBER	                 o       Defense Attorney—$235	USD/year
CATEGORY	               o       Government Attorney—$160	USD/year
	                       o       Young Lawyer*—$130	USD/year	(admitted to the Bar for five years or less)
	                       o       Law Student—$20	USD/year
o Male o Female

FORMAL	NAME	            	   	             	                	                	           																														TITLE

NAME	(as you would like it to appear on badge)




STATE/PROVINCE	         	   	             	                	                	           													ZIP/POST	CODE


TELEPHONE	              	   	             												FAX	 	                	           																								EMAIL

Is	this	the	first	time	you	are	attending	this	DRI	seminar?				o Yes o No

First	time	admitted	to	the	Bar	in													
(Law students include expected                STATE/PROVINCE																					MONTH/DAY/YEAR																					BAR	NUMBER
 admission date.)
o In-house counsel (as defined below**)
I	am	a	member	of	a	state	or	local	defense	organization.				o Yes o No


PRIMARY	AREA	OF	PRACTICE	                 	                	                	           							NUMBER	OF	ATTORNEYS	IN	YOUR	FIRM

OPTIONAL	             DRI is committed to the principle of diversity in its membership and leadership. Accordingly,
applicants are invited to indicate which one of the following may best describe them:
                        o African American                             o Asian American                  o Hispanic
	                       o Native American                              o Caucasian                       o Other

DATE	OF	BIRTH	          MONTH/DAY/YEAR	                    	

REFERRED	BY	(name of DRI member attorney, if applicable)

To	the	extent	that	I	engage	in	personal	injury	litigation,	I	DO	NOT,	for	the	most	part,	represent	plaintiffs.	I	have	
read	the	above	and	hereby	make	application	for	individual	membership.

SIGNATURE	              	   	             	                	                	           					DATE	(all applications must be signed and dated)

SEMINAR	REGISTRATION:	                    o   $595         Member/Non-member                               * Those eligible for Young Lawyer
                                                                                                           membership will receive a certificate
	             		                          o   $500         Government DRI Member                           for one free seminar when they join.
                                          o   FREE         Law Student DRI Member                          ** In-house counsel is defined as a
                                          o   FREE         In-House Counsel***                             licensed attorney who is employed
                                                                                                           exclusively by a corporation or other
                                          o   FREE         Community Service Project                       private sector organization for the
                                                                                                           purpose of providing legal representation
MEMBERSHIP	(Check One):                   o   $235         Defense Attorney                                and counsel only to that corporation, its
                                          o   $160         Government Attorney                             affiliates and subsidiaries.
                                          o   $130*        Young Lawyer                                    *** Must meet definition and also be a
                                                                                                           DRI member and a member of DRI’s
                                          o   $20          Law Student                                     Corporate Counsel Committee. Offer
                                                                                                           excludes DRI Annual Meeting.
o My	check	for	         	   	             														(USD)	is	enclosed.                                                         3400-0240-21
o Please	charge	my						o VISA                o MASTERCARD                   o AMERICAN EXPRESS                                    Young	Lawyers
                                                                                                                                    2 01 1 - 024 0 B

                                CARD	#	                        	   	            	          	                  	               								EXP.	DATE

SIGNATURE	(as it appears on card)
Please remit payment by MAIL to:                                                Please remit payment by COURIER to:
DRI		72225	Eagle	Way,	Chicago,	IL	60678-7252	                                   JP Morgan		Attn:	DRI—#72225
	                                                                               131	S.	Dearborn—6th	Floor,	Chicago,	IL	60603
PHONE	 	 312.795.1101 				n				 FAX	 	 312.795.0749 				n				 EMAIL				n				 WEB
                   YOUNG LAWYERS SEMINAR
                                                JUNE 9-10, 2011
For inclusion on the pre-registration list and to receive course materials in advance,

                                                              PUBLICATIONS	FOR	PURCHASE
                                                              COURSE	MATERIALS	(included in registration fees)
NAME	(as you would like it to appear on badge)                o Member: $75            o Non-member: $95

                                                              SUPPLEMENTAL	MATERIALS
ADDRESS                                                       CD-ROM
                                                              o Member: $125           o Non-member: $155
TELEPHONE	              	   					FAX                          HARD	COPY
                                                              o Member: $180           o Non-member: $210
                                                              (Shipping charges will be added to each order.
Are	you	a	first-time	attendee	at	this	DRI	seminar?				        Illinois residents, please add 10.25% sales tax.)

o Yes o No                                                    PAYMENT	METHOD
How	many	attorneys	are	in	your	firm?                          o My	check	for																												(USD)	is	enclosed.
What	is	your	primary	area	of	practice?                        o Please	charge	my	 o VISA o MASTERCARD
                                                                                  o AMERICAN EXPRESS

REGISTRATION	FEES	(includes course materials)
If joining DRI, complete the form on the reverse side.        CARD	#

o Member/Non-member: $595                                                                             3400-0240-21
                                                                                                      Young	Lawyers
o Government DRI Member: $500                                 EXP.	DATE                                2 01 1 - 024 0 B
o Law Student DRI Member: Free
o In-House Counsel: Free (see brochure for eligibility)
o Community Service Project: Free                             SIGNATURE	(as it appears on card)

PHONE:    312.795.1101         FAX:    312.795.0749       EMAIL:            WEB:

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