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									Medical Advertising” repackage “the form of fake newspaper Bluff

Dazhong Yantai, March 14 (Reporter Hu Changhui) Recently, Yantai City, Yantai
food streets Ms Xu Dazhong to the reaction: the door often see a” Yantai
Morning “and the” Morning News “actually all on the” Tsinghua bionic pants
“propaganda internal real meaning. This is a special issue of the newspaper
Yantai it? the pants that really look like propaganda can be” cured all
diseases “do? Ms. Xu had nurtured doubts.

reporter Ms Xu family saw the so-called “Yantai Morning News” for December
2010 of the “end of the year at the beginning,” special issue, drill and saw
the “Morning” and the layout of a newspaper Yantai very similar to the
internal substantive claim that the newspaper “bionic pants” is the Tsinghua
University, “to cure sick”, and interviewed Yuhuangding Hospital, Vet, the
work of an organ ZHIFU staff, retired teachers Muping Sun staff and others,
about The “bionic trousers,” the magic.

“the” Yantai Morning “how to look like a medical advertising?” Ms Xu was
questioned. This reporter conducted to verify Yuhuangding Hospital, Yantai,
may The hospital doctor know and so never had an interview, and no one
contacted an interview, it is entirely attributable invented.

“Morning” sound Chen “Tsinghua bionic trousers, a clinical trial by
millions of patients on have a good variety of diseases prevention and
treatment, and there are more than 96% efficiency, a pair of pants you can
really have Nendi magic?

Yantai Mountain Hospital, Yantai Sino-French Friendship Hospital, experts
pointed out that each disease are the cause of each disease, all diseases
should be treated according to the cause, there is no medicine or equipment
which can cure all diseases, as they eat, we need to eat a variety of
vegetables to add variety of nutrition, not a diet can be added to all of the
nutrients. Like rheumatism, this is the disease resistance system, many
experts also address forever, and so a pair of pants big obviously not divine.

Subsequently, the reporter with the “newspaper” to the new Bureau of Yantai
City, SMG. Involved in the cultural market, according to the person in charge
of law enforcement detachment, the “Morning” is not a newspaper, but fake in
the form of newspaper advertising, this practice was 蹇芥偁 consumers. The
official suggested that distinguish whether a newspaper, whether from the
folding (not a single newspaper page), with or without continuing of issues,
whether at home and one final issue, with or without obvious head board,
whether the editorial management information, whether printed address, if at
least a one week if the news special paper. City residents who invented a
similar situation, you can call to report PHS 6,244,302.

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origin: Yantai Dazhong

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