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					                                      Town Hall News                                 Official Publication of
                                       Keeping It Country                            The Town of Fairview
                               Celebrating Fifty Years, 1958-2008                      September 2008
                                 500 S. State Highway 5, Fairview, TX 75069   Official Website:
                                             Phone: 972 562-0522                        Fax: 972 548-0268

              Message from the Mayor                                     ACO Golf Tournament
                      Sim Israeloff
                                                                  Allen Community Outreach will host its
           WHOLE FOODS COMING TO                             third annual golf tournament on Monday,
                 FAIRVIEW                                    September 22 at Heritage Ranch Golf & Country
                                                             Club. ACO needs sponsors, prizes for raffles,
              I am very excited to report that               and volunteers. Contact Judy Webster at 972-
          Fairview is getting its first full-sized           727-1995 by August 29 to learn how you can
          grocery store and it will be a Whole               help.
          Foods Market.                                           In 2007, ACO served 3,665 unduplicated
    On August 5 Whole Foods announced that it                clients, assisted 1,091 individuals with rent and
will open a store in The Village at Fairview at              utilities, delivered 15,871 Meal-on Wheels,
the northeast corner of Stacy Road and US 75.                provided 2,380 individuals with school supplies,
The announcement capped months of negotiation                distributed food baskets to 205 families, and
and planning among the company, the developer                distributed Christmas to 865 individuals in Allen,
MG Herring Group, and the town. Whole Foods                  Lucas, and Fairview.
is very selective in locating new stores, and
yesterday's quarterly report by the company
announced only two new stores, one in                                         Water Tower
downtown Manhattan in New York City and the
other in Fairview. Obtaining such a selective                    At its August 5 meeting, the town council
and highly sought after grocer in a very                     contracted with a firm to begin engineering for a
competitive market is a major accomplish-                    new 1.5 million gallon elevated water storage
ment for both the developer and for our town.                tank to replace the small 75,000 gallon
    Whole Foods was founded in 1980 in Austin                “wineglass” tower near the intersection of FM
and is the world's leading natural and organic               1378 and Stacy Road. Construction on this new
foods supermarket. The company currently has                 replacement tower should begin in spring 2009,
272 stores in the U.S., Canada and the United                and will help us ensure water pressure and
Kingdom. It employs more than 50,000 people                  availability in the central and eastern areas of
and has been ranked for 11 consecutive years as              town.
one of the 100 best companies to work for in
America by Fortune magazine.
    Grand opening for the 45,000 square foot                              2008-09 Town Budget
store is tentatively planned for March 2010.
    Over the years a great number of residents                    On Wednesday, August 20, the town council
have expressed the hope that we might someday                adopted a tentative ad valorem, or property, tax
have a premium grocery store like Whole Foods.               rate of $0.365 per $100 of valuation. This is the
Now we're getting the original and best.                     same tax rate as last year. No utility rate
                                                             increases were considered or approved.
                                                                  On September 2 and again on September 8,
                  Labor Day                                  the town council will conduct public hearings on
                                                             the proposed 2008-09 budget and ad valorem tax
   Town hall will be closed on Monday,                       rate. On Tuesday, September 16, the council
September 1 for Labor Day.                                   will formally adopt the budget and tax rate. All
                                                             meetings are open to the public.
     Heritage Ranch Patriot Golf Day                                New Cookbook

    In honor of the men and women serving in             The Lovejoy Preschool Association is
the armed forces, Heritage Ranch Golf Club will     collecting recipes for cookbook sales. Their
partner with the PGA, USGA and Play Golf            unique cookbook will contain recipes from local
America in the second annual Patriot Golf Day       residents, friends, family, professional chefs and
from Friday, August 29 through Monday,              maybe even a few “local” celebrities. As a
September 1.                                        personal touch, the cover of the book will feature
    For every round of golf played in the event,    a picture drawn by a special kindergartner from
Heritage Ranch Golf will donate $1 to benefit the   Hart, Lovejoy or Puster Elementary (see your
Folds of Honor Foundation. The Foundation           child’s teacher for details on how to enter the
provides support to families of servicemen and      contest). In addition, this unique and personal
women who have lost their lives or become           cookbook will have nine full-color sections with
disabled while serving our country. Since its       drawings of local preschoolers’ interpretations of
inception the Foundation has raised over            their favorite foods. It will also contain helpful
$1,000,000 and helped over 200 families.            cooking tips, along with several pages of local
    Tony Trevino, Director of Golf at Heritage      information and a special dedication page to the
Ranch, invites Fairview golfers to come out and     original “little red schoolhouse.”
enjoy great golf while also supporting a great           Each recipe will feature the donor’s name, so
cause. For available tee times please visit         everyone can easily locate the favorite recipes of or call the Golf          their friends and local residents. To have your
Shop at 972-886-4700.                               name featured in this wonderful cookbook, log
                                                    on to, go to the bottom right
                                                    and enter Web ID: 11884-08LY, click login (no
         Upcoming Town Meetings                     need for a password), and follow the easy
                                                    instructions. You may enter as many recipes in
     As a reminder, the town council meets the      as many sections as you would like. The
first Tuesday of each month, and the planning &     deadline for ALL submissions is September 26,
zoning commission meets the second and fourth       2008.
Thursdays. Next month, those meeting dates are           The LPA will be offering “My Favorite
September 2, 11, and 25. All meetings are open      Food” cookbooks in early December, just in time
to the public. Agendas are posted on the outside    for the holidays at a special price of $15.00 per
bulletin board at town hall, and on the town’s      book, with profits going to the Lovejoy
website.                                            Preschool Association. The cookbook can be
                                                    purchased through LPA and in local businesses.
                                                    You may also pre-order a book by contacting us
          New Schools in Fairview                   at the email address provided. If you have any
                                                    questions, or would like information about
   In addition to the usual school traffic near     advertising your business in our book, please
Lovejoy Elementary School on FM 1378 near           email us at
Summerhill Farms, on August 25 the Lovejoy               The Lovejoy Preschool Association (LPA) is
ISD opened two new schools in Fairview. Please      a non-profit organization that was founded to
be aware of traffic near Sloan Creek Middle         support preschoolers and their families in the
       School on Country Club Road, and near        Lovejoy ISD. To find out more about our
              Puster Elementary School at the       organization, please visit our website.
                       intersection of Stoddard
                       Road       (still   under
                      construction) and Hart                           Toll Tags
                      Road, and plan your trips
                      accordingly. Elementary          Local residents can now purchase new
                      school start time is 8:05     NTTA toll tags at Fairview Town Hall. Ask for
                  a.m.; the middle school begins    Kay Shields or Michelle Lewis Sirianni.
               at 8:45 each morning.
           Local Family Honored                      will begin temporary repairs on Stacy Road
                                                     between FM 1378 and Thompson Springs in
    One of Fairview’s long-standing families         September. Motorists should be careful of
was honored recently when the United States          workers and equipment in the roadway, and also
Board on Geographic Names approved naming a          watch for occasional lane closings.
0.8 mile long tributary off Sloan Creek after
Percy Barksdale. Barksdale Creek begins just         The town council also recently awarded a
west of SH 5 then flows southeast toward Sloan       contract to an engineering firm to design
Creek along property once owned by Mr.               permanent improvements to this
Barksdale, one of the original citizens of           segment of Stacy Road. The design
Fairview when it was incorporated in May 1958.       will likely include a sidewalk,
                                                     widening of the pavement to the
                                                     equivalent of three lanes
                  Fire Station                       of concrete, a bicycle
                                                     lane, a turn lane(s) at
    Design drawings on the new fire station # 2      FM 1378, and the re-
are complete, with construction drawings and a       placement of the steep
bid packet now being prepared by the project         deep ditches with underground
architects. The project should be bid in October-    stormwater pipe. The project should be bid next
November, with construction beginning in late        spring, with construction scheduled to start in
2008. We anticipate moving into the new station      June.
in autumn 2009.
                                                     Stoddard Road.       Work on the complete
                                                     reconstruction of Stoddard is significantly
                  Free to Be                         behind, but should be complete in late October.
                                                     Watch for lane closures (northbound Stoddard is
    Fairview’s own Free to Be non-profit organi-     currently closed), and try to avoid this area
zation will be presenting an inspiring assembly      completely during school pick up and drop off
program about America, freedom, and patriotism       times. Please do not use Fairview Meadows as a
on September 11, 2008 at Lovejoy High School.        cut-through.
This is a live assembly beginning at 10:00 am in
the Lovejoy auditorium. Prior to the show,           St. James Drive. Weather and other factors
please check in at the high school front office.     considered, public works crews hope to complete
The organization’s website is;       repairs at the corner of St. James and Hart over
phone is (214)733-USUS.                              the long Labor Day weekend.

                                                     Old Stacy Road @ FM 1378. TXDOT has
                Road Projects                        notified us that construction of the long-awaited
                                                     traffic signal at this intersection should begin this
Stacy Road. Finish grade is almost complete on       week.
the remaining four lanes, and asphalt work has
begun on a portion. The road should be at            Meandering Way. Improvements between River
substantial completion sometime in October.          Oaks and Stacy Road, including a turn lane at
Work under US 75 and the ramp reversals off of       this later intersection, are scheduled to begin in
US 75 (in Allen) will likely not start until 2009.   the next several weeks.

Fairview Parkway. Work on this new roadway           We do not yet know how long the Meandering
should begin in late September. When com-            Way bridge over Roberts Branch will be out, but
pleted in 2009, the new street will connect SH 5     based on our initial assessment the bridge will
(immediately south of The Villas in the Park)        need to be completely removed and a new
and US 75 at Ridgeview Road.                         structure put in place. This will likely result in
                                                     the road remaining closed for at least several
Eastern Stacy Road. Town public works staff          months.
    NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS                          This property will be annexed in October
    Notice is hereby given that the Fairview
Planning and Zoning Commission will convene           Re-zoning property consisting of 4.3± acres,
at 7:00 p.m. on the dates below at Town Hall,          currently zoned RE-1 to the Governmental
500 S. Highway 5 to conduct public hearings and        Zoning District (G), generally located south
take action regarding:                                 of and adjacent to Stacy Road, east of
                                                       Country Club Road (FM 1378), west of
September 11                                           Secretariat Lane, and north of Cambridge
 An addition to the Town of Fairview                  Drive (planned fire station #2 site).
   Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance, for a
   proposed new Governmental Zoning District.      September 25
                                                    An addition to the Commercial Planned
   Property that is un-annexed and un-zoned,         Development District ordinance regarding
    known as the United States Army Corp of           multi-family standards.
    Engineer property, consisting of 272.47±
    acres, generally located east of County Road      Removal of Chapter 153.009 (A), of the
    317, south of Stacy Road, and north of             Town of Fairview Comprehensive Zoning
    Forest Grove Road, to the Government               Ordinance regarding swimming pool
    Zoning District (G), and the Flood Hazard          setbacks.
    (FH) Zone. Approximately 257± acres to the
    FH zone and 18.47± acres to the G zone.
Town of Fairview
500 S. Highway 5
Fairview, Texas 75069

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